How to start blogging with WordPress this 2021 from Scratch [Step-by-Step Guide]

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Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Sarwar

Do you want to start an online business, In this article, we are going to talk about How to start blogging with WordPress? You can develop up a very impressive audience to monetize it through multiple approaches for example Affiliate Marketing, Selling your Own Product, Sell E-books, Sponsored Posts, etc…

Blogging is a very excellent and low-investment online business This can help you make millions of dollars. Just Working after 2-3 Years, I know It takes time! But you can also start getting impressive results from just 6-7 Months If worked Properly.

While learning “How to create a blog and monetize it“, You may face many problems while maintaining it and doing proper SEO for it.


Choose a Niche

Choosing a Niche for your website or blog is very important, If you are starting a blog as a beginner this is the place where most of the newbies get dropped. There are two main factors to keep in mind while choosing a niche

  • Interest in that Niche and should be a Single Category Targeted
  • The niche should be Profitable and Scalable

Let’s Talk more deeply about it…

If you want to build a profitable blog then you should always go for sub-niche or micro-niche as per personal recommendations.

What is Micro-Niche Blog?

Micro-Niche Blog is the best blog category that you should create this 2021. But, before creating a Micro Niche Blog you should first know what is a micro niche blog and How does it work?

If you want to express Micro-Niche Blogging in just one word then It will be called a special keyword targeting blog.

How to find low competition keywords, How to start blogging in micro niche

Micro Niche blogging is the type of blogging where we build up a blog and target a specific audience with a special keyword. These keywords have very low search volume with very low competition. The benefit of creating this type of blog is that the conversion rate is very high because It is based on Single Product based keywords.

Where the People, Audience, and Google find it more relevant than the other blogposts present in this niche or category

How you can create a Micro-Niche Blog?

Creating a Micro Niche Blog is very simple, But, Before creating a Micro Niche Blog you have a Parent Niche and Sub-Niche. After that here are some of the simple steps that you can follow to create your own micro-niche blog.

  • Choose the Topics Which are in high demand for a long time
  • Design a Simple 2-3 Pages Micro-Niche Site and Upload articles for the blog
  • Focus on the Long Tail Keywords having Average Traffic with Low Competition

These are the main three steps that you should always obey If you want to build a profitable micro-niche blog. If you are having trouble or confusion related to this topic till now then Let us take an example to guarantee this out…

An example related to Micro-Niche Blogging

We are going to take an example of Topic: Men Fashion. Here are some of the best-researched results from Google Trends to know about the trend going on in this topic!

Example for blogging with wordpress

These are some of the Best Rising Micro Niche Blog Ideas in Men’s Fashion. After some in-depth and compressive research, I thought to make a blog on 1970s men Fashion Ideas and this is something new which I can find in this report

The Next Step is to create an Attractive Design for your Multi-Niche Website keep it formal, short, and simple just like a landing page you can check many patterns available on the internet regarding this. Here, are a few of them edX, Simply Business, Later, The Listings Lab, etc…

Finding Low Competition and Long Tail Keywords is very simple you can check one of my detailed articles related to Long Tail Keywords Research. Let us research a Long Tail Keyword for our article on the micro-niche topic “1970s Men Fashion“. Here are some of the best long-tail keywords to target while building a Micro Niche website on “1970s Men Fashion”

  • 1980s men’s fashion UK
  • Best 1980s men’s fashion trends to put on this 2021
  • 1980s men’s fashion pictures
  • Top 1980s mens fashions product you should must have.
  • Best 1980s mens fashion brands must know.

Here is My full keyword researched EXCEL sheet you can download from the link below: Click Here to Download

PRO TIP: You can use KeywordEverywhere (FREE Chrome Extension) to find really awesome long-tail keywords for your website for free

How much can a Micro Niche Blog Make?

It depends on the micro-niche targeted. If it is profitable and saleable then absolutely the profit margin will be high, But, As per a few types of research, it is found that a normal micro-niche blog creates $300-$4000/Month. If worked properly and target a good niche with the high-converting keywords.

Niche Blogging

I personally recommend this type of blogging to target if you are taking blogging as a profession and want to build up a long-run blog. It is basically a blog where you can target a sub-category of the main category or topic.

