The Unique trick to Generate Content Ideas Using Google Trends


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Generating content ideas is a very straightforward process and there are many strategies present on the internet that can help you to generate content ideas. But, Do you know? The more your content is trending and fresh the more it will attract converting and engaging audience.

How to generate content ideas using Google Trends

If you are the one who is writing the same as your competitors are doing then it’s difficult for you to generate good revenue and leads using your site this 2021.

Hey Everyone, In this article, I am going to reveal the unique trick to generate amazing content ideas using google trends. [Unique and Trending]

Is it Important to write unique and trending content ideas?

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience, Will you ever like to consume old or outdated content. Yaa, If the content is evergreen for your niche then it’s ok. But people like to consume unique and trending and unique content. This also helps to increase to Avg page view duration

How you can check the trend of your seed or focus word?

Here is a 5 step process to check trends for a given focus or seed word in your niche using Google Trends.

  • Enter a Seed or Focus keyword in the Google Trends Search Bar.
  • Select the Preferred Country, Time duration, Category, and Search type
Using Google Trend Customization
  • Google Trends chart is based on a range of numbers between 0-100. The more number will be closer to 100 the more it’s trending in the searches and the more the number will be far from 100 the more neutral topics it is. I hope so you got that what I am trying to make you understand.
  • Personally recommending set the chart for the past 30 days and observe the trends based on a scale of 100
How to use Google trends chart
  • As I can see my niche of Search Engine Optimization is going pretty good with a rate of 60-80 and the chart is also neutral with its trend so, it’s the best time for me to search for content ideas in this niche.

Now it’s time to reveal the secret and unique trick that I am personally following for the last 2 years on my various blog to generate content ideas and drive a good amount of traffic to them.

Choose a Seed Keyword

This is the most important step to begin this process correctly and get good results. Try to choose a word that directly hits your niche or any topics you want to write about. To get a good idea about this Seed Keyword you can check these platforms to get a reference or idea.

  • Quora and Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Competitors Sites
  • Google Search
  • Instagram pages or profiles in your niche

If you are unable to get an idea of what to write about, Then just take a round of these platforms and essentially Quora and Reddit.

Customize your Google Trend

If you want to create content that inspires and provides value. Then it’s really important to do proper in-depth research about your topic or keyword.

Customizing your Google Trend helps you to get discovered with the best and relevant search terms by your targeted users.

Here are some of the Google Trend Filters/Customization that you should use to get a relevant and good result.

Location Customization

Location Customization Google Trends

If you are someone who is targeting a particular audience in a specific country then this customization can be proved game-changing for you.

Google Trends allows you to get trending data for any country. Personally, I am having few blogs which are only targeted in tier 2 countries, and Google trends help me a lot finding amazing trending content in my niche.

It is also having a Worldwide option to get information overview of a topic all over the world.

Time Range Customization

The trend is only for a limited period of time, Time range customization helps you to check the data of a keyword for a specific time period. Basically, the best time range to get good data about a seed word or keyword is to check for the Last 30 Days.

Time range customization in google trends

Category Sorting

Not getting the content ideas for your niche to write on or want to discover some more trending topics in your niche. Category sorting helps you to get relevant data according to your selected category.

Personally when I am out of topics for my blog, I just simply select my blog category on google trends to discover trending topics for my site.

Category Sorting in Google Trends

Search Type Customization

This is the rarely used customization by everyone who is using google trends. Search type customization helps the user to locate the trend of a specific keyword on different platforms by google such as.

  • Image Search
  • News Search
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Search
Search Type in Google Trends

But, If you are a YouTuber then you can use this tool to generate trending content ideas for your channel. Because It fetches the best content which is working now.

Analyze the Trend

To generate content for website, It is important to have a good analysis of the topic on which you are writing. Google trends chart helps to analyze the trend of your topic or niche for a custom period of time.

The Google trend chart is graded on a scale of 100 the more the number will be closer to 100 the better the topic and the more the number is far to 100 the old and infrequent the content.

How to analyze the chart of Google trends to build good content

After hovering on the chart of Google trend based on the topic of blogging, I can see regular neutral up’s and down’s in the chart. So basically, for the last 12 months, the topic of blogging is not been in a huge trend. Here is a detailed article to know how to analyze Google trends chart data.

Check the Latest Topics in your Niche

Scroll to the bottom of the page, You’ll see Related Topics on your left-hand side. This section contains all the trending topics in your niche getting the most searches on Google.

How to use Related Topics in Google trends to generate amazing content ideas

Here are some of the related trending topics based on the “SEO”. So, If you are someone who is writing articles based on SEO and blogging like me. Then here are some of the trending topics that are getting breakout growth (over 5000%).

If you’ll write articles based on topics Copywriting, Internship, Agency, and Marketing Strategy there is a high chance for you to get good organic traffic through google. (Make sure the article is 5x informative and valuable than your competitors)

Get the Idea of Related queries

When it comes to using google trends for blogs, I personally use it only for checking the best-related queries in my niche. Related queries help you to get a good estimate of working words in your industry.

How to use Related Queries in Google trends to generate amazing content ideas

Here are some trending-related queries based on “SEO”. So, If you are in this niche then you can easily write articles, build pages, and content on these queries to get a good boost in your business.

Analyzing these queries, I got that If you are from India then you can easily run a paid ad for “SEO company in Chandigarh” to gain amazing clients for your business as it is having a breakout (over 5000%).


Based on the above method you can easily generate content ideas for your blog easily that are trending and unique. But, before ending this article let me tell you that don’t try to write an article on the exact match queries because people around the world are also competing on that try to have a good question-related article using the tool AnswerthePublic and

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