7 Best Online Business for Ladies with Low Investment – 2021

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Last Updated on May 2, 2021 by Sarwar

If you are a woman and want to start a business on low investment, there are endless opportunities out there for you. Like other women entrepreneurs, you too can become rich instantly by opening up a business with low startup costs. Today I am going to share with you some best online business for ladies with low investment. So, Let’s Dive In!

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Here are the 7 Best business for ladies with low investment. which we will discuss deeply in this article.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reselling Products
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Online Tutor
  • Instagram Marketing
  • YouTuber

If you new to these terms don’t worry we will cover up each details in this blog.

Table of Contents

Affiliate Marketing

As per my knowledge, This will be one of the best online business for ladies and easy to get started. All you need to follow the steps below to achieve this as fast as possible.

What is Affiliate marketing and How this business modal works?

Affiliate Marketing is a business modal, Which basically consists of a vendor, affiliate marketer, and customer. It works when the vendor provides a specific amount of commission to the affiliate marketer for promoting their product for purchase by the customer. Commission can be decided on the basis of percentage or specific amount per sale.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

But the main question comes here is this.

Does Affiliate Marketing need Investment to get started?

According to me, Affiliate marketing is a business that can be started with or without investment. It totally depends on you if you want to invest you can invest in tools and paid ads to get results faster but without investment it takes time but the results will be almost the same and you will have your own targeted audience.

How to find affiliate programs around your niche or interest.

There are many ways to find good affiliate programs around your niche. But, here are the Top 3 Ways to find it fast and simple.

Using Google Search

This is a very simple process to find affiliate programs. Here is How you can find affiliate programs using Google Search.

  • Open Google Search
  • Type “Your Niche” + Affiliate Programs
  • For Example Weight Loss Affiliate Programs
  • Before joining the affiliate program search for a review about the platform. Is it really legit or not?

Offer vault

It is a very awesome platform to find best converting products with their affiliate programs. Here are the quick steps to find a program on it.

  • Open Offervault
  • Choose the Niche from the category option
  • Scroll through the product and check what suits your page.
  • Click and read the terms to apply for it.
  • Check the review for that affiliate program

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are the portal to affiliate programs. Basically, The company who wants to sell out their products through affiliate marketing. You can get plenty of affiliate programs here around all niches whatever you want.

Some working affiliate networks in the market are:

How to get started with affiliate marketing for free

There are many ways to get started with affiliate marketing but here I will talk about the easiest method for you to get results faster.

Step 1: Set up a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest Page.

This will be the most important step towards your affiliate marketing journey. Choosing a good platform is very necessary. Basically, All the platforms are having the awesome potential to grow you can choose any one of these in which you are comfortable.

According to me, If talking about competition Pinterest has good potential to grow and get good conversions.

Here I am taking the platform as Pinterest to get started with the page building process but I’ll link up for Instagram and Facebook also.

  1. Visit Pinterest.com, Click on Sign-up
  2. Register a New account on the basis of your niche or interest
  3. After Registration, Click on the directional chevron down icon in the top-right corner to open the menu.
  4. Click on the Settings option
  5. On the Left Navigation Bar, Click on Account settings
  6. Scroll Down to the Bottom to (Account Changes) and get access to the business account.

That’s all you got a professional business account for your Pinterest. And, If you selected Facebook or Instagram check them from the link.

Step 2: Build Lots of Quality content around your niche page daily.

This is the most important part, Which will help to build good trust among your audience to buy your products remember this image below. If you are building content for your audience.

How you can build content on your social media for affiliate marketing

Best ways to build content for your social media are:

  • Canva (Register a Free Account)
  • Crello
  • Pic Monkey
  • Stencil
  • Visme

These are all of my favorite tools for content creation for my social media accounts. But, My favorite is Canva. It is totally free. And, they also provide a 30-days free trial for their PRO features. You can easily select the templates you want and just seconds of edit for a good design.

This is How you can create content around your niche and If you are facing a problem getting an idea about your content type or design. Then you can hit a simple random search in the Pinterest search bar to get an idea about your content type. The same applies to the Facebook page and Instagram page.

Step 3: Start Interaction with your audience in any way.

Interaction is basically communication or involving yourself with someone. This is one of the most important parts to build a good online business presence. This helps the user to find that you are interacting with them to build a good relationship and provide more value. And, we talked above that Value=Sales.

But, How we can actually build a interaction with audience
  • Check the persons who are showing more interest in your content.
  • Write an introductory message for your interested audience in short (Avoid Long messages as it looks spammy)
  • Start your conversation about How you can help them to improve something in their life or habits. Give them a purpose to talk with you.
  • Keep your messages short, It is often seen that the short messages are read by the users but the long ones are generally left with an emoji reaction.
  • Provide Value to your audience, This will be the most important steps to make your user build good trust in you. Which will help you to expand your business in future
  • Pitch an Affiliate Link if important, This will help you to generate small commissions while chatting. But, remember don’t forcefully try to pitch an affiliate link to your audience

Sell Solutions for the Problem don’t sell features or benefits

Now It’s time to sell your product. But, I am telling you honestly that selling the most demanding product with its great features will not give you a sale. But, If you are selling a solution for your audience problem. Then It will help you to get amazing conversions.

