What are quora profile credentials and How does it work?


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Quora enables two types of people to answer a question: one who is well experienced with the topic and field concerning the question and others whose answer is based on some internet research and assumptions.

In this article, we are going to cover quora profile credentials with some of its important questions. Read the article till the end to get a better understanding of the topic.

What are quora profile credentials

What are Quora profile credentials?

The knowledge or qualification behind a topic or certain question is called credentials, Basically, profile credentials in quora means your experience to answer the question to provide more and more relevant answers to the audience or reader.

An easy example of quora profile credentials.
1. Topic: Digital Marketing, Credential: Digital Marketing Expert
2. Topic: SEO and Blogging, Credential: SEO Expert since 2010
3. Topic: Life Advice, Credential: Licensed therapist since 2008

How to add credentials in quora

5 easy steps for adding profile credentials in quora.

  • Open Quora, and Click on the profile tab
  • On the Right Hand Panel, Click on Crendentials and Highlight “PEN ICON”
  • Click on Add New Credentails, Select the type of credential you want to add
  • Fill up the essentials details requiered to add the credential.
  • Click on Save

How to write the best profile credentials in quora?

Profile credentials in quora based on types, such as Education, Profession, Hobby, Experience, etc…

As the above image contains.

  • Profession with my current work
  • Studies and about Education
  • Based on Location
  • Hobby and Passion
  • Current working

The more you’ll go deep with your expertise the better your credentials will become. You can check profiles in your niche to get a good view of profile credentials.

Things you should keep in mind while building good quora credentials.

  • Never over-optimize your credentials
  • Use relevant details in your profile credentials
  • Be Unique from others

Why it is important to add credentials in quora?

Profile credentials in quora help you in boosting the authority of your brand and encourage the reader to build good trust with your answer, If you are a blogger or digital marketer then this trust can help you get quality leads and conversions for a lifetime. But, make sure you provide the right quora credentials in order to get the most out of it.

Do Quora profile credentials help in the growth of your profile?

Yes, If people will find your answer valuable with your proper credentials then they are more likely to follow your profile for upcoming updates.

How to gain traffic on the website using quora?

There are numerous ways to gain traffic on website using quora, But one of my favorites is to give the best quality content regularly with a single link embedded and try to add 2 quality answers a week without any link. Hope so you will find it helpful

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