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Backlinks are still now a major ranking factor in this SEO Industry. But getting good and high-quality backlinks can be a little hard nowadays. So, In this article, We will learn How to get high quality backlinks and going to know Why are backlinks important.

How to get High Quality Backlinks.

According to me, When I started my first micro-niche blog there are only some backlinks that were present on my site and most of them were Web 2.0 Backlinks. When I started uploading quality content on the website. I was getting more than enough traffic under 2 months on my blog and generating good revenue also.

So, If you want to think according to my point of view then start writing quality content for your audience no matter How many backlinks you have you’ll gonna succeed in this game of blogging. But, Yes don’t undervalue backlinks they also play a very important role in ranking your articles fast and maintaining the authority of the blog.

If you are on a competitive niche or just started a new blog then you should really have some backlinks to your site. It can be Web 2.0 or a Quality backlink from a site.

So, Here is What we are going to learn in this article.

Note: These all tips are not going to work for you within a single night you have to work hard for it to get quality backlinks.

Best Methods to get High Quality Backlinks fast and easily

  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Guest Post
  • Organic Backlinks
  • Comment Backlinks
  • Backlinks from Business Profiles

Web 2.0 Backlinks (Best to get started as a beginner)

What are WEB 2.0 Websites. How to use them to boost our ranking?

This was only the personal method that I was using When I just started my blogging career. This works great for newbies as It helps your keywords to get a start push from behind.

It is simple but you have to focus on building good content and don’t try to spam the environment by spinning articles. Here is How you can also start building your Web 2.0 Links?

  • Browse some good platforms to Start. (Web 2.0 Sites List)
  • Firstly choose 10 Platforms you are comfortable with while writing content.
  • Here is a Web 2.0 Sites Name Generator you can use this tool to get a good idea about the names of your sites.
  • Publish Low Competition Articles on your 10 Web 2.0 Blogs and Start by publishing 1 Article on each of the platform in a month
  • Start tracking your site performance
  • After you get an idea about the traffic on the article builds a natural link to your site which provide value to the user

Note: There should be only 1 Link from 1 Site. Because Quality works over the Quantity of Backlinks. And make sure you treat your Web 2.0 sites as your own blog which means you should regularly publish content on the platform.

TIP: You can Easily generate Low competition Ideas from Quora Spaces and get an idea about articles to write and publish more and more content

Guest Post (Get High Quality Backlinks for Free)

How to use guest post for free quality backlinks

This is one of the best method that can help you to get quality links fast. But, There are some condition to get these quality links on your site.

  • Unique and Quality Content
  • Good Approach with Web Owners
  • Related to your content and website
  • 1 Link from 1 Site
  • Word count range should be 800-1200

So, These are some of the basic factors that you should keep in mind while finding a good blog or website to get link from it through guest post.

How to get websites for guest posts in your niche?

This is one of the most important steps to get high quality backlinks. There are many ways to find guest post opportunities but I am having a great-searching method that can help us to find those opportunities fast and easily. Here are some great search techniques to find them out.

  • Niche + “Submit an Article”
  • Niche + “Write for us”
  • Niche + “Guest Post”
  • Niche + “Contribute to our Blog”

There are the Best 4 Searching techniques to find good guest post opportunities. These Search techniques provide the best results to find opportunities but If you want to know more about the guest posts you can check this article out.

TIP: Try to find Good DA and PA Business Website other than blogs. Because, If you want a link for free there is a good possibility to get a free link from a Business Website because they are need of content to make their audience engaged on their platform.

How many guest posts per month to get quality backlinks?

We can’t determine the exact number of guest posts you should write in a month but yes there is an estimated value by some bloggers which is around 3-5 Guest posts. But, According to me, you can even write 2 In-depth Guest posts of good quality. It Will be more than enough for you corresponding to 3-5 Guest Posts.

Here are Few Tips to Build Good Guest Posts and Get high quality backlinks to your blog.