So, The Question here is How can we build such problem-solving posts for our audience to interact with it and make a purchase.

You can easily learn this through observe and react process. This is very simple to implement and get started. Observe and React is the process to analyze your competitors for the same How they are promoting and working on their products and posts to get sales.

Here are some of the steps that I personally use to sell my products
  • Consider the customer’s pain points: Understanding the main problem of your users can help you to get good and convertible products. You can easily find What is the most common problem faced by your customers in comments, stories, feed posts, etc… Once you get it then you are having a golden product in your bag.
  • Engage, Then Inform: If you got this formula then you can easily increase your conversion rate by 48%. Engage, Then Inform is the formula to hit the pain points of the customers. If you are building your affiliate post. Firstly Try to Engage with your audience hit their pain points and then give them a bold CTA(Call to Action) to boost your conversion rate.
  • Price according to the product: This was the most deadly mistake by me when I was a beginner. Actually, When I was promoting a product I was choosing the most expensive product from the affiliate network in the greed of huge commisions. But If you want that your product converts well choose your product with a reliable price around the niche.

That’s all about affiliate marketing as a beginner. I know that after reading these broader terms you shall get confused but yes, It takes some time to get mastered and once your get mastered you’ll make the most conversions using this formula.

Reselling Products

This is one of my favorite sources of income when I was a beginner. And, I think so It can be the best online business for ladies for a good start. Reselling products help you to build your online store without any problem of storing, delivering, and managing products. This can also be one of the side business idea for ladies.

In India, There are many reselling platforms and They are so simple to maintain. The best part of reselling products that you can add your own margins same as drop-shipping.

The best method to get working reselling applications in your country “Niche”+ Reselling Apps +”Country”. You can get a good list of reselling applications in your country to start.

If you are from India, Here are some of the best reselling application to work on.

  1. Meesho
  2. Glow Road
  3. Shop101
  4. Resell Mall
  5. TunTun

How to promote your products to get sales for reselling platforms

There are many platforms to work with I prefer to work with Facebook because it is easy to build a good audience and sell out your products. But remember these all social media handles will work only If you are having something valuable for your users.

Here is the Simple 3 Step Method to build a good converting page for reselling on Facebook

Build a Facebook page that directly defines your niche

Building a Business page for Facebook is pretty simple. You can follow this link to get a detailed idea about How to build a business page on Facebook. So, there are many ways to create a proper branding username for the page. But, Here is the most effective strategy to choose the name for a page.

  • Do a Random search on Facebook about your niche: For Example, I searched for a page related to kitchen hacks that I can easily target an audience interested in the kitchen niche. After searching you can see a variety of pages based on the kitchen niche and try to analyze.
  • Get Ideas from Businessnamegenerator.com after analyzing the content you can get better ideas about the types of names working at the top of the results. You can use this website to generate tons of ideas for your Facebook page name.
  • Build your page around your selected name after finding and analyzing your business name. It’s time to build the page.
Create Valuable content for your page

This is my personal method used to generate lots of conversions on my reselling page. As I have seen many resellers directly promote their product on social media and hope for a sale. But, This way is totally wrong you’ll never get sales using this technique. So, What’s the right technique to promote the products.

Amazing Strategy to build valuable post for amazing conversions

For this strategy, I will take my niche as kitchen. I’ll show you How I will create valuable content for my audience using this and derive more conversions.

  • Choose a Reliable and Helpful Product: This will the first step that will enhance your conversions choosing a good product is very important. Because as we already discussed people are buying solutions for their problems they are not buying features of the product.
    • The product should have a reasonable price
    • Quality matters a lot
    • Make sure it is helpful for your audience
    • Tip: Check Which product is selling more on Amazon and Flipkart in your niche.
  • Hacks and Tips Posts: According to me these will be the most converting posts for your page. It is very easy to create and implement on your page. Here is the detailed overview to build your first post for hacks and tips.
    • Do this search on Google: Best Hacks+ for + “Your Descriptive Topic matches your product”
    • Note down some of the hacks from Top 10 Results
    • Open Canva.com and Register a Free Account
    • Search for Facebook Posts and Select a Template
    • Build a Post with those hacks and make it creative using canva
    • Add a Good CTA(Call to Action)
  • Good use of CTA (Call to Action): There are many ways to use Call to Action. Some of the ways that can help you generate conversions are:
    • Using CTA(Call to Action) as a Direct Message
    • Using CTA(Call to Action) as Link in Profile
    • Using CTA(Call to Action) as Direct Linking in Captions (Most Effective)
Generate Traffic on your Content

Generating Traffic is not a Great Deal. There are some tactics and tricks that can help you to get genuine and guaranteed traffic within weeks.

