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Two business booster platforms that can change your life, If you are searching for a good online presence with a lifetime passive income source this article is for you. Tumblr vs Pinterest, They both are completely free platforms to register and work on without any major restrictions.

Before starting with this article, Let’s know some basics about these platforms.

Tumblr vs Pinterest

What is Tubmlr? How it is beneficial to bloggers or business users?

Tumblr is a free blogging and article publishing platform that allows the business owner to present their words and sentences to millions of audiences. Every day more than 50+ million articles are being published on this platform with around 200+ million active users. Which is more than enough for you to be a billionaire.

How Tumblr is beneficial to bloggers.

  • Free Traffic from Top tier countries (Good CPC and Affiliate conversions)
  • Brand authority and awareness
  • Easy article rankings
  • Good Refferal traffic to site

What is Pinterest? How it is beneficial to bloggers or business users?

Pinterest is a global image search engine. This includes the process of posting (known as “pinning” on Pinterest) images and videos to their own or other boards to discover new and different interests worldwide. Pinterest has almost 454 million monthly¬†active users worldwide. Which is more than enough for your business for a good online presence.

How Pinterest is beneficial to bloggers.

  • Quality Traffic from Top tier countries
  • Brand Authority and awareness
  • Good Socail Media presence
  • Socail Traffic

PRO TIP’s: Always target a product mostly used by women, Because as per Pinterest audience insights. 71% of active users of Pinterest are women.

Tumblr vs Pinterest – Which one to choose for business growth?

Personally, I am using Pinterest for the past 2-3 years for affiliate marketing and I have In-depth knowledge about Pinterest to start affiliate marketing or grow the business. But, I have only 4-5 months of experience with Tumblr with good results.

Tumblr and Pinterest are two different platforms and used for different purposes, Here is a difference that will help you to select between them.


  • Basically, Used for affiliate marketing and generating eCommerce sales
  • Create good socail presence
  • Build a loyal followers
  • Every viral pin get 10x pinned by every other person, means good source to go viral


  • Your articles decribes about your work
  • Basically, Used for Good Traffic from top tier countries (Google Adsense and Affiliate conversions)
  • Get a good referral traffic source
  • The users get’s linked to your sentences.

Personally recommending, If you have just started with your business then go with Pinterest as It requires 5-10 minutes to develop hundreds of pins and easily schedule it for few months that will help you to easily focus upon your main business. But, If you are using Tumblr then maybe you have to give your 1-2 hours of time in just writing and formatting a single article.

FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

Is tumblr better than Pinterest?

This depends on the stage or level of your business, If you are just started with your online business then Pinterest is the best option to go with, But, If you are already running it from years and gained good experience then you should must try Tumblr once.

Why pinterest and tubmlr are called business boosters?

Tumblr and Pinterest are called business boosters because these all platforms are having every interest and niche targeted audience with easy to interact methods that helps your business to gain more new customers and leads.


Hope so you got, What I was trying to explain in this article. Personally, I have used this both platform that’s why thought to share with you all. Have a good day, Thanks.

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