TOP 3 Ways to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions in 24Hrs


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A better decision always makes a successful blogger either it can be in the case of content or monetization. I have seen a lot of bloggers on social media running behind Google Adsense approval overlooking the power of Affiliate Marketing.

Hey everyone in this article, We are going to learn about the 3 methods that can help you to boost your Affiliate Commissions in 24hrs.

Only 15-25% of people prefer Affiliate Marketing instead of Google Adsense. But according to my personal observation, I know that affiliate marketing takes time but after you get in the rhythm then you can earn 10x more than your AdSense monthly payment.

Top 3 Ways to Boost your affiliate commissions in 24hrs

Why you should prefer Affiliate Marketing instead of Google Adsense?

Google Adsense pays the publisher on the number of times the visitors clicked and engaged with the ads displayed by Google. The amount you get paid per click is the Ad CPC, This amount is decided by the advertiser’s bid that how much they are ready to pay for a single click.

Talking about Affiliate Marketing, If you get 1000 views on your blog the rough amount from Google Adsense can be around $4-5. But, If you are doing affiliate marketing with the same 1000 views maybe you can get 50 clicks on your affiliate URL after getting influenced by your article.

And as per my personal experience, you can easily get around 1-2 sales out of that 1000 page views, and as per my niche for some software, the commission can also be around $100-200.

This the reason I always prefer going with Affiliate marketing instead of Google Adsense. Yes but the truth is that it also takes time to build a good trust between you and your audience using your content quality.

TOP 3 Ways to Boost your Affiliate commissions in 24hrs

  • Good CTA (Call to Action)
  • Try more visuals and videos
  • Show Testimonials and Reviews

Good CTA

CTA matters a lot when it comes to convincing the user to buy the product or to take any action. The best way to build the CTA is to give the user a powerful reason in form of a solution instead of the product features.

There are some hacks to build good CTA that I personally use in my various blogs.

  • Try to connect with the user’s pain point
  • Every word of your CTA should be full of power and enthusiasm
  • FOMO is the key to increase conversion (Fear of missing out)
  • Write a bit different from your competitors make it unique and creative
  • Use Words that your audience can relate to your content

Read this Article by WordStream on 7 tips for killer CTA

Try more Visuals and videos

People love to see visuals and videos to get a good understanding of any topic or question. Basically, If you are promoting a high or medium ticket product then visuals and videos can help you a lot in boosting your conversions.

Which types of images and videos you should use to boost your affiliate conversions?

There is no proper answer for this question, It differs in niches. But, If you are doing affiliate marketing here are a few types of images and videos you can use in your articles to get a good affiliate conversion boost.

  • Product review videos (video)
  • Product Affiliate banner with its benefits (image)
  • Pros and cons of the product (image)
  • How the product can solve the customer problem (video)
  • How to use the tool in an in-depth tutorial (video)

Show Testimonials and Reviews

The best way to make a user buy a product or service is to show them the review and experiences other people got from the same.

Reviews and Testimonials matter a lot when it comes to convincing a user to buy a product or service. But, If you are a beginner then It might be difficult for your to collect those reviews. So, here is a detailed process by which you can get people’s reviews and testimonials on a product in few steps.

  • Use Facebook groups around that niche
  • Ask the Affiliate marketing program for reviews and testimonials
  • Join subreddits around the niche you want reviews
  • Create a YouTube channel and ask people what they think about a certain product
  • Check for online reviews around that product


These are the exact strategies personally I follow to get good conversions for my affiliate products. If you are having any confusion related to this topic feel free to ask in comments, Thanks for your Patience.

Have a Good Day 🙂

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