5 Simple Hacks to target audience on Instagram for Sales.


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There are thousands of youtube videos on Instagram growth. But do you know, You don’t need millions of followers to earn millions. A good affiliate marketer can earn a thousand bucks from only 400-500 followers. In this article, we will discuss a few simple hacks to target audience on Instagram for sales.

How to target audience on instagram

Before starting with the hacks, Let’s discuss some basics for better understanding.

Who is your targeted audience?

This is the most important question in this entire article, I want to ask. The more deeply you’ll know your audience, the easier it will be for you to convert them to your client. This is my 8 Step personally used checklist to know about your targeted audience.

  • What do you think, Who’ll make a purchase from you.
  • What unqiue service you’ll provide to attract them.
  • The most active gender for your product.
  • What problems you’re solving for them in return.
  • Demographics of your audience (Age, Occupation, gender, income level, etc…)
  • Most favorable place of your target audience and where they live.
  • Does your competitor targets the same audience
  • Is your audience interest in your service or product

Why targeted-hot audience is more important than cold audience

If you are an affiliate marketer promoting a product then a targeted-hot audience can give your enough sales within 500-600 followers. But, when it comes to the cold audience, you will have to educate them first with your offer and then promote it. When takes lots of time and effort.

5 Simple Hacks to target audience on Instagram for Sales.

You can’t sell your products to every person on Instagram. There are only certain people who are targeted audience for you and these 5 hacks will tell you How you can actually target audience on Instagram and build a good following with converting clients.

Specific Location Selection

If you are having a good idea of the demographics of your customer then this hack will help you attract more and more targeted users to your Instagram profile.

If you are an Affiliate marketer then maybe the term DEMOGRAPHICS will should familiar to you. But, If not then let me tell you What is Demographics and How it helps to get more conversions.

Demographics is a group of users as your potential customers identified on certain characteristics such as Age, Gender, Occupation, Location, Annual Income, Etc… This basically helps the marketer to get a good virtual avatar of their potential customer and makes it easy to target them over the globe.

How to target people on Instagram using demographics

Before starting with this hack, I’ll place an example of one of my demographics. So, that you can get this topic easily.

Keeping this information in mind, We can easily target women with more than age around 35 in the top tier countries to get maximum conversions for our affiliate product.

Here is the keyword that can quickly make that work easy for you within seconds.

Location in +Targeted Country+ with most +converting gender+

For Example: Location in the US with most female

  • Open Instagram App
  • Headover to Search>Place Tab
  • Search for your Targeted Location
  • Check the Location Engagement on Instagram through Recent TAB
  • Use that Location in your Posts, Stories, and Interact with it

Target audience interests on Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest active social media on this globe, There are almost millions of users on every particular interest. But, finding those people can be a bit difficult task for you. Here is the exact 5 step process that personally used for targeting a clean interest audience on Instagram.

  • Visit a Hashtag that describes your Post or Niche
  • Headover to Recent Posts
  • Engagge with the Recent posts throught comment, like, and follow
  • DM the most engagging users in the posts
  • Use that Hashtags often in your feed posts

Stealing your competitor audience

You may think this technique as black hat practice, But, Don’t worry It is completely fine, and white hat practice of gaining new targeted audiences on your profile.

In this method, You’ll know How to find your competitors and steal their audience to your profile.

How to find your competitor related to your niche on Instagram

  • Open Inflact FREE User Search Tool
  • List the Keywords and Users you want to research your competitors around
  • Select Basic Demographics
  • Run the Search
  • Analyze the profiles and sort it according to your niche

5 Step process to steal target audience on Instagram in your niche

  • Create a List of your Competitors, Follow them and turn on the post notification
  • Post a valuable and informational comment after their new post
  • Engagge with their audience liking an commenting on their posts
  • Use some of their Hashtags to get visible in front of their audience
  • Note the Limit: 27 Times a Hour

S4S Method

Shoutout 4 Shoutout is one of the oldest and effective methods to gain new followers and eyeballs. But, remember this method will only work if both the IDs have good engagement with active followers. Dead Followers will not work in this method.

  • Search for a active Instagram profile around your followers with same engaggement
  • Contact the Owner though DM or Email mentioned in BIO
  • Send a Message for S4S with your profile in form of story or post
  • Share the shoutouts and Repeat the Process 2x a week
  • Enjoy

Instagram SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, This process will include editing and optimizing the profile to get ranked high on Instagram search. This really helps to give an organic boost to your profile for an easy target audience on Instagram.

5 SEO hacks for Instagram that you should follow.

  • Include a keyword in your Instagram username that fits naturally
  • Expertise Keyword placement in Instagram profile name
  • Atleast 2 most searched keyword in your niche for BIO
  • Enable Similar account suggestions feature in Edit Profile bottom
  • Place proper Alt-text in your Images or Carousels

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