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A few years ago, I started a YouTube Channel basically it was based on a niche: Tech. Every new thing I buy I review that on the channel. But, literally, I was getting around 20-25 views. After so much effort.

If you are facing the same condition faced by me a few years ago. Then you should be happy because now these issues are going to be solved in this article. Today, I will reveal the Best Youtube SEO Tools that I personally used to get Good Rapid Growth.

Best Youtube SEO Tools to get a Good Rapid Growth | Easy SEO Hacks to rank on YouTube Fast

So, Before Starting up with this article you should have a good idea about How to do SEO for YouTube Videos then only you can optimize your content through tools. Here are some basic concepts that you should do before uploading your youtube video.

Title Plays a very important role

Most Important Part of SEO in YouTube

YouTube SEO is all about the Optimization of presenting the content. Here is an awesome hack to create an attractively and SEO Optimized Title for your YouTube Videos.

Keep it straight, simple, and Under 65 Words

This is one of the most important practices that you should build because The more Short and Simple your headline. The more it will help your user to understand your content and increase your CTR (Click Through Rate).

This is How you can get idea for your YouTube Videos Headlines in Just 4 Steps.

  • Head over to this YouTubeTitleGenerator Tool
  • Enter your focus keyword in the field
  • Click on generate title
  • The Application will generate numerous amount of titles for your YouTube Channel. Edit it and apply it to your YouTube Video (Make sure you don’t copy to get better results)

Power and Emotional words is a game that Hooks

Emotion is a key to hook your audience, These words help to add feelings in your words that can help you to get a good CTR rate. And, If you are an affiliate marketer then you can use Power Words to make the users take action instantly. If you want some examples for Power and Emotional Words you can check these articles out.

Include Numbers

Have you ever made a promise to your parents that If you get above 80% then they will buy you a dress or whatever you want? The same logic works here, If you are using actionable numbers in your YouTube titles there is a high possibility of getting more quality views and subscribers.

Keywords are the Key

Yaa, you listened to it right. If you are using keywords in your title then this will be the key for you to get discovered around YouTube.

Here are Few Steps to insert keywords in the YouTube Title.

  • Keep it Natural and Easy to read
  • Don’t Try Stuff Keywords forcefully
  • Don’t work on the basis of Keywords Volume
  • Maximum 2 Keywords in a Title

Optimizing the Description

Most Underrated YouTube SEO Hacks

This is one of the most under-rated SEO for YouTube Videos. I have seen some YouTube Channels optimizing their YouTube Title as a KING and Keeping the Description as a Slave. Please don’t do this practice anymore this will terminate your YouTube Growth.

Keep the Description Short

YouTube serves you a space of 700-800 Words for writing your descriptions. But, If talking about the sweet spot which is also considered by YouTube and Audience is around 400-500 Words not more than that.

Make sure you Include Keywords

As, We already discussed above that keywords are the key. But, Here the limits can be extended a bit you can use around 4-6 Keywords in your Description.

TIP: Don’t Focus on the Volume of the Keywords through any Tools

These are a list of few FREE YouTube SEO Tools for Finding Keywords.


Key for Growth on YouTube

Tags are the keywords that you can use to make your YouTube Video easily discoverable. If you got an idea How to use Tags on YouTube then definitely you are going to grow your channel and video fast. It is like a hidden paid promotion of your video through YouTube.

What is a Sweet Spot of Tags in a YouTube Video

YouTube allows you to add as much as you like. But, 5-7 Tags is a good sweet spot to get easily discoverable and avoiding the spam eye.

Check this YouTube Tag Generator to get relevant idea about your video.


Hooking your Audience is easy now on YouTube

Have you ever seen something Eye-Catching Thumbnail on YouTube that forced you to click on that video? If yes, That’s What we call a good thumbnail.

Building Thumbnails is pretty simple but making it Eye-Catching and Attention-Grabbing can be a difficult task for you. Here is the Simplest way that I personally use to make amazing thumbnails.

  • Use Two Colors in the Thumbnail as a Brand Color
  • Learn to develop Clickbait Headlines
  • Use Numbers in the Thumbnails
  • Note Emotional and Power Words are the Game Changers

Now, here are some of The Best YouTube SEO Tools for Rapid Growth.

