How to Find Untapped Keywords – Key to Boost your Article Performance


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Keywords play a very important role in placing your articles in SERP. But Still, after getting ranked for various keywords, some bloggers get low traffic on their sites. Hey Everyone, In this article, we will talk about How you can find untapped keywords for your articles that are low competition keywords with high traffic.

How to find untapped keywords fast and easily.

Before Starting with the Article, Let us first clear some basics points. So, that you may get a better idea about it.

What are Untapped Keywords for Articles

Basically, Untapped keywords are the unknown keywords that are having a good amount of traffic with very low to no competition. Basically, you can also call them Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic.

How much Volume does an Untapped Keyword get? (+Keyword Difficulty)

As per my Personal Experience, Untapped Keywords always get a volume of more than 1k, and literally, no decent article is ranking on that term targeting it perfectly.

6 Best Tools to find Untapped keywords for Blog

  • Wikipedia
  • AnswerthePublic
  • QuestionDB
  • SEMrush
  • Google Trends
  • Subreddit


Every person in this world knows Wikipedia, It is an amazing site for gathering information about anything in any niche. But, Do you know, It is also a gold mine for untapped low competition keywords. This is How you can find numerous amount of keywords from Wikipedia from your niche.

  • Search this on Google: Inurl:Wikipedia “Your Niche or Topic”
How to find untapped keywords using Wikipedia
  • Check for the most relevant results according to your niche or topic
How to sort untapped keywords on wikipedia
  • Visit the Article and Take time to short down some new words from the article. Check the Volume and Insert it into your Blog Post.


AnswerthePublic is a tool that helps you to get an idea about the queries searched by millions of people online. It is very simple to use but, If you are using the free version of this tool that you can only explore for 2-3 times a day.

3 Step to find untapped keywords using AnswerthePublic

  • Visit and Search your topic
  • Head over to Alphabetical Tab and Select the Keyword or Question close to your article
  • Search for the volume of the keywords and insert it as a question in your article.

QuestionDB is the best-untapped keyword finder tool for free. I am personally using this tool for the last 3 years on my various sites to drive amazing traffic on it. Basically, This tool is also used by generating amazing content ideas for blogs.

5 Steps to generate amazing untapped keywords idea for blog using

  • Visit
  • Enter a Broad keyword or topic in the search bar, Click on Generate
How to find untapped keywords on
  • You’ll get a list of content ideas and untapped keywords in the list
  • Enable “Show the Source Link”
  • Visit the Source and Check for relevant keywords for your article


SEMrush is a really amazing tool to find untapped keywords and generating low competition keywords with high volume. SEMrush provides a Keyword Magic tool, Which generates amazing high potential keyword ideas with low difficulty.

Get a 7 Day Free Trial for SEMrush and Try to extract more and more from it. If you really like this tool then you can just buy the premium version otherwise just leave it with the free trial.

Grow your online visibility

Google Trends

Everyone loves trending and fresh content to read. Google Trends helps you to explore amazing content ideas and keywords for your article that are trending.

Trending content is just like Offer. Bloggers in your niche rush to write about the content getting exposed on Google Trends. The earlier you write the more traffic you get, I hope so you got that what I actually want to tell.

3 Steps to find Trending Untapped Keywords and Content idea from Google Trends.

  • Search for a Broad Keyword or Phrase you want to get ideas about.
Best way to find trending and fresh content idea and untapped keywords
  • Scroll Down to the Bottom to Related Queries and Topics
Related Queries and Related Topics on Google Trends
  • Now you have a good list of idea for Trending Topics and Queries in your industry


This platform is the gold mine for Content Ideas and Untapped Keywords.

Subreddit is a community but here people discuss around a certain phrase or keyword, It is very simple to interact with people there with upvotes, downvotes, comments, message, etc… (Personal Favorite)

If you want to know How you can join Subreddit then check out the link. Otherwise, you may proceed to the next step.

5 Ways to find untapped keywords in you niche using Subreddit

  • Open the preferred Subreddit you want.
  • Select the Top Post and Apply filter for 1 Week
  • Check the Question you want to write
  • Extract a Focus Keywords from the Question
  • Head over to KeywordHitter to find untapped keywords for your article and Check the Search Volume

Ending Words

This process will take time to master, you can’t get all the keywords untapped from this method. The more you’ll refine the list the more it will be easy for you to rank. Thanks for your time. Have a Good Day.


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