4 Effective ways to convert customer needs into wants by Digital Marketing.

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

There are literally many ways to convert customer needs into wants by digital marketing. But, Here I am going to list the TOP 4 methods that I personally use to sell my products through social media and especially Instagram.

4 Ways to Convert customer needs into wants by Digital Marketing are:

  • Proper use of DM’s and Direct Message
  • Providing Value
  • Hitting Pain Points of your audience from Posts and Stories
  • Building Trust through Testimonials

Proper use of DM’s and Direct Message

This is one of the Best Techniques to convert your product through social media especially Instagram. If you want to know your audience or followers in-depth then It is important for you to use DM’s or Direct Messages.

But Remember this method is not as simple as it seems. Converting Products through Direct Messages needs some convening words and reasons. Why the person should choose your product. The Reasons can be anything such as.

  • Unique Product
  • Low Price
  • Good Service
  • Replacement Policy

Here is a detailed step-by-step sketch of the Instagram DM Strategy that can help you achieve your target audience into customers.

convert customer needs into wants by Digital Marketing

Providing Value

This is one of the best ways to promote products online and help to easily convert audiences into customers. Here is a detailed step overview. How you can use Social Media or Instagram to convert products through this method.

  1. Select a Specific Niche for your Social Media Handle
  2. Make your Page visible to your audience
  3. Provide Value till 6 Days and 1 Day Promotion Strategy
  4. Help them all to know more about your product
  5. Repeat

Hitting Pain Points of your Customers through Posts or Stories

Hitting Pain Points of your Audience is a very difficult task. But, If you master this strategy then It will really very simple for you to convert product though your posts, stories, and status. But How you can achieve this pain points hitting technique.


To Learn this strategy you will need to start analyzing some basic words, sentences, and emotions by the users on social media.

For Example: If you want to grab customers around the weight loss niche then It’s very important for you to know about your audience’s problem and difficulties. You can easily analyze them by using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Interaction through DM’s and Personal Messages makes it more simple.


Create a post or publish a story. Which helps your audience to solve the problem faced them.

Such as If your audience is facing problem-related to obesity then you can easily build a post related to the best diet for weight loss and after that, you can pitch a product that can solve their problem in a more efficient way.


Working consistently on this method will help you to build your loyal followers. This will make your page revenue go high as they will interact on your all posts and stories.

Building Trust through Testimonials

Building trust is one of the most important steps in promoting your product online. For Example: Suppose you have a New eCommerce store around a weight loss niche and promoting your product through paid ads.

If you have a high budget then absolutely you will get the sales but If your budget is low then It will take time for you to build trust through your ads.

Customers Testimonials help it to make more simple and interesting for you because these testimonials work like a mediator to build trust among you and your audience. So, start providing your products and services for free and grab some testimonials for your page or website.

Here is Quick-Step guide to easily build a list of testimonials for your business.

  • Grab some audience from social media, Who are interested in your service or product.
  • Ask What they want from you and How can you help them to solve their problem.
  • Work for them for Free
  • Ask for Testimonials and Feedback to improve your work.

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