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Are you Lost in The Jungle of Topics, And Unable to find relevant topics related to your niche. Don’t Worry, Hey Everyone After reading this entire article you’ll get a good idea about How to find content ideas for your blog for Quality Traffic and conversions (Unique and Trending).

Quora and Reddit are the best sites to get content ideas. Talking about Quora is a Question and Answer site where people are engaging and discussing specific questions.

Whereas, Reddit is a Platform having Subreddits comprised of a specific topic or category. Such as SEO, Marketing, Digital Marketing. It is built for discussion and spreading the latest news around a topic.

How to find content ideas in seconds using Quora and Reddit

Here are a Step-by-Step Detailed process to find your first 10 Unique and Trending Topics

Join Spaces and Subreddits in your Niche

For your Information, Spaces are interest-based communities on Quora and Subreddits are the communities on a specific topic or niche on Reddit. Basically, Both are the same but on different platforms.

How to Join a Space on Quora in just 3 Steps

  • Retrieve the most searchable term of your niche
  • Visit Quora and Search for that term above in Search Bar
  • Click on Spaces Option in Left Navigation Menu, Join a Space

Tips to Join a Good Engaging Space on Quora

  • Choose a Quora Space has more than 10.0k Followers to get more relevant questions and topics in your niche
  • Make sure the Space you joined has 4-5 Posts Daily
  • Check the Relevancy of the Questions in the Question TAB in Quora Space

How to Join a Subreddit in just 3 Steps

  • Retrieve the most searchable topic in your niche
  • Enter the Topic in Navigation Bar “Search”
  • Click to Communities and user TAB, Join your Interested Subreddits

Tips to Join a Good Engaging Subreddit on Reddit

  • Join Subreddits has At least more than 10 Questions or Posts in a Week
  • Check the Interactions and Make sure there are people Online to Interact on Content
  • Join Subreddits more than 50.0k Members

Find Content Ideas from Subreddits and Quora Spaces

This is the most important step to get good content ideas. Fetching Ideas doesn’t mean just entering the URL and you’ll get numerous amount of questions in your deck. This process requires time in the beginning but later on, you can do it in seconds.

Here is How to get numerous amount of content ideas

  • Open Quora Spaces and Subreddits that you’ve joined
  • Scroll down to At Least 30 Questions in the Subreddit and Questions TAB in Quora Spaces
  • Analyze the Questions and find which is related to your niche
  • Write the First 10 Topics that are generated in your mind after reading and analyzing those 30 Questions.
  • Do a Google search for your 10 Topics generated.
  • Analyze the Top 10 Results in the Search Engine to Get more Idea about the Topics to Write.

If there is no relevant search for your query then Hurray you got a Golden Opportunity of Rank on that Keyword.

  • Head over to a Website: KeywordHitter and Enter the most frequently seen word in the search results and Hit Enter
  • Now you have generated hundreds of ideas related to the focus keyword.
  • Repeat it for all the 10 Topics

PRO TIP: If you are a New blogger don’t go with search volume always write relevant articles on your site. Even If your tool is showing 0 Visitors/ Month. (At least First 100 Articles)

Converting Keyword Ideas into Content Ideas.

Generating Ideas can be too simple for you. But, Converting the ideas into content ideas may be a bit difficult because as It needs some time to master.

Before Starting up with this step, If you really want to find content ideas make sure to read these Power and Emotional words to understand the steps below easily.

Detailed Steps to Convert Keyword Ideas into Content Ideas

  • Select some Random Keyword Ideas from KeywordHitter
  • Search for that Term in Google Search, Analyze the TOP 10 Results Title.
  • Observe the Content-Type of the Top 10 Results, Such as (How to, Listicles, In-Depth)
  • Build the Same Type of Content that is already working in the SERP, Make sure your Title is naturally mixed up with Power and Emotional Words.
  • You can Take the Help of Headline Generators to get a Good Idea, Such as (Hubspot Topic Generator, Portent, and ContentROW)
  • Now you are ready with your Content Ideas to Write

Note: This process will take time once you mastered it then you can find content ideas in just seconds.

Ending Words.

You might think that this method will take time to generate ideas for my blog. But, Trust me you’ll get really awesome results after some time mastering the technique. So, Keep Grinding and Hustling. Have a Nice day

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