3 Internal Link Building basics you should know | Internal Linking SEO

Last Updated on April 8, 2021

Internal Linking is one of the most important strategies in SEO Directory. Starting with Internal Linking needs some Internal Link Building basics to be solved. Here are some basics knowledge about Internal Linking and How It will help you to rank your site on the top of Search Engine Results

Internal Link building

What is Internal Linking in SEO?

Internal Linking is the linking between two domains of the same page. They are basically used to the navigation. But, The Question is how Internal Linking can help you in your site SEO. Search Engines use Internal Links to index and rank on the relevant anchor text and crawl more pages on your site. Which helps your site rank on more keywords.

How Internal Linking is useful for the audience

Internal Linking can help users or audiences is basically in three ways. Navigate the Site, Helps to build trust throughout the site, Make users find more relevant results for their searches, Etc…

How much Internal Linking is good for a new site?

Here are the minimum and maximum count of Internal Link building on a New site. If you are having a new site then you should at least publish 1-2 Internal Link on a Page and If your blog crossed over 100-200 Articles then you should use 5-8 Internal Links as minimum and 150 Internal Links as the maximum count.

What are the 3 Internal Link Building basics that you should know?

Here are the 3 Internal Link Building basics that I follow till now for building my website more relevant in front of users and search engines. If you also want to rank your pages high in Search engines follow these steps.

  • Linking through relevant anchor text
  • Linking to a relevant article or post
  • Linking Deep throughout the content

Linking through relevant Anchor Text

Before starting with this point. Let us first know What does Anchor Text actually means. Anchor Text is simply a keyword in the clickable hyperlink form. Here is an Example shows what anchor text actually means.


But How Linking thought relevant anchor text can help in good seo results and customer experience.

It is because when Google crawler comes to crawl and index the webpage or article of your site. Then while crawling the google takes the internal link as a relevant link to an article through that content and The anchor text as the keyword for that specific article.

So That’s why if you want to rank higher on search engines then start adding quality internal links with relevant anchor text.

Linking to a Relevant Article or Post

If the user on your website found a good internal link that helps them to find more in-depth answers to their question then It will help your website decrease the bounce rate. Which will give a ranking signal to google about your helpful content.

And as mentioned above that If your anchor text is relevant then Google ranks the article on the basis of the of the keyword provided.

Linking Deep throughout the Content

Linking Deep throughout the content helps the user to make learn more new things from your site and spent a lot of time and It is a good ranking signal for Google about quality content.

Linking throughout the content helps the people to explore more articles on your which indirectly helps your site to grow and get more shares and traffic.

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