Best ways to target audience for real estate business?


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Real estate is one of the most profitable businesses. But, Only If you are targeting the right audience.

There are thousands of ways to find your dream clients. But, As they are hidden in this huge world you have to follow some hacks and ways to reach them. Hey everyone, In this article, we are going to talk about some best ways to target audience for real estate business without any vast budget.

What we are going to discuss in this article.

  • How to target audience for real estate business
  • How to design a fruitful converting ad using my personal favorite tools
  • Basics Copyrwiting tricks that you should implement before publishing the ad.
  • Which Ad-Network to use for better conversions.
  • How much time you should invest advertising your real estate business.
How to target audience for real estate business

How to target audience for Real Estate business?

There are numerous ways to gain audiences for real estate business such as Social Media, websites, PPC, Email Marketing, etc… But, when it comes to targeted clients then you should have proper demographics or avatars to maximize your conversions.

8 Steps to build customer avatar of your dream client.

  • Analyze and assume the age range of your targeted clients.
  • Annual Income that your customer earns.
  • Where he/she is living in this globe and where you want to target.
  • Consider the marital status of your clients.
  • Education Level or Occupation
  • Interests
  • Online spending habits
  • Behavior and Last Purchases

Yaa, I know these questions are a bit difficult to find but once you got them all then you have to just create ads and run according to them. Here is an example of a sample customer avatar of a Real estate business.

  • 25-35 Age (From Google, Average age of buying property in India)
  • ₹350,000 to ₹500,000 (Annual Income estimation of my dream client)
  • Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc…
  • Most of the person are married some as single
  • Business owner or a Busy Hustling Job Person
  • Traveling, Reading Books, Attending webinars, etc…
  • 2-3 Hrs a day
  • Investing his money in stocks, reits, gold, etc…

After you got the demographics then you are to target them through Facebook and Google ads. But, before targeting them let’s discuss the next topic.

How to design a fruitful converting ad (Personal favorite tools)

Your ad is your first impression that forces the viewer to make a decision. A catchy ad can give you over 30-40% of the conversion rate. Here are some hacks and tips that I personally use to design fruitful and converting ads for my clients.

Best canva templates that you can use for making your 1st ad.

If you are not an expert in creating ads then canva is the best tool that you use to making awesome ads. Obviously, If you are using templates they are not going to be highly convertible but yes maybe you can get good results using those ads.

  • Amazon Product Image
  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Post
  • Coupon
  • Instagram Ad

Sneaking into competitors ads

Best way to take inspiration while creating convertible ads, There are many ways to sneak into your competitor’s ads. But here I’ll show you how you can check for your competitor’s Instagram and Facebook ads in just a few minutes.

Facebook Ad’s Library

  • Visit Facebook Ad’s Library
  • Choose the Location and Ad Categoery
  • Search for a Page or Keyword you want to look ads for.
  • Now you can analyze each and every ad from Facebook and Instagram to create a new convertible ad accordingly.

Why am I seeing this Ad

If you want the demographics and ads that your competitors are targeting to gain new customers, then follow this process step-by-step to maximize your conversions and leads.

  • If you want to look for Real Estate ads and demographics, Then for the first 3 days…
    • Join groups and pages realted to real estate
    • Reply to the comments and interact in the groups and pages
    • Oftenly search for real estate offers on facebook
  • After following these steps you’ll get few ads on your homescreen regarding real estate.
  • Click on Three dots (Top-right corner)>Scroll down and Click Why am I seeing this ad
  • This block will show you all information and demographics you are targeted in with the ads

Basic Copywriting methods that you should implement in your ads

Here are some basic copywriting methods that you can implement in your ads for better conversion and engagement rates. I am personally using these hacks for the past 3 years for running ads for my clients and till now getting good results.

  • Use Power and Emotional words in your ads
  • Simpilitcity comes elegance
  • Write for the reader
  • Use action words in CTA
  • Press the pain point of the reader
  • Be Specific with your point
  • Make the Truth interesting
  • Write magnetic headlines
  • Use Formula AIDA (Attention — Interest — Desire — Action)
  • Get Inspiration from the Email swipes of the affiliate product

Which ad network to use for better conversions?

Ad Network differs from product to product you can master this practice by experimenting with different platforms. Here are some which tend to give you international top-tier countries traffic that is highly convertible.

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads – [Graphic Ads for New and Trending product in the market]
  • Pinterest Ads – [Products that are highly convertible women internationally]
  • Quora and Reddit Ads – [High-Quality Problem-solving product around a specific niche]
  • Google Ads – [Articles, Reviews, Comparisons, Alternatives, etc…]
  • BingAds – [Articles, Reviews, Comparisons, Alternatives, etc…]

But mostly, I prefer using Facebook and Google ads for long-term as they have very supportive team and high performance traffic. All you need to learn some courses to master facebook and google ads then you are good to go.

How much time you need advertising your real estate business?

It doesn’t require extra time to maintain your ads and settings. If you are running your real estate business full-time seriously then 3-4 hours a day is more than enough and as part-time you can also 1-2 hours a day and expect for better results.


If you have started a real estate business then trust me these hacks and tips are going to help you forever. Bookmark this article and share as much as possible to make more people know about it. Hope so you got a good idea How to target audience for real estate. If you are facing any confusion leave a message in our contact form will help you as soon as possible.

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