How to start Niche Blogging, Niche Blogging vs Micro Niche Blogging

This image describes all the types of blogging as Populated-Niche Blogging, Niche-Blogging, and Micro-Niche Blogging and If you want to build up a more comprehensive research topic below the micro-niche then you can build it to if found effective and scaleable.

How to find a Niche for Blogging

Creating a Niche Blog is very easy. Here are the 4 Quick Steps to Create your own most converting blog

  • Choose a Profitable Topic by doing 10-Minutes comprehensive research on the internet about some best topics to blog with.
  • Paste the Topic on to know more about the topic selected by you and with related queries linked to the topic. Select a Topic according to your interest in that.
  • Check the Past 5 Years and Recent 1 Month Strenght and Durability of the Topic to ensure it is working well till now or not.
  • Check-in What Topic does your keyword or phrase lies in and select that topic as your niche of the website

If not got How to proceed with this method to find a niche for blogging with WordPress then you can comment down below, DM us on @aqubyte (Instagram), or, Wait for the Detailed Article on this topic

An example Related to Niche Blogging

Here is a Simple Example related to niche blogging topic: Traveling, In this Niche, you have to select a particular place where people visit a lot in your country after that putting some effort and research on google you can find the best place to target as your niche.

trends of niche blogging, How to identify niche

Here is a Google Trends report for 5 Years on the most visited place in India among Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Ladakh, Valley of Flowers, and Mawlynnong. And, After analyzing the results it was found that the Taj Mahal and Ladakh was the most visited place in India during these five years and till now also.

After creating a comprehensive blog only based on Taj Mahal Tourism then you can build a good authority blog worldwide to travel to Taj Mahal or Ladakh India. Afterward, you can extend it to explore more places after the authority is being built.

You can easily monetize this travel blog using some affiliate program that provides a traveling package that will help you to earn great revenue.

This is How a Niche Blog is being created but this method is used by me personally. If you are not comfortable with my Niche finding method then you can check youtube for more ideas.

Choose a Good Domain Name

Domain Names are used by users to search your blog or website in search engines but wait Do you know Which type of domain name should you take if you are just starting a Micro-Niche Blog or Niche Blog.

Choosing a Good domain name is very necessary for starting and ranking your blog from zero, 3 Quick steps you should use while choosing your domain name.

  • Check some Domains in your Niche and Grab some Ideas from your competitors
  • Use LeanDomainSearch for the best domain suggestions in your niche
  • Check the domain that suits you and your business

Find a Good Domain and Hosting Provider

Domain Name Provider (Starts from $0.99/yr)

Choosing a Good Domain Name provider is very necessary as there are many services online that provide domains at a very reliable and reasonable price but It is important that we should choose a domain name provider Who has good customer support, interference, and affordable price.

Popular Domains for just 99 Cents at Namecheap!

I extremely recommend you to use Namecheap because this is used personally used by me and It really provides amazing service with awesome customer support and only starts from $0.99/Year Click above to grab the deal

Hosting Providers for Beginners

Buying Good Hosting is one of the most important steps in the blogging profession. Here are a Few points Why you should buy Good Hosting.

Improves the Website Load time

If you have Good hosting then your website will get quick served to your audience and This will lead your Bounce rate to go down and your rankings will get boosted up as It is officially declared by Google that page speed will be taken as a rankings factors

Is Speed is a Google Ranking Factor

Additional Information’s related to bounce rate

What is the bounce rate for a website?

The bounce rate is a key performance indicator of a website that measures the proportion of Internet users who left your site having seen only one single page.

Where can we find Bounce rate of our website?

If you use Google analytics, the bounce rate is indicated on the page that gives an overview of the audience.

All you have to do is go to Google Analytics and click on: audience> overview. The indicator will then be indicated

How the bounce rate is calculated?

Number of visits: 100
Number of visits with a single page view: 70
Calculation of the bounce rate: 70/100 = 70%

So the bounce rate in the example above is 70%.

Less likely to have website down time

It is most likely seen that low-cost hosting providers shut down the sites usually on a regular basis as they provide cheap shared hosting to hundreds of people which make them unable to handle their services

This is one of the most terrible problems I was facing when I was a beginner and I got frustrated a lot from that website shutdown problem.

