5 ways to find viral hashtags for Instagram reels [Updated]


Last Updated on October 10, 2021 by Sarwar

Many content creators are using REELs nowadays to supply a good boost to their reach and spike their brand awareness. Personally, I have used Instagram reels on some of my professional accounts to gain more than 2000+ followers in a week.

If you are a fresh digital marketer and want to grow on Instagram fast. Then REELs is the only free way to get millions of reach and thousands of followers within few hours. In this article, I am going to reveal the exact strategies to find viral hashtags for Instagram reels and push your reel to the explore page.

5 ways to find viral hashtags for Instagram reels

5 Ways to find viral hashtags for Instagram REELs

These are my personally used method for discovering viral hashtags on Instagram.

The Hashtag Split

A good hashtag split is one of the most essential tasks to get extra reach and audience on your content. I have divided hashtags into 3 categories and If you are using those 3 splits, you will definitely go viral.

  • Niche hashtags (Low/Med/High Competition)
  • Content based hashtags (Low/Med/High Competition)
  • Trending Hashtags

Here are some of my created split sets of hashtags that you can try in your niche.

  • 10 (Niche hashtags)- 12(Content based hashtags)- 8(Trending Hashtags)
  • 15 (Content based hashtags)- 10(Niche hashtags)- 5(Trending Hashtags)
  • 10 (Niche hashtags)- 10(Content based hashtags)- 10(Trending Hashtags)
  • 8 (Content based hashtags)- 12(Niche hashtags)- 10(Trending Hashtags)

Make sure to give it a try you’ll find a good difference in your reach and engagement. If you need to customize the split you can but according to me, these splits work the best.

Check your page level

There is no term named page-level in the Instagram algorithm. But, I am using this term to understand the average likes per post in line with total followers to get a good estimation for the level of the page.

Here is a step-by-step process to calculate the level of your page and generate viral hashtags on Instagram.

  • Use Phlanx tool to calcuate your average like and comments per post
  • Hover on to HashtagStack and put your average like per post with your niche and content keywords, Hit Enter.
  • Choose 30 Hashtags based on the above split sets.
  • Build 5 Sets of Hashtags for your page
  • Repeat and use for 1 Week and observe the results.

Here is an amazing tip for you to instantly build good quality viral hashtags for Instagram reels.

Hashtag Strategy Free Aqubyte

Multiply the number of followers with 100 and get the exact hashtag range that you should target to get a good reach and rankings for that content.

Use my favorite tool

I only use one tool for researching hashtags for my Instagram accounts to get amazing reach. This is one of my accounts from which I got 16,500 impressions with 12 leads and 5 conversions. A good hashtag combination always brings a relevant converting audience to your profile.


This was my first awesome buy for my Instagram business, I am using Ritetag for the past 2 years for hashtag research. Ritetag Hashtags suggestion tool comes with a cost of $49/year, Which is a good and affordable investment for your business.

Here is the detailed process to use the Ritetag Hashtag suggestion tool for boosting your Instagram growth.

  • Visit RiteTag.com and Signup for a Free 7 Day Trial
  • Hover to the Left hand side Panel> RiteTag PRO tools
  • Click on hashtag suggestion option and enter your keywords with the images of post
  • Analyze the hashtag based on the RiteTag analysis theory
  • Create five sets of hashtags with different keywords and images

Mixup hashtags from different pages

This was my favorite strategy that helped me gain over 1000+ organic followers in under a month and helped me building good sets of viral hashtags on Instagram.

7 Steps to get a working hashtag set for your Instagram page.

  • Search for 20 pages in your niche with same avg. like and followers
  • Select the best 10 working pages from your list of accounts
  • Extract 3 good quality hashtag from each page (Niche Hashtag, Content based, and Trending)
  • Repeat 10x times for all pages selected
  • Analyze the relevancy through the No of recent posts and Avg. likes on the hashtag
  • Create 5 sets of hashtag using this technique
  • Use and observe the changes in a week


Consistency is the most important way to get your reel viral, Frankly speaking, there is only a 20% role of your hashtags for viral reels the other 80% combines your consistency and valuable content.

I have personally found this helpful with an experiment, When I was posting 3-4 reels a week on my theme page rarely 1-2 reels get viral with a very low engagement rate and like ratio. After pushing that number to 8, I literally got awesome results and gained over 1000 followers in a month using that good quality work and consistency.

Be consistent with your work to get good results.

Bonus Hack: Regular hashtags for Instagram reels to get viral [Personally Observed, Not Proved but tested]

For the past 7 days after scrolling the most viewed reels, I found some hashtags that were used in each reel that was on the boom. Here are some of those that I observed for viral reels.

  1. #reels
  2. #reelsinstagram
  3. #reelsvideo
  4. #reelsindia
  5. #holareels
  6. #instagramreels
  7. #reelsinsta
  8. #instareels
  9. #reelsofinstagram
  10. #viral
  11. #instagood
  12. #explorepage
  13. #trending
  14. #reel
  15. #foryou
  16. #bestreels
  17. #indiatiktok
  18. #reelsindia

Give them a try and let me know in the comments that what If you got some good results from these hashtags.

Some FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Will REELS help me generate quality leads for my business?

Yes, of course, I have generated more than 100 qualified leads and 4 clients using a reel post. There are some content creators using REELs as a traffic source to their products and affiliate links.

How often we should post REELs to get viral fast?

You should post 3-6 REELs a week to get better engagement and good rankings.

Best Free Tools for Hashtag research?

Researching hashtags is not rocket science, If you are not having any tool then you can research it manually using Instagram search. But for your comfort here are some tools that I personally used for researching hashtags at the beginning of my Instagram marketing journey.

1. Hashtagify
2. Ingramer Hashtag Tool
3. RiteTag chrome extension
4. HashtagStack
5. Hashtag Generator – Bigbangram

Some Evergreen viral and trending hashtags.

If you are looking for viral hashtags on Instagram, then you can give these hashtags a try. But, remember these hashtags are not highly targeted so don’t expect any conversions or leads from these.

1. #photooftheday.
2. #instagood.
3. #nofilter.
4. #tbt.
5. #igers.
6. #picoftheday.
7. #love.
8. #nature.
9. #fashion
10. #family

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