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There are literally thousands of websites to get free images for your blog or graphic design. But, In this article, I will reveal the Best Sources from where you can get high-resolution free images (DIRECT DOWNLOAD).

Before getting started with exploring the websites to get free images. Here are some terms that you should always remember before making a good decision in choosing a good image.

What is Creative Commons (CC)?

Creative Commons is an International Non-Profit Organization that provides free licenses for creators to make use of their works. Basically, In simple words, If you are using their video, images, or any types of graphics you’ll not have to buy it or take permission. It is built for creators with a free license.

What is Public Domain?

Works that are built for the Public, These creatives materials are not protected by any intellectual property laws, copyright, patent, or trademark. You are free to use these public domain creatives without any types of permissions.

What are Royalty-Free?

Royalty-Free describes that you don’t have to pay a single penny to the creator in order to use the creative materials provided by them. Simply this also means that you are free to use these types of images, videos, or graphics without paying anything.

What are Stock Graphics?

The images, videos, illustrations, or icons created and captured without keeping a particular project in mind are known as Stock Graphics.

Here are the top sites to get free Images (Direct Download)


Unsplash is an amazing platform to get high-quality images absolutely for free. It was founded in 2013 and now it is having a great community of around 2 Million Contributors.

Unsplash is Integrated with over 500 Products, Which really helps the Developers, Website Designers, etc… to make their work easy using API for High-Quality Images. If you want to more about Unsplash check their About Page.

Unsplash - Get Free Images for your Blog Instantly


It is an amazing site for high-quality royalty-free Images, Videos, Vectors, Illustrations, and Videos. This is personally used by me for any project. All of the contents are published under the License of Pixabay, Help to make them safe to use without asking for permission or providing credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.

Pixabay - Free Stock Images


Canva is an amazing platform for the graphic designing platform. Basically, It is used to design Social Media posts, Banner, Flyers, T-shirts Designs, Etc… Many of you may be knowing about this amazing tool. But, Let me tell you How Canva can help you with Free Photos.

Steps to get Free Icons and Images on Canva.

  • Register on Canva for FREE
  • On the Top Navigation Bar, Hover on to Features
  • Now you can get the options to Free Images and Icons
Canva - Best tool for Graphic Designing

Burst by Shopify

Burst is having both Free and Royalty-Free Images for entrepreneurs like you. I personally used burst and Canva a lot in some of my previous months. While downloading the Image from Burst you can easily select the type of resolution you want and that makes it more comfortable for the users.

Brust by Shopify for royalty free images


Reshot is an amazing platform for Free Stock Photos, Icons, and Illustrations. All the photos, Icons, and Illustrations are licensed under Reshot Stock Photo Free License. You can easily use them for Commercial and Non-Commercial Purposes without any issues.

Reshot - Unique Free Photos


Gratisograpgy is a good Free High-Resolution Stock Images and Photo. Basically, I have never used this website before but heard from my friends to use it. They found it helpful so I thought to include this on my list.

All the Images and Photos are Licensed for Free under The Free Gratisography Photo License.

Gratisography - Easy to Download Pics is a Best Free Stock Pictures Free from copyright restrictions. All the photos of are released under Creative Commons (CC).

Best Free Stock Images - Free from Copyright

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a Free High Resolution Photos and Images. They are also having a website for stock videos that you can also use for commercial and non-commercial proposes. Here is the Link of the website Lifeofvids

Life of Pix - Free Stock Images online


PicJumbo is a website for Free and High-Resolutions Images and Backgrounds for Personal and Commercial use.

Totally free photos for your commercials & personal works

Kaboom Pics

Get free images every day with Kaboom Pics. Easy to use and Eye-Catching Photo and Images Free to use for Commercial and Non-Commercial Purposes.

Kaboom Pics  - High Resolution Free Images


Frankly telling Pexels in my favorite website for High-Quality Free Images and videos. (Direct Download) Here is the License of Pexels.

Best Place for amazing royalty free stock images


IStock is a website where you can get paid and free high-resolution and stock images, videos, and illustrations. There is also paid pricing on this platform.

IStock by Getty Images  - Get Images for Free

Ending Words

So, These are the Top 12 websites to get free images online without any single penny. If you are a Digital Marketer or Blogger then we have more articles that can help you to achieve your goals and change the way of playing this online marketing game.


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