Does article spinning still work? Explained under 600 words

Last Updated on July 2, 2021

Article spinning is a process of rewriting the article or a piece of content by rotating its words, sentences, and phrases in a different way to make it plagiarism-free. This is also called content spinning.

Does article spinning still work?

Does Article spinning still work for articles?

No according to my personal experience, Article spinning doesn’t work anymore as we all know google algorithms are highly updated with AI features. Google is smart enough to easily identify rotated articles whether your article is plagiarism-free or not.

You can use rotated articles on your social media handles, forums, Q&A sites, etc… to provide relevant knowledge to the audience. I use rotated articles on platforms such as Quora and Reddit to build a good audience and trust.

Is Article spinning bad for SEO?

Of course, article spinning can extremely affect your site SEO. As we discussed above that Google is smart enough to identify duplicate content. Then it may also leave a bad impression on your original and unique articles. No matter how slowly you write try to put your original content on Google in order to get a fast ranking and good conversions.

Here is detailed article about How article spinning can affect your SEO

How to detect spun articles easily?

It is very simple to detect spun articles. Basically, There are two ways to detect spun articles easily.

  • Manual – By reading
  • Automatic – By tools

Manual way to detect spun articles

Starting with an example to get a better understanding of this process. This manual technique is not a 100% guaranteed process to detect the spun articles but yes you get an idea using this process.

Original form: She swims every day. But, today she wakes up late.

Duplicate form: She swims every morning. But, today she wakes behind time.

Here you can observe that I have rotated some words of the original form using their synonyms, which is very difficult to read.

Automatic way to detect spun articles

This is the best process to get a good estimation of a spun article. Personally, I use the tool to check spun articles as it is very easy to use.

I have checked one of my articles using this tool and The result we got is green “the text is probably not spun”. Here are few rules to get a good understanding of this tool after checking the content.

  • If the percentage is less than 40% then the content is not spun
  • 40-60% can be questionable in terms of twisting the article.
  • Above 60% is a totally spun article

Is Article spinning is Legal?

This question doesn’t have a perfect answer. It depends on the detection process if google identifies the article as spun then maybe the website or blog will get penalized. And, If Google is unable to detect the spun article then it is totally legal to use that content as unique.


After discussing the question above, you may have got your answer regarding article spinning and how it works. But, What is the direct answer for the question “Does article spinning still work”. According to my personal experience, No article spinning doesn’t work anymore.

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