Best SEO Plugins for WordPress – 2021 [Personally Used]


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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Starting a Website or Blog on WordPress is easy but installing some good plugins on it may cause a headache. Hey everyone this is Sarwar from Aqubyte and in this blog, you will learn about the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

As we all know that there are more than 200 ranking signals for Google and optimizing for all those 200 will never let you rank in this rush competition. So How can you rank among your competitors in your niche? Here are some of the best working WordPress plugins that I use to optimize my On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress 2021

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Site Kit by Google
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Easy Table of Content
  • WP Rocket/W3 Cache
  • All In One Schema Rich Snippets 
  • Redirection
  • All in One SEO
  • Cloudflare

Yoast SEO Plugin

This Plugin is one of the best SEO plugins that you should install on your WordPress dashboard. It makes your work easier by automatically processing your manual SEO tasks.

Yoast SEO comes with many features to boost your blog ranking.

You can buy Yoast SEO Premium for $89 excluding VAT per year. But, Is Yoast SEO Premium Worth It. 

According to my If you just started a New site then It is not important for you to buy Yoast SEO Premium Plugin. But, If you are really taking your blogging passion seriously or getting results from it then definitely you should invest in that Plugin.

WordPress - Yoast SEO Plugin - On Page SEO
By Yoast

Download the Free Version of Yoast SEO Plugin

Rank Math Plugin – Best Free WordPress SEO Tool [Personally Adopted]

This plugin is the Best On-page SEO optimization plugin according to me. As this has very good interference and is easy to use.

Talking about its features It is exactly the same as Yoast SEO Pugin but somewhere Rank Math has taken a lead in the Free Versions.

Rank Math offers more features comparing Yoast SEO Plugin in their Free Versions.

It was launched in late 2018 and It had rapid growth in the market instantly from 0 Active Downloads to 500,000 sites. Which is pretty impressive in terms of the WordPress plugin.

It is the Best Alternative for Yoast SEO Plugin that you can have.

This plugin cost around $59-199 Excluding VAT and differs on the basis of the plan selected.

Rank math Onpage SEO Plugin
By RankMath

Download the Free Version of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Site by Google

Site kit is an Official plugin by Google for managing Insights and Data of  Website or Blog.

If you are unable to manage your all data from various insights platforms such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics. Then you can use this Plugin to manage all your data at your WordPress dashboard.

  • Easy to understand and use
  • Original stats from Google Official Tools
  • Quick Clicks Step
  • Easy Metrics about your site, posts, and pages
Site Kit by Google - Best Plugin 2021

Download Site Kit by Google for Free

EWWW Image Optimizer

You can easily identify the work of this plugin by its name. Yes, Absolutely it is an Image Optimizer Plugin.

Google is now taking Site Speed as a Ranking factor and If your website is fast. Then your audience will also have a Good Experience on your site.

This is the best plugin that I can recommend for optimizing images of your site. As I am using this plugin for multiple years and I am getting pretty good results in terms of website speed.

I’ll suggest you invest some amount of money in this plugin because this will help your website load fast and rank easily on google.

It will cost you around $7-25/Month according to the plan selected.

EWWW Image Optimizer - Easy Image Compression Tool

Checkout the EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin Now…

Easy Table of Content

It is an Awesome Plugin that you should install on your blog site.

It provides a good user experience to the person who is on your blog to read the content and makes it easier for him/her to look at what they want in the content. 

Good Reading time makes your site rank higher through google algorithm.

  • Automatically creates a table of content for your pages and posts
  • Supports the various types of page builder
  • Supports smooth scrolling and data management
  • Read here for more

Table of content also helps your site show more suggested results on the search engine view and help users to find more relevant topics on your site.

Easy table of Content (TOC) - Best Plugin 2021

Download Table of Content Plugin Now.

WP Rocket/W3 Cache

WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache, Best Caching Plugins

Optimizing the site for speed is the biggest challenge that I was facing during my blogging journey. But When I came to know about WP Rocket Plugin. It just changed my all-over site speed as a turbojet.

But the point is how you can use the WP Rocket plugin to boost your site. 

Here are the main features that WP Rocket can help you with:

  • Page Caching
  • GZIP Compression
  • Cache Preloading
  • eCommerce Optimization
  • File Optimization

If you want to learn more about WP Rocket Features then you can head up to their official website for more details.

But, Atlast If you are a beginner and not having enough money to invest in WP-Rocket Plugin. Then you go with a Free Alternative plugin personally used by me known as W3 Cache.

All in one Schema Rich Snippets

What do you mean by Rich Snippet?

It is a type of short descriptive summary of the page or post on your blog or website on Google search results in a well-formatted way. Which makes the user easily interact through it.

Schema Rich Snippets is a plugin that helps you to create eye-catching results for the search engine. It has the easy implementation of schema types like Review, Events, Recipes, Article, Products, Services, etc…

How to build awesome rich snippets for site

How Rich Snippets can help you to rank higher on search engines?

  1. It helps the search engine to select the important & accurate information to display in search result snippets.
  2. Rich snippets are very interactive and attractive 
  3. Improves CTR of the results
  4. Helps Social Media Platforms to display interactive with proper informations

Download All in one Schema Rich Snippets


This is one of the most important tools that you should have on your WordPress dashboard. Redirection plugin helps users to easily redirect and manage 301 Redirection and 404 Redirection. 

This plugin helps to manage technical SEO for your site and keep your site error-free and improve site ranking.

Download Redirection Plugin

All in one SEO

All in one SEO is an original WordPress plugin started in 2007. All in one SEO is also a good alternative for a smaller site or blog. It also has its paid plans but I will prefer going with the free plans If you are starting your blogging from scratch.

Here is an intro for All in one SEO Plugin

Download All in one SEO plugin for Free


Cloudflare is a free CDN that helps to protect threats like SQL Injection and Identify theft. It also helps to improve your site performance and speed up loading time of websites.

But, The main purpose of listing this plugin in this list is that It provides free SSL for your site. Google has officially announced in their algorithms that SSL is now a ranking factor.

Here is a step by step process: How to create a cloudflare account and configure your website or blog.

Download the Cloudflare Plugin Now…

What is the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress as a Beginner?

Here are some of the selected plugins that you can install on your brand new WordPress installed site and get started with:

  • Yoast SEO/Rank Math
  • Redirection
  • All in one Schema Rich Snippets
  • Easy table of content
  • Site kit by Google

These are some of the best plugins that can help you to get the best results out of the blogging industry and generate revenue through it.

Is it compulsory to use an SEO plugin on WordPress?

No, It is not necessary to use an SEO Plugin on WordPress such as Yoast SEO and Rank Math. These Plugins only help to provide a path to work on but the main SEO for your site is content.

If you have strong content no matter how simple your SEO is you can easily rank on the search engine and grab results through it.

Which is the Lightest SEO plugin on wordpress?

Yoast SEO is the Best in terms of the lightest plugin and efficiency. I have optimized hundreds of sites for my clients. But, Yoast SEO Plugin never let me down in the case of efficiency and quality. It allows you to optimize all page and post types. It allows you to easily sync Google and Bing SEO tools.

Here are some of the Resource Article that can help you to proceed further more…


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