The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Online Lead Generation – 2021


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Generating lead online is a very simple task, If you know the correct strategy how to do it. But, Firstly let’s clear What do we mean by online lead generation.

Online Lead Generation, A Beginners Guide to Lead Generation

What do you mean by Online Lead Generation

A person who is interested in your product or service and wants to know more about your company is counted in a quality lead. The process of collecting quality leads in numerous amounts in form of E-mail, Push-Notification, Social Media Followers, Etc… is called Lead Generation.

Here are some modern methods of online lead generation:

  • Providing Lead Magnet (Free e-Book, Checklists, PDF’s)
  • Blogging
  • Digital Marketing
  • Live Events and Seminars
  • Coupons Website
  • Free Courses

How can I Generate Leads for Free?

There are many ways to generate leads online. But, Generating Free Leads might be difficult for beginners somewhere. So, Here is a detailed step overview How you can use Social Media and a Free Single Landing Page to generate hundreds of leads for free.

Lead generation for free, Online Lead Generation

In this Guide, We have seen that what are the main step and requirements to generate quality leads from Instagram (Email and Followers). Recap of 5 Easy step to generate free leads from Instagram

  • Create an Instagram Page around your niche
  • Upload quality content on your page
  • Explore the Instagram Strategy from Youtube Channels (Josh Ryan and Neil Patel)
  • Consistency is the Key
  • Engage with your Audience (Go Live, Answer all Comments, Reply on DM’s, etc…)

How to make money from online lead generation

This is one of the most common questions asked. But, Really can you earn a passive income through online lead generation and The answer to this question is Yes you can generate a good amount of money through online lead generation.

There are many steps to earn money from online lead generation. Here are some of the methods to generate a good amount of money through it.

  • Selling e-Book and Checklists PDF
  • Selling your own Product
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Webinars and Courses
  • Deriving traffic to the website and earn through Google Ads

Some Best Online Lead Generation Tools to generate leads

Here I have the Top 5 Best Lead Generation tools that you can use to make your work more simple in terms of collecting data, automation, and graphics creation.

  • Canva (Best Tool for Graphic and Posts Creation as a Beginner)
  • AWeber (Best Tool for Email Collection and Email Broadcasts)
  • GetResponse (Best Tool for Email Automation)
  • OptinMonster (Best Tool for converting online visitors into leads)
  • Hunter Chrome Extension (Best Chrome Extension to find converting emails)

These are some of my favorite tools that I personally use to generate leads. But, If you are having issues with your budget then you can use Canva and AWeber for Completely Free. This will be more than enough for you to start as a beginner.

Is Online Lead Generation Really Worth It?

Yes, absolutely online lead generation is worth it because There are basically three types of traffic in the online world.

  • The traffic you Own
  • The traffic you Control
  • The traffic you don’t Control

So, If you own all the traffic using Email Address, Push Notification, or Followers then you can easily target them and earn money whenever you want. It doesn’t require any investment once you got the data and If you don’t have the traffic you will have to invest the amount as much time you want returns from it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Online OPT-IN Page

Online OPT-IN is a webpage consists of a form that asks for Email and Name. It is used to collect Email and Name in return for Lead Magnet. This type of method is basically used by Affiliate and Digital Marketers to collect the personal data for the users in return for some gifts and useful checklists to build their lead collection.

How to use push notification for online lead generation

Push Notification is an easy way to make your subscribed user notified about your product or article. This is an easy method to store the traffic and use it anytime and anywhere. You can easily get instant traffic using this Push Notification method. But, If you want to generate a lead then you can create a lead magnet page and ask for an email in return and you can easily use your push notification subscribed members for this technique. You can easily use a FREE Push Notification (WEB Push) service from AWeber.

How Canva can help your to generate online lead

Canva is an online graphic designing website that can help you to create stunning designs for absolutely free. Canva can help you to create amazing eye-catching design to make you conversion rate good and Lead magnet covers. So, This is the reason why I personally use Canva as an Online Lead Generation tool.

How much we can earn from online lead generation

Lead generation is a process of gathering the personal data of people in return for any gift or lead magnet. You can use these data to promote a product using a SOAP-Opera Sequence or you can promote your own product using this method. Talking about the earnings from the lead generation you can easily earn up to $1000-$1500 a day as a beginner if worked properly. The more trusted audience you have the more your income will rise.

Traffic sources for Online Lead Generation

Here are my TOP 6 Best Traffic sources that I personally use to generate quality leads.
1. Quora
2. Facebook Groups
3. Instagram
4. Twitter
5. Google Organic Search
6. Pinterest


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