The Untold Secret Keyword Research Tools for FREE


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There are thousands of keyword research tools in the market some are free where some are not. But literally, there are only some tools that offer your good keyword research for free.

In this article, We are going to talk about The untold secret keyword research tools for free. Before starting with the article let’s discuss some basics questions about keyword research that will help you to get a good idea about this article.

Keyword Research vs Quality Content? Which one matters the most.

This is the most asked important question by a beginner blogger that optimizing the article to its best with good keyword research, proper backlink profile, and On-Page SEO. Can an Article with not enough value rank on the 1st page of google?

The direct answer to this question is no, People come to your blog or articles to get value out of it and The best-ranking signal for google is user experience and helpful content. The Average page duration of the article will increase your ranking with low to no SEO.

There are some exceptional conditions where someone ranks on google with an improper and non-valuable article but It’s only for few moments after that the ranking will get the same as it was before.

Is it really safe to buy Group SEO tools as a beginner?

Yes, of course, you can buy group SEO tools but If you are using them as a beginner. A group SEO tools package provides you variety of SEO tools at a very affordable cheap price. And, If you are a learner or beginner blogger then you can easily afford group SEO tools.

Now let’s get started with the Secret Keyword Research tools for FREE

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Auto Suggest
  • KeywordHitter
  • Pinterest
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Trends
  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • Keyword Surfer

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is an amazing keyword research tool for beginners. As It doesn’t have that much accurate data about the keyword. But still, if you are running paid ads then Google keyword planner can show you the actual bidding high and low range.

How to use Google Keyword planner for ranking keywords

How to find the best keywords using Google Keyword Planner

As I already told above that Google keyword planner is not having that actual data however there are only a few reputed tools that can give you accurate data somewhere and the rest all provide a roundup assumption.

5 Steps to find good keywords using Google Keyword planner

  • Add basic seed and medium tail keywords to the search bar of google keyword planner
  • If you are a beginner then sort the competition from low to high
How to sort competition on google keyword planner
  • Don’t go with the Avg. monthly searches try to go with the relevancy of the keyword in Google Keyword planner for better performance
  • Build a Keyword Spreadsheet for your article less than 1k volume (Personally recommended for beginners)
  • Add keywords between 0-100 volume to get better rankings on the web.

Google Auto Suggest

Frankly speaking, I have never bought a keyword tool in my 1 year of blogging journey. I always use Google auto suggestion for researching the best keywords in my niche. Google auto-suggest is an auto topic suggestion feature on google that helps to generate a variety of keywords for your article.

Google Autosuggestion - free keyword research tool by google

Google auto-suggest is absolutely free to use without any restrictions. Basically, If you are a newbie or beginner then you should include this tool in your bucket.


I have written multiples articles around this topic because this helps me to get tons of ideas for the new blog posts with amazing ranking keywords and the best part about this tool is that it is absolutely free for a lifetime period.

Keyword Hitter- The best bulk keyword generator

Tip: Hit a blank search on keywordshitter to get amazing ideas on trending content on web

Type your seed or medium tail keyword in the searching area and Hit “Start Job”. This tool will search all potential keywords around that seed term and your niche and when you are satisfied with the keywords then Hit “Stop Job”.


Pinterest is used by a wide audience around the words basically it is famous for its feature of uploading pins and boards. It is one of the best search engines based on searching image content and also a good way to drive traffic to your site.

There is almost every type of content present on Pinterest, 5 Steps to get the best keywords for your article through Pinterest.

  • Search your seed keyword in the search box of Pinterest, Hit Enter
  • Check for Keyword recommendation in the taskbar located below the search bar.
How to generate keywords using Pinterest search
  • Scroll to the content on your seed keyword and open a pin.
  • Analyze the targeted keyword in the Headline of the Pin
How to generate keywords idea using pin title
  • Build a good spreadsheet for the collected keywords and check their search volume.