Better security (https)

If you purchase good hosting for your website you will get a free SSL certificate with that package and If you don’t buy SSL for your website then your website will look insecure in front of your audience.

Non Secure Site, Google Ranking Factor

Like this as the image attached above. And, It is the 1st impression of a normal user on your website or blog that’s It should Look secure.

If you buy a Good Hosting Package then It comes free with the package for your website.

Non Secure URL:

Secured Site URL:

What Impact in SEO

Beyond the impact that this response time will have on the full loading time of your pages and therefore on the user experience (think of mobile users who are less and less patient, especially since the implementation of the AMP), this poses a real problem in terms of natural referencing.

The faster a site loads, the more Google robots can crawl the pages of a site, which promotes indexing of your content. In addition, Google has modified its algorithm by switching it to mobile-first, the loading time of a page has become an important criterion in the positioning of a page in its results.

If you have to start blogging with WordPress then here is the best hosting provider you (Personally used) – Starting from $3.95/Month

Bluehost is the best hosting that I have ever used in my entire blogging journey. I highly recommend it If you just getting started with your Blogging journey. It starts from just $3.95/Month Which is a very reliable price for this type of quality service

This is the most preferred hosting by me If you are thinking of a cheaper option then you can go with the Interserver web hosting service. It is also really worth for money service

Start Configuring your WordPress Blog

Here We have distributed all the steps, How you can easily set up your WordPress Blog as a Beginners and start blogging with WordPress

Choose a Theme for your blog

Choosing An Attractive theme for your blog is very important but before choosing a theme who should always do proper research about the theme size, reviews and performance.

Here are some of the Best Free Themes for WordPress that you should as a beginner

  • GeneratePress (Highly Recommended WordPress Theme)
  • Astra (Highly Recommended WordPress Theme)
  • Neve
  • Schema
  • OceanWP
  • StudioPress
  • Divi
  • Skin

The Bolded Themes are the most recommended themes by me and These themes are personally used by me when I was just learning How to do blogging with WordPress

This is the best YouTube video I have ever seen for developing a WordPress site easily. You may watch that video below…

Install some important plugins for your WordPress blog

There are many themes present in the WordPress Add Plugin Panel. But, here I am listing up some of the best plugins that you should use before starting up with your blogging journey. WordPress without plugins is a game without players.

Convert Pro (#1 Email Opt-in and Lead Generation Tool)

As we all know collection of leads is very important nowadays and If you are having leads then you have owned your audience

It is told that If you have 1 Email then you can get $1/Month, and If you have 10,000 Emails then you can earn $10,000/Month

Best Plugins for WordPress 2021, Best WordPress plugins for beginners

If you use this Convert Pro Plugin then you can collect the leads from your website visitors and after running email automation you can easily acquire tons of traffics and sales to your site.

EWWW Image Optimizer

This is the best and affordable image optimizer tool. I have been using this tool for years and this is really having a great performance on your blog. As Discussed above that speed is also now a ranking factor on Google. I will recommend you to use this tool for your blog (Personally used)

Smaller Images, Faster Sites
Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is an awesome backup WordPress plugin and It is the most important plugin that you should have on your blog because If any case your website gets shut down and you have written up to 100+ blogs.

Then what you’ll do. It will surely happen because When I was generating good revenue from my blog in 2018 (May) and In 2018(July) My website got hacked and I was not having any Backup WordPress plugins. And, After that all circumstances I have re-written my all blogs.

So I highly recommend you to have a backup plugin. If you are not having a good budget then you can skip some other plugins but Backup Plugin is very important before starting your blogging with WordPress.

And, Updraft Plus is the Best WordPress Backup Plugin that you can buy and It is easy to afford to start from just $49/Year

The plugins listed above are the Paid Plugins that you should own before starting your blogging journey this 2021


Elementor is the best page builder plugin that I have used in my blogging journey and It is absolutely FREE. It also comes with a Paid Plan but Free Plan is more than enough If you are starting as a Beginner.

Best Plugins for WordPress 2021, Astra with Elementor

Personally addressing Elementor is the best page builder plugin that I have been using as I am using the PRO version of Elementor on my sites but the Free version of Elementor is more than enough to use as a beginner.

