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If you have planned to start your affiliate marketing journey. Then don’t look back now and Just Learn 5 Mandatory Skills to Start Affiliate Marketing and Live a Life with Financial Freedom.

Before Starting with the Topic, Here are some mindset tips that you should consider first to play affiliate marketing as long term game.

  • Treat Affiliate Marketing business a Brand
  • Focus on Value and Try to Pitch the Product when necessary to your audience.
  • Sell Solutions without selling features
  • Think for a Great Visions, not a goal, Because the more you’ll explore the more you’ll earn
  • Don’t SPAM any environment on the Internet
5 Mandatory Skills to start affiliate marketing

Here are the 5 Mandatory Skills to Start Affiliate Marketing

  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Ad Expert
  • Email Marketing

If you mastered these skills then there is a high probability for you to scale this business to big numbers.


Copywriting is not a skill because as per me it is an Art. Copywriting is a way that is used to grab audience attention for Leads, Conversions, and Action.

Where is Copywriting used?

It is basically used in writing Sales Copy, Emails, Social Media Posts, Landing Page, Etc… The place where you want to make your users or audience encourage to take action fast, Copywriting is used there.

Note:- Copywriting is not a skill that after learning you’ll get results. It is only based on your experience, experiments, and your thinking.

I’ll show you both FREE and PAID methods to learn copywriting to write amazing sales copy.

FREE method to Learn Copywriting this 2021

  • Reading Newspapers Headlines and Introductions
  • Reading Articles and Sales Copy of a Brand
  • Experimenting with power and emotional words
  • Try something new that your competitor can never think about.
  • Follow good copywriters on YouTube such as DAN LOK, Alex Cattoni, Start Copywriting, Etc…

PAID Methods to Learn Copywriting this 2021

There are literally thousands of courses present on the internet that guarantee you to teach you full copywriting. But, As we talked that Nobody knows 100% Copywriting, It all about Experiments and Experience. So, What course to buy to learn copywriting in depth.

Personally, I have selected this course (Modern Copywriting: Writing copy that sells in 2021). And, I really got awesome results from this. You may check more articles on the internet about the best copywriting courses but according to my personal experience, This is the best you can buy.

Social Media Marketing

Most Important step to start affiliate marketing as a beginner. Social Media Marketing is a skill that helps you to connect more and more people around the globe through your content and strategies.

If you are someone who is looking to start his/her affiliate marketing business with no to minimum investments then Social Media Marketing will be a great skill to earn your first dollar through Social Media Platforms.

Here are some of the Best Platforms that you should use and learn for Social Media Marketing.

Best Platforms to Start Social Media Marketing
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

I’ll show you both FREE and PAID methods to learn Social Media Marketing to drive more traffic and sales to your profile.

I have written an in-depth baby guide to start affiliate marketing through Instagram. You can check this article out for getting a good idea about How to grow on Instagram Fast and drive sales through it.

FREE Method to Learn Social Media Marketing this 2021

PAID Method to Learn Social Media Marketing this 2021

Basically, Social Media Marketing is not a skill that you can learn from the paid courses. It is all about quality content and some content provided on YouTube for Free.

But, If you don’t like to search around YouTube for content. And, Want something in a managed way and proper way then you can check these courses to get a good idea about Social Media Marketing.

Content Writing

Content Writing and Copywriting are the most mandatory skills to start affiliate marketing. Content Writing is way that help to provide data and information in an organized and perfect manner to user.

If you want to get more conversions in affiliate marketing, Then it is really important to provide value to your audience to encourage them to check your product and help you make good conversions.

Content marketing can help you with delivering your thoughts to the audience in form of words and visuals. There are millions of people that prefer reading articles, So, Content Writing can be a great skill to learn this 2021 to get in front of more and more users.

I’ll show you both FREE and PAID methods to learn Content Writing to write amazing attention garbing articles.

FREE Method to Learn Content Writing this 2021

Basically, Content Writing is so simple according to my personal experience, I don’t actually know my content writing skills are good or not?

But, After Writing Hundreds of Articles on my different niche blog. I got an idea, What good content writing actually means?

Here are the basic steps to get ready writing your 1st Article.

Basics Step to Start Content Writing Easily

PAID Method to Learn Content Writing this 2021

Content Writing is all about observing and react. If you are looking for any paid course then I personally recommend you buying this course from Udemy. As I have seen many people earning thousands through freelancing after completing the course.

Ad Expert

Growing Organically on Social Media Handles this 2021 is a bit difficult and time taking. If you are an affiliate marketer and want targeted traffic to your landing page then Social Media Ads can be a great platform to target your audience.

Note: Being an Ad Expert needs time and money in 2021, Because It is important to have a good budget for experimenting with your ads

In the coming years, there will be a high demand for Ad Experts and one of the most mandatory skills to start affiliate marketing and other business. If you are not interested in building your own business then you can also work as a freelancer to get good amounts from your clients.

Here are some Best Platforms to run ads to get more targeted visitors and leads for your business.

Best Paid Ads Method to get more sales and leads

I’ll show you both FREE and PAID methods to learn Google and Facebook Ads to make ads a good revenue fast through affiliate marketing.

FREE Method to Learn Facebook and Google Ads this 2021

PAID Methods to Learn Facebook and Google Ads this 2021

Here is a Course for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and many more at a very cheap price on Udemy. Make sure to choose this course to get a good idea about Google Ads, Facebook Ads + 9 More…

Email Marketing

Once you get a good idea about Copywriting and Content Writing there is no need to learn Email Marketing. Yaa, You can Google some Eye-Catching Words that are used in Email Marketing but no need to learn this particularly.

Email Marketing is the most important and mandatory skill to start affiliate marketing. Because Email is only a communication method that doesn’t get changed every year and there are some people who don’t change their mail in their whole life.

Here are some Best Tools that you can use to Start your Email Marketing with Highly Convertible Landing Pages.

Ending Words

These are the Top 5 Mandatory Skills to Start Affiliate Marketing. But, Remember Don’t jump into all the skills and courses at once check which one can help you now and start with one skill and master it.

Here are some Articles that can help you with affiliate marketing.


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