  • Try to use more listicles and bullets to arrange the data
  • Use more FAQ to answer as much question required by your audience
  • Try to use more Images, Infographics, and Videos.
  • Try to use more words power and emotional words using “You” and “I”
  • Be Specific to the Topic of the Article

Organic Backlinks (FREE Quality Backlinks but Time Taking Process)

Organic Backlinks

Organic Backlinks are the best relevant and quality backlinks that you can get for free on your site. Basically, When a reader in your niche reads your article and finds it helpful for their audience then they give a link back to your article.

But, There are some important criteria to start up with this process of organic backlinks.

  • Content should be In-depth and Helpful (Recommended length for your article is 1500-2500 Words)
  • Use more Infographics, Videos, Images, and Charts to Explain your process and Data Easily
  • Focus more on the quality of the content to make it 10x better than your competitors
  • Try to use more listicles and bullets for making your points clear
  • Use more power and emotional words to make it more shareable

I know that you are thinking I am repeating these all points in all the topics. But, Really If you want to build powerful content and shareable to get more backlinks on your site. Then you should just follow these steps.

TIP: While you are writing articles try to give the small website an external link and Mail them that you’ve seen their article and found helpful so, given and request them to do so later on.

Comment Backlinks (Free Quality Backlinks)

Comment backlinks

When I was thinking to create a YouTube video on Comment backlinks then I’ve seen many SEO gurus talking about that It is spam backlinks and doesn’t help you to rank.

So, That’s Why I have created a specific article on comment backlinks, and later on, I’ll move on to the video also.

But, The main topic is that How you can build comment backlinks for your website to rank fast on search engines and How do comments backlinks work.

Here is my personal strategy to build comment backlinks for building authority of my site.

  1. Search for websites present in your niche to build backlinks. Simply you can Search for “Your Niche” + Sites for comment backlinks.
  1. Try to get a good idea about the article you are reading or want to create backlink on.
  2. Put something valuable that can help the audience and help you to grab as many eyes as possible
  3. Put your official details in the comment directory.
  4. Don’t Try to insert any links in the comment section [This will be counted in spam]

How comments backlinks help us to rank on search engines?

It was the time when just comment backlinks were introduced by some SEO gurus and It was in a great trend to rank fast on google.

However, Nowadays after updating up with the Google Algorithm. Google is now not giving any benefit to comment links pointing to your site as a Do-Follow backlink.

But, Wait the movie is not ended here. If you are building comment backlinks as No-Follow then there are some benefits to your site. Referral traffic is a ranking factor by Google and If you are getting referral traffic to your blog after posting quality comments on it. Then maybe it can help your site to rank fast.

Backlinks from Business Profiles.

This is comparatively the same as the above topic because here also we are going to talk about Referral Traffic. These are High quality backlinks (No-Follow and Do-Follow)

Here are some of the website that you can use to create these Profile Backlinks

Check more Profile Backlinks Sites from here.

Is Profile Backlink good for website SEO

Profile Backlinks and WEB 2.0 are one of the best backlinks that you can use for New websites or blog to get eyes of search engines on your website.

If you have bought a domain and hosting to get started with blogging then My Personal advice is to write upto 30-50 Articles and then start creating Web 2.0 and Profile Backlinks to help your website get some organic search.

At last I would like to say that Profile Backlinks will not affect your site and maybe It can help you to build your blog DA (Domain Authority)

Why are Backlinks Important?

There are many points That make backlinks an Important ranking factor on Google nowadays. Here are some of the factors that are more focused.

  • Referral traffic to the site
  • Getting good and relevant link juice from websites
  • Help to build authority
  • A quality vote from Website A for Website B
  • Helps to boost organic reach

Ending Words

According to me, Backlinks are the links to your site which help them to derive more traffic and Build Authority. Actually before When I just started blogging some SEO gurus suggested buying backlinks. But, there are many options that can help you to build backlinks.

But, These options can really help your If your website is new and you don’t have money to hire and build more backlinks.

Thanks and Have a Nice Day 🙂


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