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A Big Blunder in the Blogging field, Keyword Stuffing in SEO is one of the biggest problems faced by bloggers nowadays. In this article, We are going to know in-depth about Keyword Stuffing and How you can avoid it on your blog to rank fast on various keywords.

What is Keyword stuffing in SEO? Does Google penalize for keyword stuffing?

What is Keyword Stuffing in SEO? Does Google Penalize you for this practice?

The process of Over-Optimization of Focus keyword in the Content, URL, Meta Tags, Etc… This was the worst method of getting ranked on Google in the past. But, Now Google is too smart to understand these tactics.

For Example, If you are targeting a focus keyword “Black trousers for men”. And, If you are repeating the focus keyword everywhere in your article in order to rank fast on that term. Then you’re counted in the Keyword stuffing process in the eye of google.

The Best percentage for the implementation of the focus keyword 1-2% (Recommended by SEO Experts). But According to me, The more naturally you compose your article the more straightforward for you it will be to rank on Google.

I am not telling that don’t use the focus keyword in your article definitely use it but don’t go with the percentages always go with the more LSI Keyword usages

Yes, Over-Optimization of focus keywords in your content may result in getting punished by Google. Google no longer gives any type of advantages to the articles or pages using keyword stuffing and sometimes results in penalizing also. The most important factor to rank on Google’s 1st Page is to provide valuable and user-friendly content.

Steps that you can implement to avoid keyword stuffing in SEO

Avoiding Keyword Stuffing is too easy. 4 Steps that can help you achieve User and Search Engine Friendly Content.

Use more LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. These types of keywords are used by content writers to make their content more specific and clear for the audience and search engine. Google likes LSI a lot because It helps them to provide more relevant answers to the queries asked by the audience.

Here are some LSI Keyword generators that you can use in your article to generate more traffic and avoid keyword stuffing.

  • Google Keyword Suggestions
  • AnswerthePublic
  • Soovle.com
  • LsiGraph.com
  • Amazon

Avoid SEO Plugins Suggestions

This is one of the worst SEO practices done by bloggers nowadays. I am not telling that using SEO plugins is dangerous for site performance or content optimization. But, Depending on a specific plugin for SEO may lead to a drop in rankings

For Example: If you are unable to repeat your focus keyword in your article naturally. But, The SEO plugin is forcing you to keep it around 1-2% to get noticeable on Google.

Also, If you are forcefully optimizing your content to get that 1-2% tearing your quality content then you may fall under the category of keyword stuffing practice.

So, Please stop optimizing your content for SEO plugins always try to keep more relevant for your audience in order to rank fast and get easily noticeable.

Increase the Word Count of Article

How to avoid keyword stuffing increasing article word count.

It is one of the best practices that you can implement on your blogs to get rid of keyword stuffing. Basically, The more word you’ll write the more space you’ll get to insert your keyword make sure don’t insert focus keyword everywhere try to add some LSI and Long Tail Keywords in order to avoid keyword stuffing in SEO.

Keep the Mindset focused on Quality Content.

How quality content can help you get rid of keyword stuffing

If you’ll ask for a PRO TIP to succeed in blogging then my direct answer to that question will be Quality and Valuable Content. Readers don’t understand SEO they come to your blog to read and gather information. If you are giving them a Good Experience then definitely Google will rank you on the TOP. And, This will be my best tip to avoid keyword stuffing in your blog.

What is the Basic Difference between Keyword Density and Keyword Stuffing?

Talking about Keyword density, Basically, It refers to the percentage or number of times the focus keyword is being repeated in an article of specific word count. It is measured in percentage and the best percentage of keyword density is 0.5-2%

If you are forcefully adding keywords in your article tearing up the quality of the content where keyword density is around 2-4% this process is called Keyword Stuffing. This is a completely wrong SEO practice and may lead you to get penalized by Google.

This was a simple basic difference between keyword density and keyword stuffing.


I hope you got something from this article. And, If you are someone who was following this practice before reading this article. Please STOP that now because It is the biggest error in the Blogging field making bloggers to get failed in their journey.

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