12+ Methods to grow your Instagram Followers from 0 to 1k


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There are millions of active users on Instagram. What do you think? That will be enough for your business to cross your vision mark.

Thousands of people seeking daily hacks and tactics to increase their Instagram followers. But, Almost every article and video on the internet is talking about the same things such as Consistency, Good Quality Hashtags, Engaging with Followers, Etc…

In this article, I am going to discuss the exact strategies and tactics that you can use to grow your Instagram followers to 0-1k in Just 2 Weeks.

15 Ways to get more followers on Instagram Fast and Organically

  • Optimizing your BIO and Name
  • Creating Quick Messages
  • Writing Captions that Inspire
  • Secret Hashtag Strategy
  • Valuable and Unique Content
  • Shoutout for Shoutout Strategy
  • Commenting Strategy for Extra Engagement
  • Secret Instant Engagement Strategy
  • Posting relatable stories daily
  • Try to Include Keyword in your Username
  • REELS are WHEELS for growth
  • Link your Instagram Handle everywhere possible
  • Carousels for more followers
  • Tips and Listicles Posts get more shares and save
  • Follow and Unfollow Method

Optimizing BIO and Name

One of the best methods that I personally applied to grow organically on Instagram and increase my followers. Optimizing BIO naturally using keywords and power words helps the user discover your page or account and provides a reason to follow. Add a relevant keyword in your Account Name to get more discoverable on Instagram Search.

How to optimize Instagram Profile for organic growth and more followers

A Simple Example describes, How you can naturally insert keywords in your Instagram profile for more organic growth and followers.

Creating Quick Messages

I have generated around $100 in just 2 Days and gained around 20 Followers using this Quick Message Tool. If you are a creator then this tool is going to be a key for conversions and followers. Basically, A Quick message is a tool from Instagram that allows you to create messages with a simple shortcut usage.

How you can use Instagram Quick Replies for conversions and followers

For Example: If you created a Quick message “Hello World!” with the shortcut “HI”. Then you can use “HI” as a timesaver for typing the word “Hello World!”.

Here is a detailed step-by-step process to use Quick messages for conversions and followers.

  • Create a Welcome Message for your new followers and audience with a shortcut “Welcome”
  • Interact with them and lastly when your chats get over leave with valuable information in your niche with a shortcut “Value 1”
  • Repeat step 2 with shortcut “Value 2”
  • The Next Day, After ending the Chat leave a CTA for Conversion with Valuable Information or Just Request a Free Shoutout.

Apply this method with at least 10 Followers of your account every day to get a good rate of conversion and followers on your account. Here is a detailed article to create quick messages on Instagram. Check this article to know How you can set up Quick Replies on Instagram.

Creating Captions that Inspire

Creative and Inspiring Captions play a very important role in making your posts getting more saves and shares. It also helps deaf and hard hearing people to get an idea about your content and help them to explore more. Which is a good signal to Instagram about your content relevancy.

By ConvertKit

The more people will spend time on your captions the more Instagram algorithm will make it go viral.

Secret Hashtag Strategy

Finding Good Hashtags can be tricky sometimes and requires patience. But, here I’ll show you the exact strategy that I personally use to find amazing rankable hashtags with FREE tools.

Hashtag Strategy Free Aqubyte
  • Check the Numbers of Followers you have in your account
  • Multiply the Numbers of Followers X 100
  • The Result will be the Hashtag range that you should target in your contents

Few Tools you can use for FREE to find Hashtags Easily.

Valuable and Unique Content

Valuable and Unique content is the key to fast growth on Instagram. Producing Unique Content gives a reason to your audience to follow your profile, There are hundreds of tools for finding unique Content Ideas but, Here are some tools that are free and personally used by me.

  • Google Trends
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Google Search (People Also ASK)

But, If you are just starting with any topic or niche the best way to create quality and valuable content is to put yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience. Few points to keep in mind before creating your content.

  • What are your ideas and plans?
  • How can a person with no experience start with it?
  • Steps to build and scale more…
  • Most often asked questions (FAQ)
  • Share more Tips, Tricks, and Tactics that are more shareable

Shoutout for Shoutout Strategy

This is the commonly used strategy by small influencers to grow their Instagram page and discover more users. Basically, In this strategy, you will convenience a profile in your niche for the shoutout, and in return, you’ll also give them a shoutout on the story. This helps your audience to explore new profiles in the same niche from both sides. Few Steps to get started with S4S Strategy.

  • Find the same accounts in your niche.
  • Try to pitch the profiles having 200 followers extra than your account.
  • Set a Quick message with a Naural Pitch, Don’t make it too professional

Pro Tip: If you want to get good quality and more profiles for S4S then try to start a natural conversation and build up a good relationship with them.

