8 Quick Tips to Choose the Best Keyword for SEO

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Last Updated on February 2, 2021 by Sarwar

Choosing a good keyword is the most important task that you should do before writing a quality article on your blog. If you are a beginner then a keyword with a length of around 3-4 words will be the Best keyword for SEO that you can have in your blog. As we all know there is a Focus Keyword in the blog and the rest are supporting keywords for that focus keyword.

For Example: If your focus keyword is “Keto Diet Recipes” then you can take “5-Minute Keto Diet Recipes” as a supporting or extra keyword on your blog which helps your blog to rank on more search terms and keyword.

Doing Keyword Research for Blog Posts is very simple but there are some quick techniques and tips that you should know to get started with the keyword research.

If you don’t have any tools to research keywords for your blog posts. Check out the Best long-tail keyword research tools that you can use this 2021 for FREE and get started.

Now Let’s Get started with our 8 Quick Tips to choose the best keyword for SEO

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Targeting Long-Tail Keyword is very important, If you are starting a New Blog then I will highly recommend you to target long-tail keywords because There is an infinite amount of competition If you are focusing on Short Tail Keyword whereas long-tail keyword has less competition with the targeted audience.

The GIF below easily describes the power of long tail keyword instead of short tail keywords.

Find the best keyword for seo

If you are considering that selecting a good long-tail keyword makes it straightforward to rank on the search engine but, It’s not the truth but what truly matters is the quality of the article.

Long Tail Keyword only helps to lower down the competition in the search engine and helps you to push up your rankings on the selective keyword If you have a Good Competitive and Valuable Article.

How many words in Long-Tail Keywords?

The Long-Tail Keywords which derive more traffic and conversions the most is around 3-4 Words and you should only try to find targeted and converting keywords If you are going above 3 Words Keywords. Because as per my knowledge these types of keywords convert the most on the search engines.

Why use Long-Tail Keyword SEO?

If you are running an Affiliate or Dropshipping Site then Long Tail Keyword is the most suitable keyword that you can use in your website. If you are focusing on Long Tail Keyword then you will obviously get low-traffic but the traffic will be one of the most targeted keywords in your blog to get sales and conversion.

Consider Low Search Volume Keywords as Beginner

Can you assume If a Keyword has a volume of 10k-100k then How much article has been published by people on that keyword. I think so you got that what I am trying to make you understand.

If you are starting a New Blog then Keywords that have Monthly Traffic up to 1k will be enough for you to start and Grab a Good Audience around your Blog.

How to find keywords with High Volume and Low Competition?

There are many tools in the blogging industry to research keywords for blogs but as per my personal recommendations, you should once try KWFinder Tool to Find Keyword with High Volume and Low Competition. You can also View your Competitor Keywords to rank more highly on search engines. Grab the 10 Day Free Trial Now

Having Good Keyword Density

Do you know? What is a Good Keyword Density? Having a Good Keyword Density doesn’t mean that stuffing keywords all over your article. If you are stuffing keywords in your blog then Google will identify that you are trying to spam the Search Results and the Google Algorithm then It may also penalize you to rank on Google.

What is Good keyword density to rank fast on Google?

After some compressive Research, some SEO-Experts found that 1-2% Keyword Density is the Best Keyword Density for a Blog. That means that your Focus should appear every 80-100 Words in your Article.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

This is the worst practice ever done in some articles, If you are doing so stop it right now. Let me tell you What it is… It is the putting of keywords in un-relevant places in your Article or Blog Posts. Which doesn’t make any sense of the article. You can Highly panelized by Google If you are using this fake strategy to rank your blogs.

Research the Best keyword for SEO through Google (PEOPLE ALSO ASK)

If you are running short of some Good Keywords and Headings to put on your Blog. Then Google has put on the tool itself to help you out. If you don’t know What it is then you are losing a great opportunity to rank on more keywords on Google.

Use Google Search Related to rank high on search engines

This is What I have used the most to find the best keyword for SEO for my blog posts and As per me, this is one of the best free tools for keyword research for blog posts.

And If you want more results on a specified term from the “People also Ask” Tab then you can click on the relative term to generate more terms for your blog.

Use LSI Keywords

What is LSI Keywords?

LSI Keywords are the type of keywords that are related to your focus term or keywords of the article. This makes it easier for your audience and search engine to understand your content easily and rank higher on the search engines according to its quality.

Now I think so you have got an Idea about LSI Keywords. Now the question is that How you find relevant LSI keywords for your blog.

Google Keyword Planner to rank Higher on Google Search Results

The Best Tool for finding relevant LSI Keywords for Blog is Google Keyword Planner and you can use this to find the best long-tail keywords with awesome ranking LSI keywords and It is completely free to use or If you are thinking to get good results fast then you can use KWFinder 10 Days Free Trial to Find Really Over-Powered Keywords for your Blog.

Using a chrome extension for keyword research

If you are new to blogging industry then It is important for you to get an Idea about How Keywords Work and How can you implement it too in your personal or business blog.

Keeping that in mind, I have just created a awesome list of chrome extension for keyword research

Here is the 3 chrome extension which I personally use the most to do keyword research for my blog and you can use it too.

  • Keyword Everywhere: It is one of the most useful and best chrome extensions for doing keyword research for blog posts. This extension provides the best keyword for SEO in the form of LSI and Long-Tail Keywords. You can use it too for absolutely free Add it to our chrome browser now.
  • Keyword Surfer: I have not listed this extension here because It is a reliable keyword research tool for SEO but this is also an awesome competition analyzer tool too. It gives us an idea of the length of the article, keyword density, focused keyword, Traffic analysis, etc… Click here to Add It to your chrome browser to explore more about this extension.
  • UberSuggest: This tool is really awesome for keyword research for blog posts and It also helps you to analyze and get proper details about a website or blog such as Domain Overview, Backlinks, Top Keywords, Site Audit Etc… If you get a proper hold on using this tool then definitely you will also rank in the top pages. Check the Chrome Extension Now.

After researching the keywords you should give them push traffic to know How and Where It can be ranked on the search engines and You can use Quora for giving push traffic up to 200+ Daily users. Check this article to know more 3 Simple Steps Generated Amazing Traffic to Blog using Quora

Use Pinterest to find Long Tail Keywords

Pinterest is basically a type of search engine in form of image results. As per me, Pinterest is the best platform to found high converting and “HOW TO” Keywords. Here are the Quick 3-Steps to find the best converting keywords for your blog.

  • Step 1. Start typing your target keywords into Pinterest search
  • Step 2. Suggested Search Results will appear up
  • Step 3. Choose a Keyword Analyzer and Analyze the Keyword Difficulty and Volume of the keyword selected

How to find keyword for blog using Pinterest

There are many types of chrome extension which will help you to find awesome keyword for the blog. The most used chrome extension by me to research keywords from Pinterest is ClipRise.


At last, I would like to say that If you are starting blogging as a beginner that you should only target long-tail keywords with low volume. Here are some resource links to make your blogpost easy to rank.

If you are wondering to find the Best Keyword for SEO then you can apply these hacks to rank higher. Check out this post to know more: 5 Awesome Long Tail Keyword Research Hacks that will Explode out your Rankings

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