What is Search Engine Crawl Stats Report

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

Crawl Stats Report, What is Crawl Stats Report

What is Crawl Stats Report

Crawl Stats is a Report provided by Google Search Console. This Crawl Stats Report helps to determine the Google Crawling History in form of statistics. This report shows a detailed overview of the Request made to your site, About your Server Response, Availability problems confronted, and many more…

Special Note: This Report is built for the websites having millions of pages (Larger Sites). If you are having site will few thousands of page. You don’t need to worry about this report.

Why do you need the Crawl Stats Report?

This helps the site owner or developer manage and analyze the data based on the Server Response, Request made, Availability Problems Confronted, Detail about the Host used most, and Page Experience by the Response.

If you are handling a big website having page in millions that It is will be a very grateful report to help in customizing your site for more better.

How to get the Crawl Stats report in Google Search Console

Here is a detailed step-by-step process to get a overview about your Crawl Stats.

  • Open Google Search Console, Select your Property
  • On the Left Navigation panel, Open Settings
  • Scroll Down to Crawling
  • Click Open Report

Here is a Video from developers.google.com about Crawl stats repost may help you our more.

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