Best Strategies to make money with Clickbank (Experts Guide)


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Clickbank is one of the best affiliate networks for marketing a variety of products and services, I’ve been generating good profits from it for the last 6-8 months and I got some strategies to make money with Clickbank that I want to share with you all to make some pocket profits together.

Best strategies to make money with clickbank

NOTE: These are quick rich schemes, you have to work for it as your full-time job to get results faster. I got my first sale after 3 months.

What do you need to start making money with Clickbank this 2021?

You don’t need any investment to start this business model, All you need is patience, time, and hard work. Starting this business needs the following things mentioned below.
1. Canva (or any graphics designing platform)
2. Basic Copywriting skills
3. Website and Landing page development skills
4. Time & Patience
5. Internet Connection

How many hops do I need to convert a sale in Clickbank?

There is no exact number for this question. But, I got my first sale with 721 hops on a product. This shows that the quality of traffic matters instead of No. of hops received.

Best Strategies to make money with Clickbank

All these strategies work with both website and social media platforms, Using these strategies you’ll get your first sale within 4-6 months or maybe under it if worked consistently with patience.

Facebook Group (Special Converting Technqiue)

This is the easiest method to bring quality leads and sales for your product, Personally, I’ve used Facebook groups to earn $100/Day consistently with 1200 Emails as a lead.

But, there are some certain factors that you should follow in order to grow your Facebook groups.

  • Always publish 3 valubale post per day in your group (No matter, If you have 0 members in your group)
  • Run alteast 3 Facebook ads every month with a low-to-optimal budget
  • Answer questions or discuss on forums in your niche by leaving your facebook group name for lead magnet
  • Never invite non-intrested people in your groups this sends a message of in-active members to facebook
  • Interact with members and help them solve their problems

After you’ve followed this method and having around 50-100 members then you can use the technique to drive an engaging audience and sales to your affiliate product.

  • Join few engagging groups in your niche (At least 15-20)
  • Regularly post 3-9 valuable post/ Daily till 1 month
  • Leave your group name in the captions deep below without making it highlighed or clickable
  • Repeat this method daily with patience
  • You’ll gain more than 1000 memebers in your group that are highly engagging for buying your product

Converting Lead Magnet

People always love free stuff and the lead magnet is one of them. Recently, I’ve done one experiment with one of my affiliate products on “KETO DIET”. I’ve just created a PDF Keto meal plan recipe using a graphic builder tool with my affiliate link at the last of the page including a good product offering copy.

Then created a landing page with AWeber and attached that lead magnet in return for an email.

Here is the exact process, I’ve promoted this landing page and generated over $500 in just 9 days.

  • Created a post on the KETO subreddit without adding the link in the description instead of that add it in comments to decrease spam rate.
  • Use Pinterest video pins to promote the lead magnet
  • Answer the questions on quora spaces with the free lead magnet as a natural link (to avoid getting trapped by the spam filter)
  • YouTube shots are now trending, try to create them using Canva Videos
  • Blog reviews are the most sustainable method of passive income.

REELs (The Conversion Wheels)

Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms and REEL is the most used part where people spend their time. Instagram has wondrous technology that identifies the user’s interest and shows them the content they like. So, here we marketers get the opportunity to convert our products.

Here is a detailed step-by-step procedure that you should follow for boosting your REELs engagement and conversions.

  • Make sure your REEL doesn’t cross more than 15-18s
  • Always add a CTA(Call to action) in the last of video
  • Make it more vauable and helpful
  • Add 22-26 long and medium range hashtags (According to your niche)
  • Always post 3-5 REELs a week for consistent results
  • Try to use viral and trending music

After uploading the reel you can engage with the audience in different hashtags of your niche. Such as commenting and liking the posts, interaction through DM’s, etc… to give Instagram a signal of your activeness and quality work.


Pinterest allows you to pin images according to the different boards and categories, It is one of the best places to get high-quality top-tier traffic. Personally, I have 7 affiliate marketing accounts on Pinterest from the last 2 years and getting regular sales through them.

This is one of my account ketoians that I left using 6 months back and now also I am getting consistent traffic with pin clicks and sales. After a good ratio of pin upload, you can also convert Pinterest as a passive income source.

7 tips to create convertible and viral pins on Pinterest

  • Create the pins with the dimensions of 735 × 1,102 px (Use Canva)
  • Always use 2-3 colours max in your account
  • Video pins are the game changers
  • Add Alt-text in your pins
  • Use Proper keyword research while uploading your pinterest pins
  • Atleast pin 20-25 pins/daily with 12 non-linked posts
  • Always use Landing pages in your Pinterest URL (Avoid getting spammed and banned)

Make sure you follow at least this measure, This will help your account get ranked and organic growth fast. If any confusion mail me and I’ll try to reply within 24 hrs.

Product Review

It is one of the most beneficial working trick used by thousands of affiliate marketers for consistent passive revenue. Product review can be created using blog and videos, But It depends on you Which method you are more convenient.

Personally, I am convenient with the written form content that why I create product reviews though blogging platforms such as Medium, Tubmlr, and WordPress.

But, There are some prequesite knowledge and data that you should have before creating your first content public.

  • Use Quora, Reddit, and Google to reseach about the product
  • Genuine and Trasparent Review tends to work over a long period of time
  • Always try to add more and more questions in your article to make it in-depth
  • Include PROS and CONS Section
  • Add a detailed table for the product
  • Make sure your Introduction lines are catchy

Download the Detialed Affilaite Review Template for a good overview to the process to creating review articles.

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