Best 5 Search Engine Marketing Tools (PAID AND FREE)

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Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Sarwar

There are many Search Engine Marketing Tools in this Online Industry but, In this article, you will know about the Best 5 Search Engine Marketing Tools Both in PAID and FREE to use this 2021. To Explode your business more than 1000%

So Before starting up with the Search Engine Marketing Tools. Firstly We have to understand that What is the main difference between SEO and SEM.

Best 5 Search Engine Marketing Tools (PAID and FREE)

What is SEO moreover How it is Different from SEM?

There are many terms in the online marketing arena such as SEO, SEA, SEM, SMO… But The two main types of marketing that everyone should learn are SEM(Search Engine Marketing) and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). So, here we are going to talk How SEO is different from SEM and Which one will be worth learning this 2021.

Definition of SEM: Search Engine Marketing

The SEM corresponds to all the marketing methods that can be applied to improve the visibility of their website on search engines. By definition, SEM, therefore, includes SEO, the reverse is not true. SEO is only one way to improve the visibility of a website on search engines like Google.

In SEM, we use in addition to SEO:

  • search engine advertising (SEA) – advertising on search engines (paid referencing);
  • social media optimization (SMO) – social media optimization.
  • social media advertising (SMA) – advertising on social networks (Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

SEM is therefore the grouping of the different techniques and tools used in digital marketing, more than a technique in itself.

Definition of SEO: search engine optimization

The SEO concerns only all the steps taken to improve the SEO (also called organic results) of a website in search engines. This is free SEO to be better positioned in search engine results.

Each search engine determines thanks to complex algorithms (and often little known in detail) the organic ranking of each website. But since Google collects more than 90% of traffic in India, the most important thing to increase its visibility is to activate all the SEO levers to attract Google robots and improve the positioning and notoriety of a site.

The big differences between SEO and SEM

Here are the main differences between SEO and SEM:

  • SEM brings results in the short, medium, and long term, SEO rather in the long term;
  • SEM often requires a significant financial investment, SEO less;
  • Despite the rumors indicating that the SEM can also be better positioned on non-organic traffic, this is questioned by specialists, while SEO, thanks to good quality of content, allows influencing the quality score of its pages and therefore improve its positions in SEA;
  • SEM allows you not to necessarily touch the structure of the website (you can simply launch Google Adwords campaigns ) even if it is recommended, SEO necessarily requires it to be really effective.

Now We can start with the Best 8 Search Engine Marketing Tools to use this 2021 to get effective results for your online or offline business.


Cavna, Best Search Engine Marketing Tool for building graphics

Canva is perhaps the easiest tool I know of for creating beautiful social media illustrations. This time around, I’ll tell you upfront, Canva has a free plan that’s more than enough to get you started.

Used by community managers to create visuals for social networks, Canva also allows you to create event covers, documents (e.g. ebooks, CVs), and more.

For example, if I want to create a design for an advertisement, I go to the “Advertisements” section and I choose the banner of my choice.

If you click on ‘create a Facebook banner’ you will be taken to a page that shows you pre-designed templates for you with the correct aspect ratio for Facebook ads (1200 x 628 pixels). Canva really thought of everything!

To resume creating my advertising image, I can choose one of Canva’s templates to start …

To conclude on Canva, its ease of use makes it almost essential as everything is easy for those who do not know how to use more powerful software such as the Adobe suite.

Register here Canva for free:

Buffer’s Publish

Favorite Search Engine Marketing Tools, Buffer Social Media Tool

Buffer’s tool allows you to schedule your publications on all your social networks in a single platform.

Buffer is also one of my favorite and best search engine marketing tools, maybe even the one that I prefer among all the tools that I am going to present to you because it is extremely easy to use.

And in addition, it is not limited at all to the free version (unlike its competitors).

Thanks to Buffer, you can schedule your content months in advance, at the time you want.

In the free version, you can program up to 10 publications and you are entitled to 3 social accounts. The paid version starts at $ 15 per month and offers the possibility of managing 8 social accounts (perfect if you are a solopreneur).

This time you are entitled to 10 social accounts in total (profiles, pages, or groups).

If you are an agency, business plans will obviously be more interesting for you.

The feature of Buffer Publish that I like the most is without a doubt their Chrome extension.

It allows you to add content that you liked on the web to your “tail ”. For example, if I enjoy a blog post so much then I can share it on my social accounts, I can do it with one click for all my social networks!

