What is the most important part of SEO | On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO?

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After Creating a New Blog, You have to complete a specific amount of articles on your site as an AIM. But, If you want to make those articles rank on the search engines you need to learn about some SEO strategies. Hey Everyone, Today in this article we are going to talk about the most important part of SEO that you should be focusing upon as a beginner. And this will help you to rank on the Top 10 Results of the Google

And Secondly, We are going to talk about On-page vs Off-Page SEO. Which one is more important and How you can apply these strategies to make your site rank faster.

The most important part of SEO, on-page vs off-page SEO

So, here are some important ranking factors that you should apply to your site to achieve good results back from it.

  • High Quality and Unique Content
  • Page Speed
  • Site Security
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Internal Linking
  • Target Right Keyword
  • Important On-Page SEO Tactics
  • User Experience
  • Good use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords
  • Backlinks

These are the most important part of SEO, Yep I know you are thinking that this is such a big list. How can I manage them all?

But, Let me tell you that It is really easy to manage. All you have to do that be till last with this article and I am going to tell you some of my personal tricks and tips that can help you to easily cover them up all.

High Quality and Unique Content

Unique and High-Quality Content matters a lot in your post ranking. This can be easily proved by an example let me show you how?

For Example, you are a person Who is searching about some unique or trending topics around google but you are getting the same data on repeat. Will, you ever read that whole content or share it.

That’s why It is important to create unique and high-quality content and So, I have listed it as the most important part of SEO.

valuable content strategy

But the main issue is that How you can find ideas for unique content in your niche and data about it. There are many ways to find unique content ideas around the internet. But, here I am going to talk about the easiest way to find unique and quality content ideas.

Here are my personal strategies to find unique content ideas from internet.

  • Quora: Quora is a huge network of persons because many types of people worldwide are connected here you can easily use this to find unique content throughout the internet. You just have to follow spaces and persons around your niche because Quora gets updated too fast in terms of news or any new topics and This will help you a lot.
  • Google Question Hub: This is the best place for new bloggers. But this platform is only available in selected countries as United States, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria for now. You can easily add your niche in that platform to generate numerous amount of questions to create articles upon and all the ideas are completely unique and you can easily draw a good amount of traffic by submitting your answers to the portal.
  • Reddit: Reddit is an awesome place that helps all people connect with each other around their niche. I am personally using Reddit for the past 2 years and got really good results through it. You can easily join a community in your niche to gather updates and information around your niche.

After finding a topic to write on you can start researching it. There are many ways to research your topic, Here are my personal ways I use to search about topics on which I want to create an article.

These are all the steps that I found hard when I was a beginner you can easily observe them all and use them in your blog to draw a good and decent amount of traffic. and If you are facing a problem writing content you can check my blog on how to create content for the blog.

Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most important factors to get ranked on the top results of Google. This is why because It simply gives the audience a good experience. Low page speed can make the user frustrated and may cause an increase in bounce rate.

If you have a good page speed your audience will find it easier to browse through your website. Which gives google a signal about your serving quality and relevant content.

Page Speed with Customer Experience, Page Speed directly proportional to customer experience

But How you can increase you site speed?

There are many ways to increase website speed but here I am going to discuss the most common and effective strategy to start work with.

Using a Good Caching Plugin

Caching is basically a way to improve performance.  When a website is requested frequently from different users over the internet, The system automatically reuses the earlier generated data (or requests such as database queries) to speed up new requests is called Caching.

There are many plugins over the internet which makes this task easier for people to cache the data. Here are the Best Caching Plugins on WordPress [Perosnally used and considered].

  • WP-Rocket [Paid Plugin]
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • WP-Optimize

You can check these plugins and apply on your sites to get better results in terms of website speed and caching page.

Good Hosting Provider

Hosting speeds matters a lot because If the server speed of the hosting provider is good your website will also load fast. If you sign-up for a shared hosting plan the same hosting gets divided into numerous amounts of people in the same RAM and Bandwidth. Which causes your website gets slow down.

I personally recommend you to buy from Bluehost as they have pretty good and cheaper plans and If talking about quality the beginner plan has more than enough features to get started with.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is very necessary for the website. If you want your website to load the images fast and reduce the delay time then you should absolutely use this. There are mainly two types of ways for Image Optimization.

Image Optimization Best Tricks and Tactics
  • Manual Optimization: This is a process where you can create your graphics or image and optimize it from Photoshop or with the help of any image compression website. Here is some site that is completely free and personally used by me for image optimization.
  • Automatic Optimization: This process includes some plugins that automatically optimizes the image size and dimensions. EWWW Image Optimizer is one of my favorite plugin you can use this plugin to automatically optimize the images.