Keywords Everywhere

Keyword everywhere is an amazing chrome extension for finding relevant long-tail keywords for your articles. If you are running an affiliate blog or maybe monetizing it with affiliate programs then it is really important for you to target long-tail keywords to get a high conversion rate on your articles.

The best long-tail keyword generator - keywords everywhere

This extension also helps to get an estimated volume of keywords with the competition. The competition scale of keyword everywhere extension work on a scale of 0-1 (Higher the number = more difficulty and lower the number = less difficulty). This extension has made my Google auto suggestion keyword research process a lot easier.

Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker scout is a simple chrome extension that helps you to find good-performing long-tail keywords and LSI keywords. Basically, I have not used this extension personally but my friends are using and they have positive feedback about this chrome extension.

How to use Wordtracker Scout chrome extension

This extension helps to get the complete data of keywords used by competitors’ articles in just one click. Personally, as far as I know about this tool this also provides good data of seed words that you can use in your article to get extra growth in your industry.

Google Search Console

This is one of the best keyword research tools for free by google that I am personally using on my various sites to research some secret ranking keywords in my industry. But, before you use this tool make sure you have good data on your website or blog. Example: Minimum 100 articles on site.

The more compressive data you have the more relevant keywords you’ll get back from google for your next upcoming articles.

How to use Google Search Console for generating best-untapped keywords

As you can see in the image above in the Performance>Queries Tab. Google Search console is providing data related to your keywords on basis of Impressions, CTR, and Clicks. 5 Steps to get a good traffic keyword with low competition on google search console

  • Head over to Performance Tab>Queries Section
  • Sort the Impressions based on High to Low
  • Check the High Impressions keywords and clicks ratio
  • Search for a keyword with high impression and low clicks
  • Build up a new article or update the existing one with those keywords

Google Trends

If you are interested in writing trending topics in your niche and getting instant traffic on your site then Google trends can be a gold mine your you all. Google trends regularly get updated on the basis of trending and fresh topics in any industry.

Use Google trends to generate fresh and unique content ideas

People are not interested now in reading the outdated and same content, again and again, besides evergreen content. And, If you are a new blogger in your industry and want good results fast then start writing that is trending and unique in your industry.

Trending and fresh content always prompt users to take quick action and this is personally analyzed by me.

Learn How to do keyword research using google trends for blog and website


The best place to find untapped keywords for your article is Wikipedia. A few months ago from today, I came to know how to research keywords for the blog using Wikipedia and the 1st article written after targeting the keyword I found using that process has achieved over 1800 page views alone.

The are many methods you can get on the internet to find keywords using Wikipedia. But, here is the best method that personally I use to find keywords for my article using Wikipedia


Amazon is the hub of money keywords for affiliate marketers. There are thousands of full-time affiliate marketers on amazon selling the products using their website and earning good revenue.

If you are someone who is interested in starting an affiliate blog using Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc… Then you can use this process to find highly convertible and low competition keywords.

5 Steps to find converting money keywords using amazon

  • Visit the Amazon website on which you are associated with their affiliate program
  • Search for the Money keywords starting words such as Top, Best, Cheap, etc…
  • Analyze the results and note down done that suits your niche
Find money keywords for your blog using amazon
  • Run a Google search and get more related terms around these keywords
  • Note them all in a spreadsheet and run a volume test for all these keywords.

Soolve generates a ton of keyword ideas from the 7 best search engines and exploring sites. This also helps to get a good idea about the trending keywords in the industry sorting with alphabets.

How to generates tons of keyword ideas using soolve

It generated the top working ideas from the sites such as Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Answers, Bing, and Yahoo.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is an absolute free extension for chrome you can use this chrome extension for generating long-tail keywords with volume. The best thing I personally like about this tool is the relevancy of data and similarity features.


I hope so you got an idea about the untold secret keyword research tools for free that are really helpful to a beginner for starting the blogging journey. And, the all tools talked over here are absolutely free to use. Thanks for your time and patience.

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