How to promote affiliate links on social media platforms


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Promotion is one of the most important parts of selling a product. Hey entrepreneurs, In this article, we will talk about the best way to promote affiliate links on social media for absolutely free effectively.

Before starting with the promotion processes, Let’s know about the basic selling techniques that every entrepreneur should know.

Why a person buys a product?

A person always buys a solution for his problem, If you are promoting a product instead of a solution to the customer pain point then maybe you’ll get few sales for a month or week. But, remember A good brand always sells solutions instead of features.

What are the basic promotion rules that you should know?

A strong pillar always supports the whole building and in the case of selling a product, there are certain rules and regulations that you should follow for better conversions.

1. Be honest with your lead
2. Never force your lead to buy (Follow up them)
3. Use connecting words with your leads don’t try to be more formal

How to promote affiliate links on social media

5 Ways to promote affiliate links on social media

There are hundreds and thousands of methods of promoting affiliate links, But these 5 methods will consist of the best free methods for promoting affiliate links.

Facebook Groups

Facebook group is the best place to interact with a wide audience in no time. But, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to build a good audience and convert better.

  • Always provide tons of value in your facebook groups
  • Don’t insert links often
  • Use more graphics and videos
  • LIVE is the key of building good trust
  • Reply each and every comment on post


Instead of watching video content, there are millions of people who prefer reading articles. Medium is an amazing platform for pasting your thoughts and views, you can also promote affiliate links here but there are certain rules and regulations that you should follow in order to build better quality content and convertible.

  • Always start with an affiliate disclamer [If inserting affiliate links]
  • Don’t use the same format such as title, way of writing, descriptions, etc…
  • Make sure you place you affiliate links just below any action words or conveincing videos and graphics

Pinterest page

If you want international traffic on your links then Pinterst can be an amazing option for you, Almost 46% of women from the USA use pinterst each and every day and takes action. Basically, Pinterest is an image-based search engine. It enables you to create boards and pins based on particular topics or images.

  • Pinterst PIN ratio for valuable posts and affiliate posts is 10:1
  • Try to pin atleast 5 pins in your board from your competitors
  • Build a beautiful layout
  • Make sure your product target mostly women
  • Direct promotion is not allowed

Direct Message Promotion

You can easily guess about the methods after hearing this name. And, really it is an amazing way to promote affiliate links. A direct message to a person always starts building a personal bond and If you have been in email marketing then you can exactly follow the same process to achieve better conversions here.

  • Learn the basics of Email marketing follow ups technique
  • Try to be a friend with your lead
  • Don’t try to convert on the 1st day try to give it alteast a week

Instagram stories

According to me 90% of Instagram users scroll through the stories or check their DM. An Instagram story is the best way to promote affiliate links and show your presence in the industry.

Here are few hacks for better conversions through Instagram stories.

  • Make sure you use polls and stickers for instant increment in story views.
  • Provide daily works updates in your niche
  • Don’t overdo promotion
  • Use more stickers to make it attractive
  • 3 Hashtags that targets your niche


It is difficult to observe results in a week or few months, But you’ll definitely see results after good work of 3-4 months. If you want a particular article on each and every topic discussed then comment below and let me know.

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