These are the three personal methods that I use to boost up my website speed.

Site Security

Why website and blog security is important?

Site security plays a very important role in building the trust of the audience. You can easily build up good trust by proving your website is secure. There are many ways to improve website security such as SSL, Linking up with secured sites, and many more.


SSL stands for secure sockets layer. Basically, SSL is used in some transaction websites which ensures secure credit card transactions, data transfers, and logins. But Why this is also necessary for blogs.

Adding an SSL to the blog helps to ensure the reader that the website is secure and If you are in partner with any affiliate program. It will be easy for the user to trust your blog to buy with your affiliate link.

How to activate a free SSL on a website or blog

For your information, SSL costs you around $25-49/ year. But, Here I am going to talk about the best alternative that can help you get the SSL for your blog absolutely free.

Here is a detailed video tutorial for Installation of free SSL on blog.

Linking with Secured Sites

This is one of the best steps that I found helpful to build trust among my audience and it is pretty simple too. Simply you have to link to those sites’ articles as an external link which is called a brand now. If a person goes to that website with your referred link that the user will find your article helpful and build a sort of trust there.

And somewhere Google also considers Outbound Link as SEO Ranking Factor which helps to build or maintain the authenticity of the blog.

Mobile Friendliness

According to a survey, it was found that 54% of users over the globe use the smartphone for web suffering and shopping online where 46% of users use Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and others.

Mobile vs Computer. Which one you should prefer working on

Now, I think so you have got an idea about the potential of the website with mobile-friendliness. But, Building a mobile-friendly website is not as much easy as it seems to be. But, Yes If you implement some of our instructions then you can easily make your blog pages mobile-friendly.

Mobile-Friendly themes or Responsive Template Designs

I know if you are new to the website development or blogging field then you are getting afraid of these terms. But, don’t worry these terms are very simple to understand and actually you can tell them that both are the same thing. Let me help you to fix this.

What do you mean by Mobile-friendly themes

Mobile-friendly is a fast, flexible, and lightweight theme. These themes are responsive to manage with any dimensions devices. Basically, all the themes present over the WordPress Dashboard are Mobile-Friendly.

Some Best Examples for Responsive themes are GeneratePress, Astra, Divi, Beaver Builder

What do you mean by Responsive Template Design?

A responsive template easily adapt its size on any dimension devices basically they both are same but Responsive template designs are used in sites built with coding. Some of my personal used sites for templates are COLORLIB and W3Layout

Using these templates helps your website to get adjusted according to any dimensions devices and Responsive Template is also considered as an indirect ranking factor. If you want you can study this article How themes affect SEO.

Avoid Error: Text too Small to Read

This error is basically from the Google Search console. I have faced this error around a few months ago, It’s an error caused when your article content is too small to read. This happens when your article has very small font size to read which makes user to pinch-to-zoom in order to read.

If you are facing this same problem here are few quick tips to solve the error: text too small to read.

Some Best ways to resolve these problem are:

  • Add The Viewport Meta Tag on the page
  • Add Max-width attribute in every image
  • Use default font-size value for your article (22px)
  • Re-Check the Website Layout Fix it

Make sure Clickable Elements are not too close together

This error is one of the most common errors faced by bloggers. If you submit your website to Google Search Console after validating your URL. It happens when your hyperlinks are close enough that a user will find it difficult to click on them.

If you are also facing this error then here are some simple and steady solution for that.

  • Install the Mobile Viewport Tag
  • Optimize the Clickable Elements present on the article or page
  • Run a Mobile-Friendly Page test to verify the difficulty

Avoid or Eliminate Pop-ups

This is one of the worst mistake which I was doing before on my blogs and this resulted in increase of bounce rate in my blog. If you are not getting what I mean to say about this problem, This problem generally occurs when you linked with any third party website to provide extra service to your users such as push notification, newsletter subscription, deal box pop-ups, etc…

Pop-Ups probelm. How to resolve

Basically, Some of these pop-ups are not responsive. This makes a user find it difficult to navigate through your site or If possible through alternative options try to avoid pop-ups on your site because sometimes it results in a decrease in website speed also.

These are a few tips to make mobile-friendly pages that I found helpful to share with you and If you facing a problem around this topic or article then you can email us at [email protected]. Will respond to your problem or query in under 24 hours.

Internal Linking

Actually, I have created an article on the basics of internal linking. But here also I am going to discuss some of the basics that I feel you should absolutely know before building the blog or writing your articles.

