5 Hidden secrets to affiliate marketing success [2021]


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I have been running multiples affiliate sites for years. And, Here are 5 Hidden secrets to affiliate marketing success that I found very high-priced steps in my journey.

NOTE: Every step in this article takes time to master and see the benefits. So, Don’t give up keep grinding

Before we start with the main content, Here are some basic questions that you must know before starting with affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate marketing? Is it profitable?

Affiliate marketing is a process of promoting and marketing someone’s product or service in return for a percentage and fixed amount of money per sale.

Yes, of course, It is profitable because there are thousands of full-time affiliate marketers who are earning through this business model and are financially free

How much time does it take to get success in affiliate marketing?

There is no specific period of time to get success in affiliate marketing it depends on hard work, consistency, and patience. But, In my case, I got my first sale just in few months after starting my affiliate site. Maybe you can also get in the 1st month of your affiliate marketing strategy.

Is it important to have a website to start affiliate marketing this 2021?

No, It is not important to have a website to start affiliate marketing in 2021. All you need is a targeted traffic source and warn audience in your niche. I personally run 3 Instagram pages that all over make me more than $2000 a month with Instagram affiliate marketing

5 Hidden secrets to affiliate marketing success

They are not 5 hidden secrets rather than you can call them tips for affiliate marketing success. Because almost every affiliate marketer knows these but doesn’t put more weight on them.

Quality Content is King

If you want a better conversions rate and avg. read time on your article make sure you are providing good value and knowledge in your article. I am writing affiliate posts for 3 years, But till now I am giving most of the time to write those types of content.

Quality content always lasts more than an SEO-optimized article, Start focusing more on your content relevance more than your expert’s audit and SEO practices.

5 Tips to write more converting and quality content.

  • Research accross various platforms such as Reddit, Quora, Facebook, etc…
  • Analyze your competitors sites and articles
  • Generate questions around the topic to keep it deep
  • Use more videos, audio, and graphics to make it more engagging
  • Always build a rough structure of post before writing an affiliate article.

Don’t be dependent on Single Traffic source

One of the biggest difficulties that I faced at the beginning of my affiliate marketing journey. I was only dependent on SEO(Organic Traffic) for sales and leads without promoting it across the social media platforms.

Later on slowly, when I started promoting it on social media platforms. I was shocked by seeing the results, My revenue spiked by 37% with amazing quality leads and growth in organic traffic.

Best social media platforms that an affiliate marketer should use for good conversions.

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Medium
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Tumblr

Attractive Promotion

One of the most important tips for affiliate marketing beginners, As we all know the first impression is your last impression. It needs lots of effort to design a converting Ad, But there are some ways that can help your build your first promotion.

  • Custom Designs Always tend to work
  • Use some animated characters to grab the eye balls
  • Your Headline should properly describe the product
  • Never try to over-optimize the promotion
  • Neutral font-family and size makes it look natural
  • Your Ad should properly describe about your product in short
  • Use the same promotion images in landing page to make it look reliable

Find Affiliate program with Lifetime recurring revenue

Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income sources on the internet, Finding a good affiliate program with lifetime recurring revenue can easily give you a fixed monthly income. I’m having a website specifically for an affiliate product and that website regularly provides $500 per month without any work.

What is lifetime recurring revenue in affiliate marketing?

Lifetime recurring revenue is the amount a company gives to their affiliate marketers every month When the customers renew their affiliate sale.

For Example. If my friend purchased a Video editing software from my affiliate link for 500 bucks and renewing it every month for that price then the company will provide me a small percentage or fixed amount whenever he/she renews it.

7 Best affiliate networks that provide the system of recurring revenue.

  • Clickbank
  • Digistore24
  • ShareaSale
  • Impact
  • CJ
  • WarriorPlus
  • Jvzoo

Focus on Mobile Conversions

Almost 54% of people prefer using mobiles instead of Desktop, Laptop, and others. Literally when I observe my data 70-80% of my affiliate website traffic comes from mobile devices with a good conversions rate whereas 20% from desktops, laptops, and others…

Mobile vs Computer. Which one you should prefer working on

The 1st priority of your affiliate site or landing page is to make it mobile-friendly and easy to use. This will instantly give your a good boost of affiliate conversions over time. But, The point comes here How you can actually maintain the mobile-friendliness structure of your site. Here are some points that can help you manage the structure.

  • Use Font-size of 16px and Font-family as Open Sans, Montserrat, Roboto, etc… (Mobile Friendly font family and Size)
  • Run a Mobile Friendly test by Google Search Console
  • Use Responsive Templates and Images
  • Never Place clickable items too closer
  • Don’t Let the content wider than the screen


I hope so you got my secrets to affiliate marketing success, There are my most preferred tips for affiliate marketing that I personally recommend to every beginner starting affiliate marketing. Make sure you follow all techniques properly to get better results.

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