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There are many ways to make money blogging. But, The Truth of the Blogging industry is that all the persons Who do blogging only have an AIM to get Adsense Approval and to monetize their Blog But, In this blog, I am going to list the Best Ways to Monetize your Blog and Earn 10x more revenue than running Adsense Ads.

How to make money blogging

Before We start with the ways to monetize with the blog, Let’s Firstly know What is Blogging and How to start a blog and make money.

What do you mean by blogging?

In Simple Words, Blogging can be described as Presenting your thoughts and passion online, providing value to the audience, and gaining Engagement through it. Before We Learn more about Blogging, These are the main criteria that should be fulfilled to make a profitable money-making blog.

Focus on Single Niche Website/Blog

How to earn money blogging, How to select niche for a blog

I have often seen people create blogs, write different types of articles, and make their blog a multi-niche website. If you are working like this, Then there will be a strong possibility of getting failure in the blogging industry.

I’m not saying that If you create a multi-niche Blog, then definitely you will fail. As, There are many reputed blogs Which are working great in the multi-niche categories such as Cupcakes & Cashmere, A Beautiful Mess, Hello Giggles and many more…

But, You can observe that The most Successful Blogs are on Single-Niche only and Earning Thousands and Millions of Dollars. As It helps Google also rank you easily and the audience to research the content on your blog. Here are some of the Great Single Niche Blogs Examples: TechRadar,, Healthline, and many more…

As Per My Recommendations, If you want to make money blogging, Then you should create a Single-Niche Blog, and If you are starting a blog to share your thoughts among the audience, then It is Ok for you.

Create Valuable Content

Providing valuable content means a lot

If you have started blogging or thinking of starting, This will be the most important topic you should focus on. Writing silly and non-informative content will never let you succeed.

Delivering Value helps a lot in boosting your website or blog to the Top Search results because If you create valuable content, People will spend more time on your blog. This will send a signal to Google about your content relevancy, and Google will push your post on the Top Search Results, and Relevant Content derives more shares also Which will help in gaining more traffic.


Consistency matters a lot, If you have created a blog and writing 1-2 Blogs Posts in a Week then I can bet you that you blog will never rank. If you want to rank on the Google Search Engines then you have to bring consistency in your work.

You should always try to cover all topics in your niche, and basically, If you have started a New Blog, you should always try to Write at least 1 blog a day.

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Now Let us Start with the ways to make money blogging without using Adsense, We will cover up The Top 5 ways to monetize your blog

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of my favorite methods of making money online. Let me tell How much powerful Affiliate Marketing Is If you have started affiliate marketing, some Affiliate Networks such as Clickbank, Digistore24, WarriorPlus, and many more…

Provides commission up to 50-80% Which means If you make their $100 product sold then definitely you will make $50-$80 and some affiliate products has Recurring revenues also Which means If they renew that product, you will receive the renewal commission also Which can provides $30-40 sometimes as a recurring revenue

And you shall be thinking, How I will convenience someone buying the product. It is very simple but, the condition is that you should provide value in the article. Let me tell you some Examples:

1st Example

If you are promoting a Weight Loss Niche Product, then you can write a perfect review about that product after researching about It from Social Media Feeds and Comments, Quora, Reddit, and Analyzing your competitor Reviews and After that at the End, you can provide your affiliate link by providing some great working actionable words.

2nd Example

If you are running an Health and Fitness blog, Then you write The Top 10 Supplements to take If you are on your Weight Loss Journey. It is the Best way to pitch your product through the Affiliate Links. But, At Last Valuable content and Authority/Trust matters a lot.


Best way to earn from affiliate marketing as a beginner I personally use this FREE method to make sales and earn from affiliate marketing.

  • Choose a Niche and Select a Working product in the Market
  • Research about It and gather information about that product
  • Create a One-page Optimized Website for that product from a FREE website builder like Wix,, Blogger, Etc…
  • Get the link to that Website.
  • And Here comes My Favorite method to derive sales from the page, Create an Account on and Write a Comprehensive Answer Related to Weight Loss. If you don’t know How to Create an account on Quora and Write Traffic deriving answers, you can read this article: 3 Simple Steps Generated Amazing Traffic to Blog using Quora.
  • If you don’t know, I have created $1000 sales from Quora in Just 12-Days. It is very powerful method.

