How many blog comments per day for SEO

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

It is often said that blog comments affect your site rankings or may get you panelized by google. But, Is it really true. Hey Everyone, In this article, we are going to talk about How many blog comments you should publish per day for SEO and does it really affect your website.

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What do you mean by Blog Comments Backlinks?

It is simply a type of Referral linking that you leave on someone else website or blog in the form of <a href=”>Website Name</a>. Backlinks tell search engines how important your website or blog is, so they have a huge influence on your search engine rankings. But, Remember that When it comes to backlinks “Quality” is more important than “Quantity”.

Does Comment Backlinks affect your site rankings?

The straightforward answer to this question is that It depends on the backlinks you are receiving from the website or blog.

Getting a do-follow backlink from Spammy or an untrusted site may lead your website to lose rankings. But, If you are getting a no-follow backlink from a site and gaining traffic from it then Google will count that in the ranking signal because It is in form of referral traffic. You can read this blog that Why Referral traffic matters.

How many Blog Comments per day for SEO?

Basically as I already mentioned above quality over quantity. You should always for 8-12 Quality Blog Comments per day. This will be more than enough for you to derive referral traffic and boost your rankings. But remember that the website should have Good Authority on Google.