3 Simple Steps Generated Amazing Traffic to Blog using Quora

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Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Sarwar

How to generate traffic to blog using quora

Generating Traffic to New Blog can be found difficult, But If your Blog content is relevant and provides tons of value to the reader then you can generate thousands of traffic to blog using Quora

For your information Let me tell you that Quora is very strict on its rules and regulations. If you try to spam the community then you’ll be banned in just minutes.

In this article, I am going to share my personal methods of generating traffic to my blogs using Quora and Keep in mind that This method will only work If you have valuable and unique content in your blog

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What is Quora and How It will help you?

Those Who don’t know What Quora Is, It is basically a place where you can gain and share knowledge about any topic, and that’s Why it is told that valuable content is most important If you want to start getting traffic from Quora.

You can also learn more about your topic from Quora and If you are having proper knowledge about your niche then you can create an account on Quora and start providing your personal reviews and answers to a particular question.

I have created an account on Quora for niche Blogging and SEO, As I am not an expert in this field but Blogging is my hobby and passion. So, that’s why I Learn from Quora and also share my opinion on a particular question and drive traffic to my blog.

Now Let’s Get Started for How to get traffic to blog using Quora in just 5 Steps:

STEP #1: Create Quora Profile and Optimize It


It is very simple to create and Quora account but Optimizing, takes some time. Here is the Simple 3 Step process to sign-up on quora.

  • Visit Quora.com
  • Select the comfortable option for signing-up (Facebook, Google, or Create a Direct Account on Quora)
  • Verify with the Process and you are Done

Here are some of the main things that you should fill up in your Quora profile to show your profile is more authentic and reliable. Before starting these are My ways of customizing the quora account you can customize it in your own way also.

Add Highlights and Credentials

On the Right Top Side, you can find Credentials and Highlights, These are the most important thing that you should customize right after creating the Quora Account.

So, How you can customize your Quora account just like me as you can see my content lifetime views are 7.4k and 1.7k this month.

#1. On the Top, you have to mention the blog that you own or any business. To create brand awareness of the blog or about your business.

#2. Just below that there is an option to Add education credentials, I have not added the education credentials because I am a student now and the Quora doesn’t contain my school name in its listings. you can add that If your listings are present in the education credentials menu. The more the credentials will be the more authentic your blog will look…

#3. Here you have to mention the place where you live, It is not necessary to add the exact location of your home but instead of that you can add District, City, and State


Here you have to mention the Quora Spaces that you handle. It is not necessary to create at the beginning but to create an audience or own the Quora Traffic you have to create a Quora space, Which actually acts like and group and you can easily interact with the audience.

Knows About

It is the section, Where you can describe your hobby or passion to get the related question on the homepage for answering. More the Question you will answer more the engagement will be increased on your site.

Name, Tagline, and BIO

Default Name will be decided by the Quora from your Email Address or Account Which you use to sign in. By just hovering on the name you will find an Edit option to add your own name there with an image or your personal brand logo.

Just Below that you will find a Tagline, It is the shortest form that can make your audience understand you and your passion and hobby.

BIO helps to describe you and your passion briefly There you can also add your website links as a CTA(Call to Action) for your audience.

STEP #2: Add Value to your audience till 7 Days.

This is one of my preferred ways to grow the Quora Account But It needs persistence. You have to work on Quora by giving valuable content for 7-14 Days in No-Return, After the specific Time-period, you have to write a valuable content summary and leave a link to read more.

This naturally brings traffic for a long period of time.

And think about the gathered effect: each response you write brings qualified traffic, if you write 60 responses, you multiply the effect!

STEP #3: Answer 4-5 Question Daily with 1 Answer with your Blog Links.

If you really want to generate traffic to the blog using Quora, Then consistency matters a lot and This method Which I am sharing here doesn’t need much time. And, The results that you gonna get from this daily method will be mind-blowing in just 30 Days. Look Below How I demonstrate this works great

Taking as an example, If you are answering daily 5 Questions on Quora with 1 Answers with your Blog links then The Entire Answers written in 30 Days are 150 of Which 120 are valuable and 30 Answers contain links to your Blog If your 5-7 Answers perform viral and getting numerous Upvotes and Shares then you can quickly drive 1000+ Traffic to blog using Quora

Besides driving traffic, Quora can also be a good way to generate content.

When you are actively creating content, you can be afraid of the blank page!

We are sometimes afraid of not knowing what to say or questioning the relevance of our content. The solution to this problem is often to question its targets.

What questions are they asking? 

What are their problems?

And Quora is a great way to find new topics.

We talk a lot about “user-generated content” and “crowdsourcing”. Quora can be a smart way to bring your expertise to issues that you would not have suspected.


This is the way How I generate easy traffic to blog using Quora and If you found something valuable in this article, Then make sure you should comment and Provide Feedback to us and you can Ask any Questions related to Blogging and SEO.

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