Visit Buffer and Start your FREE Trial Now:


Content Marketing and Market Research Tool

After Buffer, Ubersuggest is my 2nd favorite tool and one of the most useful for me and as per me, it is the best search engine marketing software that you can use for free. If I had to describe Ubersuggest in a few words, I would tell you that it is the ultimate tool for content marketing and SEO.

And I’m telling you straight away. It’s completely free for some researches.

So what does it do?

Basically, it had only one functionality: find long-tail keywords from a keyword.

For example, if I search for the keyword “digital marketing”, Ubersuggest will suggest several long-tail keywords like:

  • Digital marketing master
  • Digital marketing training
  • Digital marketing definition
  • Etc.

You quickly understand the interest of this feature for keyword research which is essential when you want to position content in search engines for a specific keyword.

It is also this tool that I use to analyze all the long-tail keywords linked to a generic keyword such as “Facebook advertising”, “digital marketing”, “content marketing”, etc.

Today, Ubersuggest has many more features that I won’t show you all in this answer (it would take way too long).

For example, it allows you to find content ideas from a single keyword. If I type “Instagram stories”, Ubersuggest will suggest articles that contain this keyword in their title.

Active Campaign

Best Email Marketing Software, Active Campaign

Do you dream of sending emails to thousands of people with just a few clicks or automatically sending an email according to a specific action on your site?

Active Campaign is the ideal tool to make your dream come true. And, It is the most Important Search Engine Marketing tool everyone should have… FREE Alternative Listed Below.

If we compare it to one of the best-known solutions on the market, MailChimp, it’s true that Active Campaign will make many marketers hesitate.

MailChimp has the advantage of offering a prettier interface, easier to use, and costs less! MailChimp also offers free use for up to 2000 contacts.

Conversely, Active Campaign is much less attractive, much more complex, and more expensive! So why am I suggesting this tool to you?

Because I worked with these 2 autoresponders!

MailChimp is easier to use, it is true, but it is much less efficient than the Active Campaign.

MailChimp is less expensive, it is true, but it contains much less functionality. Automation options are light years away from those of Active Campaign.

With Active Campaign, you can send ad-hoc marketing campaigns to people who subscribed to an email list, or a very specific segment of this list, as easily as with Mailchimp.

For example, if you send an email to promote a service on Facebook Advertising, you might choose to send it only to people who have expressed an interest in Facebook Advertising based on:

  • The links they clicked on in your emails
  • The resources they uploaded to your site
  • The pages they saw on your site

You can also plan a series of emails sent automatically and according to a scenario defined in advance. This scenario can range from simple to complex.

Not being an expert, I always limit myself to the basic scenario of a sequence of automatic emails, sending emails one after another. I sometimes add conditions, but it is rather rare.

Email marketing professionals send very specific emails depending on the links you clicked on, the emails you opened (or not opened), the “tags” assigned to you in the autoresponder, etc.

You can use Convert kit as a FREE Alternative Register Now:


Buzzsumo content idea finding tool, Easy Content Idea Searcher

I told you about Ubersuggest which allows you to analyze the SEO strategy of your competitors and discover content ideas from a keyword.

It’s not always enough to build a content strategy. Social networks are also important. Content that performs well on Google may not be as successful on social media, and the reverse is also true.

What if you want to make sure your next content gets a ton of social media shares?

With Buzzsumo, it’s far from impossible!

Buzzsumo is a bit like the Google of content shared on social networks.

The principle is simple. You type in a keyword (eg: “Facebook advertisement”) and Buzzsumo returns you the most shared articles which contain this keyword.

In addition, Buzzsumo also tells you WHO shared the article in question on Twitter by clicking on “View Sharers”. These are people you can contact to ask them to share YOUR article (if it is similar to the one they have already shared).

Importance of Search Engine Marketing Tools

Search Engine Marketing tools help a lot in automating important tasks such as increasing the visibility of the website in search engine results, automating emails and broadcasts, weekly audits reports, etc… Particularly these tools also help in increasing the CTA and conversion rate of the site as It helps to target specific targeted audience and keywords.


I will like to conclude my article by mentioning up one of the most important tips that will be more effective than your search engine marketing tools. Try to add up more values to your audience and build trust this one tip will boost up your conversions by more than 50%.

One of the most important tools I personally recommend is Active Campaign. Because, If you are building your Email List then you are building up your business. So If not building then start now building your Email List…

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