If you want a comprehensive article for How to make money blogging with affiliate marketing, then Let me know in the comments…

Paid Advertisements

I don’t mean Adsense. If you are getting targeted traffic and have an authority blog for a niche such as Digital marketing, then companies related to Digital marketing will contact you to place their ads on the site. One of My clients has a Real Estate Blog, and He is getting tons of ads every month. And after calculating his monthly income only from paid advertisements, it is about $10,000, which is really mind-blowing. So, that’s Why It is told to build a single niche blog.

Here are the Tips that you should follow to get your 1st Paid Advertisements Fast.

Create Specific Niche Website

Creating a Single Niche Website increases your rate of getting advertisements from a company. Because, As the company wants to target the Digital Marketing audience and your Website has an audience related to Digital Marketing. It helps the company or agency to get relevant customers for their company.

Increase DA of your Site

Creating an High DA(Domain Authority) takes time but, If you really want to make good money out of advertisements through blogging then your website should have DA above 30 to get some good amount of advertisements. Regular Article Posting, Quality Backlinks and Age of your Domain decides your Domain Authority

Post on Facebook Groups about FREE Advertisements

This is How I got my first paid advertisements, Yes I know It feels weird but It is true When you provide Free Advertisements to any blog or company. If they get better results in their sales and conversion they will definitely try you once more but, This time you can take payments from the clients in providing them space on your site

Selling Ebooks

I do not personally use this method, but My client running a Health and Fitness Blog has prepared an E-book for Home Remedies. As I know, He provides great value to his audience and has traffic up to 159k a month.

Let me tell you a shocking thing. He has created his book for only $5 and published his book. He got 1000 purchases for that in just 2 Days. I think so you got me. Now I think so you have got an idea. How powerful is Selling an E-book to monetize a blog is? If yes, Let me know in the comments section If you want to know How to build an audience on a Blog.

Email Marketing

If you want instant traffic to your site just after publishing an article, Then Email marketing is one of the best ways to store your Traffic. Basically, there are three types of Traffic you don’t control, Traffic you control, and Traffic you own. These are not my words these are from Russell Brunson in his book Traffic Secrets.

The traffic you don’t control: The Traffic you don’t control means that If you are running and Blog, Posted up a Guest Post or Publishing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc…

These Traffics are not in your control because you can’t handle them or filter them according to Age, Name, Place, Etc… and Once they went from your Social Media Page or Blog, you can’t recall them on your platform.

The Traffic you Control: This Traffic are controlled on your commands, Basically, We can call them Paid-Advertisements. Such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Etc…

These Traffics are under your Control but they need investments, you can easily filter the persons on your blog or social media page according to the Age Range, Gender, Country, Place, Etc…

The Traffic you Own: These is Best Traffic source Which you should use, These Traffics are Properly Owned and Controlled by you because It contains your stored audience in the form of Push-Notifications, Email, Social Media Followers, Etc…

Email Marketing is the Best Example of the Traffic you Own, and you can easily derive traffic to your blogs. You can easily sell your Digital products, E-books, Courses, or promote Affiliate Links. The main thing you should remember before starting Email Marketing is that you should Build up Trust, Provide Value, and Stay Consistent with your Audience to Show them the presence in the market.

Soon, I will bring one comprehensive article about How you set up your Email Marketing Platform from the basics. Till then, stay tuned.

Present memberships for free tools and next-level content’s

I have not tried this method personally for my clients and me. But, I can explain this will work as I have seen many blogs providing paid memberships for providing their Next-Level Contents and Free Tools or Products According to the Niche.

As per my views and research, this will only work; if your content is mind-blowing, you provide so many values in your content, you are consistent with your work, and the last people are excited to get a mail or push notifications about your blog or website updates.

Here Are Some Tips that you should keep in your mind before starting the Paid Memberships

  • Price should be affordable as possible for all
  • Content should be 101% Extra Unique and Value-Providing
  • Provide Regular Extra Bonus to make them feel special
  • No Hidden Charges should be included
  • Try not to insert Affiliate links in the Paid Content
  • If possible, try to deliver some physical product to increase word of mouth for the brand

These 6 Tips are more than enough to build up your paid membership. If you face any confusions in understanding the points, Let me know in comments or on Instagram (@aqubytete)

Thanks for your Patience

These are the Best 5 Ways that you should use If you want to make money blogging or monetize you blog easily and fast without getting Adsense Approval. And, I have one word to combine this Article If you want to succeed in online business and that word is “VALUE” and If you focus on this term then you can easily rank on google and earn money by blogging. If you are having any doubt make sure to ask in comments, I will try to reply all the comments as fast as possible…


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