If you are using the Astra theme with Elementor then you can build up amazing websites with just a few clicks.

You can Download Elementor For Free from here: Download Now

W3 Total Cache
Best Plugins for WordPress 2021, Caching Plugin, W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the best free WordPress plugin to make your website fast and easy to load. It enhances the performance of your website by adjusting some settings which provide a quality experience to your audience.

Download the Plugin Now for FREE.

Yoast SEO

If you are new to blogging and don’t know How to do On-Page SEO for your blog. Don’t worry, Yoast SEO is the plugin that can resolve all your problems there is an indicator present in the Yoast SEO plugin which appears when you start writing an article.

Best Plugins for WordPress 2021, Easy On Page SEO, Yoast SEO Plugin

These indicators will help you to make your blogpost SEO-Friendly. To make the Best SEO friendly content you can use these indicators and make them turn all green which will help you to make better and quality and SEO-Friendly content

Make your 1st Article Live

If you have never written an article then I will take time for you to write good content. Keep a note in mind that If you are creating content for your website then make it better from the 1st-page results, no matter what time it takes.

It always takes time to design your 1st Article and Publish It, But, After publishing the 1st Article you will face no problems while publishing the other articles.

Here are a few tips that you should follow If you are building your 1st content or having issues while generating ideas and content for your blog.

Analyze your competitors

This is the most important step before writing an article that most people skip out. If you want to write an article on a particular term then you should research your competitor blogs. The top 7 things that you should notice in your competitor before writing your article are as follow:

  • No. of Internal links
  • No. of External links
  • No. of Images used
  • Length of the Article
  • Infographics or case studies
  • Headlines used in the Article
  • Related keywords used in the Articles (Read this Blog to Find the related keywords for your blog)

This is my golden rule to rank in google analyzing and making more from the competitors. I hope you got it.

Content is the King

Content is the king and without valuable content, you can’t rank on google.

Content allows a site to attract people by communicating and reaching out to its target directly. It also makes it possible to differentiate between one site and another, to offer added value to Internet users, and to give a valid reason for visiting a website.

Content is the King

No matter How accurate your SEO is and How many quality backlinks you have on your site. If you don’t have quality content on your blog then It will be very difficult for you to hold your positions on the 1st page and If a Few Backlinks blog with Ordinary SEO has good content on his blog he will easily grab his place on the 1st page.

Try to use Power, Emotional Words in your blog titles and content

It is told that the first impression is the last impression and according to me, it applies to blogposts also If you have started with an attention garbing headline with a strong and powerful introduction. Then surely your audience will spend more time on your blog, Which may lead to a decrease in your bounce rate.

As Explained above that content is the king but to display or present the content in front of audience matters a lot for a blogger.

Here are a few tips that can help you to write a better blog post and derive traffic to it.

  • Create a Rough Draft Sketch of your Blog in Google DOCS
  • Use Grammarly Free Chrome Extension for Improving your Voice Tone
  • If used CTA(Call to Action) in Blog make use of Power and Emotional Words
  • Keep Paragraph short and straight to the point
  • Use Images, Videos, and Infographics in your blog

If you want to learn How you make a real converting article for your blog easily read this article now: How to create content for a blog easily and quickly in Just 8 Simple Steps

Generate your 1st Revenue or $1 from the Blog

I know It the favorite topic ever explained in blogging. But, Earning from Blogging needs a strategy build-up and a bold authority connection with your audience.

As per me If you want to earn money from your blog then you have to follow this simple two-step process. And, This is the most important step in the blogging industry.

Value equals money

Money and Value are the fruits of the same tree because If you want Value you pay money to such as Digital Products or services and If you want money you provide value to others such as Affiliate Products. I think you got it.

There are many ways to generate revenue online here are some of my favorite methods

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Selling E-books and Digital Services
  • Email Marketing

If you want to learn How you can really make money using these methods check this article now: How to make money blogging like an Expert this 2021

End Words

At lastly I want to tell you that If you are new to blogging and really want to build up a good income through this. Then step by Step follow these methods till the end to get some good results and If you want to know more or have any doubt let me know in the comments.

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