Basic concept of internal linking, Internal linking strategy image

Before knowing the basics of internal linking or building it, Firstly Let’s know what actually it is and how it helps us to rank our articles fast.

What is Internal Linking and How much internal link should an article have?

Internal linking is a process of building links within the same domain to the various articles through a relevant anchor text. This basically helps the user and the search engine to navigate through your article around the website.

There is no perfect number about internal linking it’s only about the relevancy of the content. If you are thinking that you’ll make tons of internal links on your content that doesn’t provide a penny value to your user then it’s wasted

Here are some of my practiced ways to build good and working internal links:

Here are my top secrets methods that I personally use to do my internal linking, if you want to know deeply about these topics click on the links above.

Target Right Keyword

If you want to learn SEO in just two words then it’s only quality content and the right keyword. In my blogging journey, I found that targeting the right keyword is one of the most important part of SEO. That’s why I am having my maximum articles on the topic keyword research.

Here I am not going to discuss any tool because for that I have already written articles on my site. Today in this topic we are going to cover the simple ranking concept of keywords.

So, Basically, Keyword is a word or phrase that helps and enables a user to research on the internet around a specific topic or query.

If you are a beginner and finding a perfect keyword for your blog then make sure to go for long-tail keywords. Yes, these keywords are longer in length and low in volume. But, If you are running an affiliate blog then long-tail keywords will help you generate the maximum conversion as they are hot traffic.

Keyword research concept in one image

This is the base concept of keyword research and optimization.

If you recently built a new blog and want good and effective results then you should choose the 2nd decision and If you have built good domain authority and audience on your blog and want to fight then you can choose the first.

That’s all for the basic concept you can check our article or long-tail keyword research to know how you can do the same to rank on the top results and How to choose the best keyword for SEO in just 8 steps.

Important On-Page SEO Tactics

On-Page SEO matters a lot in the blogging industry. But, I don’t give that much time to On-page SEO optimization because the first priority for me is quality content and others are secondary.

Here are the 4 quick On-page SEO optimization tactics to rank your blog faster.

Title with the Focus Keyword

This is one of the basic terms in on-page SEO optimization but it is one of the most important part of SEO. I know that you are aware of this and using it in your blog. But, Here is the exact method How it actually works to rank the sites faster.

Here are few tips to optimize the title with the focus keyword easily.

  • Make it Natural: Don’t stuff the keywords in the title and hope for better rankings Google is now smart enough to understand the keywords without stuffing them so make it natural and efficient for good CTR.
  • Try to put the focus keyword at the beginning: Search Engine puts more focus on the words at the start. So, that why it’s told to try to put the keyword at the beginning.
  • AIM for 60: This is the best length of the title in Search engine optimization. If you want good results then AIM your words should not be more than 60-words.

Use Focus keyword in SLUG (URL)

Basically, the URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. That means If your website has a focus keyword in its URL then it will help Google and users to locate the page or blog easily. As it is also working as a secondary ranking factor on the search engine.

Does URL really affect SEO Rankings?

Your Page SLUG or URL will surely affect your SEO performance but till How much? If your website having quality content, good backlinks, and provides a good experience to the user it doesn’t matter How effective or optimized your URL Is.

What is a Good and Optimized URL?

The URL which has the focus keyword naturally planted, Short and Simple, Direct to the point. It is the best URL that will help you to rank fast on search engines.

Focus keyword in the First and Last 10% of the Content

Do you know why is it really important to insert keywords in the first and last 10% of the content? If No then let me tell you the secret behind these tactics. As we all know that Google put more weightage on the beginning or introduction of the content which is nearly about 10% of the content.

And When you are concluding up with your article then you write a conclusion note or a summary of the above which makes the search engine and user provide a better experience in terms of revision of the full. That why it is necessary to put keywords in the last 10% of your content to make it more visible on search engines.

Good Meta Description with the Focus Keyword

Talking about Meta Description it is the summary of your entire article and works as a first impression in front of the audience. If you failed to achieve that first impact then you’ll gonna be in trouble.

Hooking people is a talent. That’s why I use the Copy.ai tool to write my meta-description and introduction. Copy.ai is an amazing tool that has more than 40 tools to explore in terms of blogging, digital marketing, running digital ads. It uses AI technology to create a stunning meta description to hook your audience in just seconds of time.

I basically use SSS Strategy to create extraordinary meta descriptions for blogs. This is one of the private strategies I am sharing with you and it will benefit you a lot too.

So basically SSS Strategy means Short Simple Summary. This is really a great trick to build amazing meta descriptions. I am personally using this method to generate a good amount of traffic on my blogs and It also helps to increase the Read Time. But How you can use this Trick too.

