Completely Free Traffic to the Blog – 8+ Least Focused Hacks


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I’ve written many articles to generate free traffic to the blog, But Recently after 48 hours of research. I found something new that I want to reveal in this article. 8+ Least-focused hacks that provide completely free traffic to the blog.

Completely Free Traffic to the Blog - 8+ Least Focused Hacks

1. Optimize Your Free Google Business Profile

Every business has a local listing and offline presence and Google Business Profile can be a better platform to register your blog and build a good authority. There are many privileges of the Google Business profile that can help your blog in the long-run competition.

  • Helps to boost the Local SEO of your Blog
  • Allows the Local clients to get your directions on google map
  • A Free place that allows people and your clients to leave feeback and build your authority
  • Communicate with your clients easily
  • Occupies more space on SERP

PRO TIP: Add Google my Business reviews to your blog or website, This will help your audience to build good trust and may also lead to an increase in conversions rate.

2. Perform On-Page SEO

On-page or On-site SEO is a practice of optimizing web pages, blogs, and the structure of the site for specific keywords and phrases to increase search visibility and traffic. It involves arranging page-specific factors like title tags, headings, content, and internal links with keywords.

Image 1.0

Good quality content with well-optimized on-page SEO can even rank in the 1st position of SERP without a single backlink. I’ve been practicing On-page SEO for 6-8 months and now I am only having an intermediate knowledge about it. But, Don’t worry The above image 1.0 provides you a basic rough sketch about on-page SEO that you should follow on your site.

3. Get Listed in Online Directories

Building a brand needs more awareness of your business. The more you’ll be listed on online directories, It will help you build a strong online presence with quality backlinks to your site. There are almost thousands of online directories in every single niche.

A simple search for “Your Niche”+Forums/Directory

4. Build Backlinks

A Backlink is a link created when a site “ABC” links to another site “XYZ”, These are also called Incoming Links and Inbound Links. It helps the site XYZ to gain new customers on their website with good authority link juice from site “ABC” this will help site “XYZ” to rank higher on Google SERP.

How will backlinks help to drive free traffic to the blog

  • It helps the website XYZ to get highly targeted audience as referral traffic
  • Increase the authority of the site and helps it to rank for more keywords
  • Growth in Organic ranking and Traffic
  • Faster Indexing
  • Promotion of your business

What are the best ways to build high-quality relevant backlinks

7+ Ways you can build backlinks without putting in more effort, Creating this kind of backlinks needs good practice and patience. So, observe the steps and don’t follow any black hat method this can cause damage to your site also.

  • High Quality Content with your unique inforgraphics, video, images, etc…
  • Pulish Unique and Fresh Content
  • How to and Hacks posts tend to get more backlinks
  • Use Skyscraper Technique for getting qulaity links to your page
  • Link out to related sites
  • Guest Post and WEB 2.0 Links
  • Write Testimonials for reputed sites
  • Create a strong social media presence

Post to Social Media.

Social media plays a very important role in the development of your website SEO. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… Here is how social media can help you boost your site performance and Website SEO.

Image 1.1
  1. Content Promotion:
    The more you’ll drive unique and free traffic to the blog, This sends a positive ranking signal through Social Traffic. Which enables your site to rank higher because of your content relevancy.
  2. Brand Awareness:
    A blog or website needs to get known in the community to build a known brand. This helps your website get big approaches from other companies and sponsored posts.
  3. Local Engagement:
    Social platforms also provide an opportunity to engage with local communities and eventually It helps to send local-specific authority signals to Google or other search engines.
  4. Link Building:
    The more relevant content you post on social media, It will enable the other website owners to link to your content. This can help you gain high quality good backlinks to your site.

Include Hashtags in Your Posts.

Instagram is one of the best places to capture the wide interested audience in your niche. But, there are few hacks that can help you reach them out and of them are Hashtags. A perfect set of hashtags can help you get thousands of followers just from a single informative post. Here is the process I personally select hashtags for my Instagram handle.

How to calculate a fruitful range of hashtag for your profile?

There are two ways to check the range of your hashtags. Based on the Avg. Likes and Total Followers, These both are good and effective but, What I use often are hashtags based on Avg. Likes.

  • Open Phlanx engagement calculator
  • Search for the profile you want to find hashtags
  • Scroll down and note the engagement rate, avg. likes, and comments
Image 1.2

After getting the engagement rate, avg. likes, comments. Hover on to for selecting your basic set of hashtags.

  • Create a account on
  • Enter the avg. no of likes your post recives
  • Enter the phrases that describes your niche well
Image 1.3
  • Scroll though the pages and find the hashtags around your avg. likes figure. As the Image 1.3
  • Get the estimation of the post made and note it down on notepad.

How to find a perfect set of hashtags for your Instagram handle

  • Visit Inflact Hashtag generator
  • Enter the best phrases that describes your post and niche
  • Hit Generate Hashtags and Choose 1 Frequent, 1-2 Average, and 2-3 Hashtags (Latest Instagram Algorithm update to use 3-5 Hashtags for good reach)
Image 1.4
  • Select Rare Hashtags according to the figues you got from

Use Landing Pages

Landing pages are the easiest way to to grab instered users on your site, By the way there are basically two methods for driving traffic to your site.

  • Opt-in Landing page:
    This type of landing page is used to store the users in form of emails, push notification, or personal data in return of any compelling product or a lead magent.

  • Bridge Page:
    It is a simple page that helps your audience pass to your website, It can contain information about your site, articles, contact information, etc… This are basically built between the opt-in and the final page of the site

  • Normal Landing Page:
    A Normal Landing page contains a good graphics that represents what you are going to get after visiting your final page.

It is very easy to drive targeted free traffic to the blog, It only needs a good interactive landing page with A good helpful lead magnet. Few hacks and tips that can help you increase blog traffic for free and speedy.

  • Try to write a good copy or take help from good email swipes or landing pages
  • Make your landing page attractive and look decent and formal
  • Make sure you only have one action that can taken from your landing page
  • Your Lead magnet should be informational and easy to access
  • Collect the users from opt-in pages as a regular owned source of traffic for easy regular boost

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the best way to find targeted audience to your blog though organic traffic the more you’ll go deep the more targeted audience you’ll get. If you are having an affiliate blog then this can be proved as game changer for you. Luckily, I have written one article on Long-Tail Keywords in detailed from head to toe. You can check that out for more information.

5 Awesome Long Tail Keyword Research Hacks that will Explode out your Rankings


I hope so you got a good idea for generating free traffic to the blog without a single penny of cost. But remember these all methods take time and consistency to work. As they are not quick rich scheme you have to work hard for them.

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