5 Steps to write an affiliate product review that Sell Crazy


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A good affiliate product review can give you conversions till your death. Affiliate marketing is a business model where marketers promote a product or service in return for some percentage or a particular amount of commission.

Till the end of this article, You’ll have enough knowledge to write a good affiliate product review that converts awesome with my personal tools and tricks used during writing.

5 Steps to write an affiliate product review that sell crazy

So, let’s get started with our 7 steps to write an affiliate product review that sells crazy

Personal Experienced Data

This is the best way to get the most relevant data for the product you want to review. Using the product personally can help you get every single inch of data from every side that helps to build a good pros and cons section of the review. 3 review points that will make your review extra-ordinary from your competitors.

  • A Perfect example can change the reader perspective – Make sure your example provide more connecting and relateable view about the data
  • Challenges with the product and How to resolve – Every product or services has some disadvantages and challenges.
  • Personal Touch gives a good connectivity and trust touch – If you’ve really used the product then add a personal touch to the review to make it more valuable.

But, If you are unable to buy the product or services to write personal experience data then don’t worry I have one special technique for your that I personally use when I am out of budget, Read the third point.

Create an affiliate product review structure

Structured writing will always make your article stand out from others, Let me explain to you How it will stand out as unique and How you can create an affiliate review structure.

Every ranking content has its own structure and uniqueness. But, Have you ever thought that what will happen when you’ll cover all the data and uniqueness of your competitors in just one affiliate review post?

Google always looks for the most relevant data for a search term and creating your affiliate post in structured long-form with in-depth content can give you good rankings for years.

6 steps during competition analysis for building a good affiliate product review structure.

  • Healines and Topics covered in the entire article
  • The form of presenting the review [Table, Paragraph, Image, etc…]
  • Valuable content other than the product review
  • No of times Affiliate links and Internal Links used with the anchor text
  • Word count of the content
  • The most frequently used keyword and search for more long tail keywords.

6 steps to building more trustworthy content than your competitors.

  • Make sure building more enhanced and in-depth content observed from the compeition analysis process
  • Don’t forget to add personal touch
  • Good use of examples, images, tables, graphs, etc… to make it more attractive
  • List challanges and problems, with How to resolve
  • Add more customers reviews with the orginal experince to make it more connective
  • Make sure your PROS and CONS contains the truth of the product or service.

Collecting data for building your content

Data is the most important factor to build valuable review content for your blog. There are multiple ways to collect data for your review post, But here are a few paid and free methods that provide more relevant results.

  • Paid Instagram Posts for Free Surveys
  • Ecommerce paltfroms reviews section
  • Youtube comments on a specific topic
  • Paid adverisements for free surveys for a product

You can easily get more than enough data for a product using this technique. Basically, I am using this for the past 2 years till now.

Visual Content [Image, Video, Graphs, etc…]

People love to scan instead of reading it, It doesn’t matter How much relevant content you produce. What matters is that How much your content is user-friendly and easy to digest.

But, The main point is what you can use as visual content in building a product or service review. Here are some points that possibly can help you out by adding images in your review article.

  • Working of the Product – Graphics
  • Pros and Cons – Image and Tabular data
  • Product and company growth over time – Graph
  • How to use the product or service – Video
  • Customer Testimonials and Reviews – Video/Images

Make your content valuable

The question that you should ask yourself before writing a review article is Why people will spend their 8-10 minutes just for reading the review.

There are hundreds of people who are writing high-quality review articles. So, the question arrives here How you can beat your competitors and dominate the search term you want to rank for.

Don’t worry I have one solution for you that can maybe help you write a more effective and valuable affiliate product review.

  • How to use the service or product
  • Options to avial some offers on the service or product
  • Full video while reviewing the product or service [Optional]
  • Alternative and Qulaity options to the product or service
  • Tips and hacks to maximize the usage of the service or product [Optional]

Some FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Best tools for writing a convertible affiliate post?

Here are some of the free tools that I am personally using to date for writing my affiliate product review blogposts.

1. Grammarly (Awesome tool for proofreading and correcting tones)
2. AnswerthePublic (Tool to generate convertible headlines)
3. Hemingway Editor (Easy editor to increase readability and tones)
4. ContentROW (Generate attractive headlines for your posts)
5. GoogleTrends (Find a Trending product or service easily)

Is it important to purchase a product or service before writing a review article?

No, It is not important to purchase a product or service before writing a review article on it. You can easily collect data from the users who are personally using it or maybe collect it from Youtube comments, Facebook Groups, Surveys, etc…

End Line

Concluding with the article, I would like to say that build posts that are more connecting to the audience with valuable information. This is the only key to beat your competitors fast and dominate the search terms you want to rank on.

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