Short: Short means that you want to write a short paragraph about your website in the meta description snippet don’t try to increase it from more than 150 words.

Simple: Try to make the description as simple as possible for the user to understand about your blog or article.

Summary: Not all people on your website are going to read the entire article. So, That’s Why it is important for you to make it easy for your readers to get their required information directly from the Meta Description. A good summary will help the person to get an easy understanding of that.

I hope that you got it. It is not a famous method by any SEO Gurus but yeah I applied it for the past few months and I really got good results from it.

User Experience

According to me, User Experience is related to only three factors which you should keep in mind.

  • Quality and Unique Content
  • Page Speed
  • Page Experience

As we already discussed Page Speed and Quality Content above. But do you know How you can use Page Experience to enhance your severing to the audience?

  • Make sure your website is Mobile-Friendly
  • Easy to Navigate around your site
  • Use more Infographics and Images in order to help your audience

Page Experience generally means How your audience is reacting while reading your content or visiting your blog. There are many factors that help you to improve your page experience here is an article from Neil Patel discussing Page Experience.

Good use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords

What are LSI Keywords. How it help us to rank fast?

According to me, LSI Keywords are one of the most important part of SEO they can simply be defined as a synonym or related keyword. This SEO term helps the search engine to get an idea of the relevance of that article because before this concept Keyword Density helps to determine the relevancy of the article. For Example, If your competitor used the keywords “XYZ” for 8 times then you should use it around 9-10 in order to beat your competitor.

It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t optimize keyword density but over-optimized it may cause an issue. The perfect rate for keyword density optimization is 1-3%. LSI keywords also help to get google an idea about the various topics discussed on your site.

Some Best Tools to find good LSI Keywords fast.

Here are a Few Examples for LSI Keywords.

LSI Keywords, How it works.
How to get LSI Keywords, LSI keywords examples


Backlinks are the most important part of SEO after quality content. Do you know what backlink actually means How many types of backlink helps in Google Ranking?

What are Backlinks. How does it help to rank sites faster?

Backlinks are directly a link from website “A” to website “B” that helps google to provide a signal that “A” likes the “B” website.

There are two types of backlinks:

1. No-Follow Backlinks
The no-follow backlink is an HTML Parameter added to hyperlinks to inform the search engine crawlers that Google should not pass any page rank from the linking site to the linked site.
It is defined as <a href=”https://www.example.com” rel=”nofollow”>Click Here</a>

2. Do-Follow Backlink
By default, all links are do-follow until you edit some HTML parameters in the hyperlinks. The Search engine crawlers crawl the do-follow link to your site as a ranking factor which is basically termed as “link juice” in SEO words. It is defined as <a href=”https://www.example.com”>Click Here</a> 

If you also want to rank on the search engines fast using backlinks then focus on the quality of backlinks other than the number of backlinks. Here are some of the best methods to create quality backlinks.

Guest Posting

This is the easiest way of backlinks creation through powerful sites if you are good at content writing. Guest Posting means that you’ll write quality content for an authority blog in return for a do-follow link from them. Basically, I also used this method on a lot of my websites to build high-quality links. Here is a comprehensive article from Neil Patel on guest posting

Start including Stats, Infographics and news on your blogs

This is one of my favorite methods of building backlinks because If your content is engaging and contains more graphics, stats, news, and infographics. This will help the reader in your same niche link to you to provide their readers some detailing about the content.

Comment Backlinks

There are many bloggers and SEO gurus telling about comments backlinks that it doesn’t work. But, for your information comment backlinks don’t help you to provide link juice for ranking as it is no-follow. But, It provides you referral traffic from your competitor’s website if you posted a valuable comment related to the post on your competitor’s site.

Here is compressive article by me on comment backlinks.

So, These are the most important part of SEO according to me. But, The major question in the title was which one is more effective on-page SEO vs off-page seo.

Talking about SEO types there are mainly three types of SEO.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Basically, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO both are important but according to me, I like On-page SEO optimization more than Off-page because What really does matters is your content if your content writing is good then On-page SEO can help to enhance your work far better.

Difference Between On-page and Off-page SEO. Why On-page SEO?

On-page SEO means the optimization work for search engines done on the site. As Optimizing the Title, Meta Descriptions, LSI Keywords, Keyword-Density, and many more…

Off-page SEO means that optimization work done by linking to your sites and creating an authority blog. As Building Backlinks, Social Media Promotions, and many more…

I prefer On-page SEO more because it is in our control and work on the basis of the optimization done by us. This really helps our quality content give a good boost in front of search engines.

Some Helpful Links for you.

Thanks 🙂

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