Commenting Strategy for Extra Engagement

The easiest strategy to boost your engagement fast, Valuable Commenting on the recent and viral posts in your niche helps you get visible in thousands of eyes. Good Comments and Valuable Information will encourage more users to discover your page. Personally, I have used this method to gain around 100 followers every day.

Here is the Paid and Free method to get started with this strategy

  • Visit hashtags manually in your niche and Post valuable comments in viral content and recent. (FREE)
  • Visit DollarEighty for doing this process fast on easy automation to gain followers. (PAID)

The Number of Maximum Comments in a day is around 180-200. But, Remain in the Sweet Spot of 90 Comments a Day to avoid getting shadowbanned and good results.

Secret Instant Engagement Strategy

Basically, I haven’t seen this method anywhere on the web. But, I am doing this for the past 3 weeks for increasing my engagement on the profile.

Note: Apply this method after posting any reels, feed post, or IGTV to get the best out of it.

The Strategy is too simple, Few steps to copy it and apply for instant boost in engagement.

  • Visit a Hashtag in your niche with the maximum followers.
  • Head over to the Recent Posts Section.
  • Like the First 30 Posts and Engage with them.
  • Wait for 20 Seconds to see the magic happen.

Literally, I got awesome results after applying this method. Make sure to use it and leave your feedback in the comments.

Posting relatable stories daily

Stories are the best way to share your daily lifestyle, updates, and hacks around your niche. The more you’ll be updated with your stories, The more it will be easy for you to gain a quality audience and customers. It also gives a good positive signal to Instagram about your consistency.

From Buffer

After posting stories daily on my account I have gained story views from 8-80. Using this method on a regular basis can help you build a more loyal and engaging audience.

Here is detailed idea about, What you should post in your stories for good engagement.

Try to Include Keywords in your Username

The best method to grow your Instagram followers organically because inserting keywords in the username helps the Instagram search to get a good idea about your profile. So, Whenever a person will search that exact or phrase match keyword in the search bar you’ll see yourself ranking on the top results.

Examples related to the strategy.

REELS are WHEELS for growth

REELS are the wheels of your account to get an instant boost of likes and followers. This Platform enables you to upload short videos that can be inspiring, informational, or entertaining. People are using this method for their business to get millions of views on their content and good conversions.

If you are not knowing or using reels till now make sure to use it from today. Few tips to create a viral reel for your profile.

  • Try to create your reels under 20 Seconds
  • Hook your audience in the first 5 Seconds
  • Choose Hashtags according to your followers
  • Try something new to get viral
  • Use Texts or Subtitles in your video

Link your Instagram Everywhere Possible

Instagram is the best way to keep your audience active with updates on your content with easy to monetize options. Linking your Instagram account everywhere on the web helps your audience to get a good idea about your social presence and helps them to easily interact with you.

Few places where you can link your Instagram account in an indirect or direct way to grow your followers and engagement fast.

  • Embedding your Links in Articles and Pages
  • YouTube video as CTA
  • Quora (Indirectly)
  • Telegram Groups
  • WhatsApp Groups
  • Web 2.0 Profiles

Carousels for more followers

Carousels are the best way to gain an interactive and active audience. Instagram Carousels provide the creators to present their TOP 10 quality videos or images to the audience because people are spending more time on carousels rather than normal posts or IGTV. Which gives a positive signal to Instagram about your content relevancy.

Carousels are having higher engagement than normal posts or videos. Basically, After REELS you should always prefer carousel posts for increasing followers on Instagram fast.

Tips and Listicles Posts get more shares and save

People always like posts that are easy to read and informative. Providing Tips and Listicles post can help you get more shares and save because The people who are reading your tips or listicles post may find it helpful and save it for later or either share it with his friends.

Basically, I have followed this method because when I am posting a normal with good information then I am getting around 20-21 saves and literally 3-5 shares. But, After creating that post into listicles or tips form then I am getting around 50-55 saves and 19-23 shares.

You should obviously try this method for good results and followers on your page.

Follow and Unfollow Method

You might be thinking that this method doesn’t work anymore or maybe you have used it before. But, Let me tell I have used Follow and Unfollow method to grow my 3 pages to over 80k Followers that are totally active followers.

Get a deep idea about this Follow and Unfollow Method then you can check this video out.

Video by CapitalTycoon

This video will show you how exactly you can get 1000 Active Followers in just 7 days of time.


Remember these methods will never give instant results in your growth. The Platform takes time to recognize your presence. But, Yes If you are facing any problem then you can comment below to get your answers as fast as possible.

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