  • VidIQ / TubeBuddy
  • Google Trends
  • Reddit and Quora
  • Canva
  • KeywordHitter and AnswerthePublic

VidIQ and Tubebuddy

VidIQ and TubeBuddy - Best Youtube SEO Tools for Rapid Growth

If you haven’t heard about this tool till now. Then let me tell you these are the Best YouTube SEO tool for Optimizing your YouTube Videos. I have been using VidIQ for the past 6 months and It really helped my Channel to get a good boost and growth.

Talking about the Pricing of these tools, It is FREE for the Basic Version and If you want to Upgrade you can check the paid versions out. These both Tools are certified by YouTube

I would like to say that If you want to make your YouTube Channel as a career and want some stable and good growth then you should must check this tools out.

Here is the Link for VidIQ and Tubebuddy.

Google Trends

How to find trending content for YouTube using Google Trends

We all know that people like trending content and If you are a New YouTuber then It might be a difficult task for you to find good content ideas.

Google Trends is a really helpful free tool from Google that can help you generate numerous amounts of content for your YouTube Videos. Basically, I don’t build YouTube videos more but Yaa this tool also helps me to generate good ideas for my blog posts also.

Quick Steps to Find Trending Content for your YouTube Videos.

  • Visit
  • Search a Term or Topic by selecting your targeted country.
  • Hit Enter and Monitor the Recent 7 Day Chart Growth in that Topic.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and Check the Related Queries that are trending right now…

Reddit and Quora

Reddit and Quora - Find Fresh Content for Blog and Youtube Videos

Are you also lost in the jungle of finding fresh content? Yaa, I can understand when I started my YouTube Journey there was literally no fresh content in my mind. Everything I create on YouTube there was hundreds of content for the same.

But, now I can generate numerous amount of fresh content ideas for YouTube. Which is really fresh and unique for the audience.

Quora and Reddit are the Platforms to find questions asked by users worldwide you can easily build a solution video for your youtube family also you can write a valuable answer and embed your video for more views.

If you want to use Quora for the research then firstly join some Spaces around your niche, You can easily join them by searching your topics in the quora navigation bar.

Reddit has Sub-Reddit this is a huge community of active members on a specific topic you can easily join any subreddit and start getting ideas about your topics. What and How to create.

Note: Don’t Try to Spam the Environment by just pasting your YouTube Links Everywhere build good trust and then promote where It is really necessary.


Easy Graphic Designing Software for YouTube

If you want to build your original interactive thumbnails and images for your YouTube Channel. Then you should have a good knowledge of Graphics Designing. But, Don’t worry If you are not having this skill.

Then Let me Introduce you to an amazing tool that is absolutely free and has more than enough features to build amazing YouTube Videos Thumbnails and Images.

Canva is an Amazing Tool that allows users to design any type of Social Media Post, YouTube Channel Art, Thumbnails, Logos, Flyers, and many more.

I am using this tool for the past 15 months and I am really surprised by its free features and that’s Why I upgraded it to PRO for more.

But, If you are a beginner and want some best tools to get started with YouTube then this will be one of my recommendations for the Best YouTube SEO tools.

KeywordHitter and AnswerthePublic

You might be thinking that already I have listed this tool above explaining SEO for YouTube Videos. But, Yes here I will tell you the amazing things that you can do using these tools.

So, KeywordHitter and AnswerthePublic (3-4 Searches a Day) is a completely free tool and I am personally using these tools for my keyword research tasks and content idea generation.

This is How you can use KeywordHitter and AnswerthePublic easily for the generation of keywords and contents.

  • Open your Notepad.
  • Research single word topics around your niche such as Keto Diet, Paleo Diet, Vegan Diet, etc…
  • Make a Good list with these words.
  • Open KeywordHitter or AnswerthePublic.
  • Enter the Keyword in the search bar.
  • Click on Search and Let the Tool generate ideas and keywords for your topic.

End Words

So, These are some of the Best YouTube SEO Tools and tactics that you should follow while uploading content on YouTube to get good massive growth on your channel fast. But, If you want more in-depth articles on each tool then let me know in the comments section.

If you are interested in Blogging and Digital Marketing then here are some blogs that can help you to get started.


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