2 Ways to derive a good amount of traffic on the Facebook page.
  • Sharing valuable posts on Facebook Groups through your page: When you are sharing values and posting good content on Facebook Groups. Then people will try to find more about your content as you joined the group using your page it will be easier for them to find your page. Hence, It will give good growth for your Facebook page
  • Regular Content: Posing regular content is important on any social media. Because It gives a ranking signal to the platform of quality and consistent content. Posting 4-6 times a week helps your page give a boost personally observed by myself.


What is Freelancing, How does it Work?

Freelancer is a self-employed job. Where freelancers are not recognized as employees they work based on contracts from the companies. As it is the best way to earn money while keeping your primary job on and later on that helps you to have a good time freedom also.

What are the highest paying freelancing jobs in India?

Here are the Top 10 Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs in India. The Average Payment for these freelancing skills is around $80,000/Year and this revenue is amazing for you to hope for a good life and financial freedom.

  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development
  • Blockchain development
  • Computer Programmer
  • Tutor
  • Accountant
  • Copywriter
  • Human Resource Adviser

How to start Freelancing from the beginning as a beginner

There are many platforms to start freelancing. But, Personally I will recommend you to go with Fiverr and afterwards you can proceed to LinkedIn. Her is a detailed overview to get started with Fiverr.

Register for a Fiverr Account

It is very simple to register a Fiverr account, Here is a detailed step-by-step process to create a account on Fiverr.

  • From the Fiverr Homepage, Click on join from the navigation bar.
  • Enter your Email or proceed with any social media platforms, Click Continue.
  • Choose a username according to your personal branding name.
  • Choose a Password, Click on Join.
  • Now you are a registered user on Fiverr… Verify your account with your Email Received.

Create your First Gig

Gig is way provided by Fiverr to present your work and details about it. Here is step-by-step process to create your first gig today.

  • After completing your profile
  • Click on GIG from the Navigation bar and select Create a New Gig
  • Write your GIG overview (About your Service)
  • Analyze and Select a Proper price for your GIG
  • Give a Description and Add FAQ’s
  • Add eye-catching images and video to your gallery of GIG

Promote it all over the Social Media

I got my first sale on Fiverr using Social Media (Facebook). There is a huge potential to grow your GIG with the help of social media as Facebook is used by 2.6 Billion people in the world and there are many people around the globe who want the service you are providing them.

You can learn from here How to promote your GIG on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Is Freelancer safe in India. How much a Freelancer averagely get paid in India?

Yes, of course, Freelancing is safe in India. There are many people in India earning a good regular income through it. Some of the well-known freelancers in India are Arnita Mitra, Ahanna Chatterjee, Anuraj Kushwaha, Biswajit Malakar. Most Indian Freelancers earn around 20 Lakhs per annum and this is one of the most estimated salaries of the Indian freelancers.


Blogging as online business, Best blogging hacks

This is one of the most famous online business that every internet marketer is doing today as It is having a good earning potential and great fame also. And yes this can be the best online business for ladies if they give proper timing on content preparation and article writing.

Because Article writing and good content preparation is the most important task in blogging and If anyone wants to learn blogging in just 5 minutes then they should learn proper keyword research and article writing firstly.

What is Blogging and How does it work?

Blogging is a way to provide new and informative ideas to the audience present on the internet. There are many platforms used in blogging but the commonly used platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Here Basically, We have to write quality content with proper keyword research and put it online to make readers read the article. The content which you are reading is published on a blogging platform.

Users find articles written by bloggers through search engines. Such as If a user is typing “How to make money online” on search engines then The website having quality content and proper SEO on that topic will be seen on the top results. This is what blogging perfectly means.

How do Bloggers get paid through their articles?

There are many ways through which the bloggers get paid here are the 8 working ways till now.

  • Sponsorships and Paid Posts
  • Google Ads
  • Local Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling E-Book
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling Memberships and Courses
  • Paid Consultancy

How to Start Blogging from scratch as a beginner.

There are many platforms present on the internet to start blogging. But, If you are taking blogging as a serious carrier option as an online business opportunity. Then you should go with WordPress. Personally, I started many blogs using bloggers and failed multiple times but Now I am having multiple blogs running on WordPress. Which is now helping me generate good revenue.

I have created many articles on this blog related to SEO and Blogging. Here are some of the Step-by-Step detailed articles that can help you to start with blogging easily.

After Reading these three articles you’ll get a beginner knowledge to start blogging. 🙂

Online Tutor

Who is an Online Tutor and How much an Online Tutor Earns?

Online Tutoring is getting in trend day-by-day this is because of this new era of the internet. There are many e-learning platforms present all over the internet and If you are having some skills that you want to teach online then there is a great opportunity for you. Best online business for ladies and moms from home.

The average earning of an online tutor is around $1000-1500/Month. Which is only from one platform such as Udemy in India. You can create various types of courses and put them on online tutoring platforms to earn more. But Remember Quality matters than the number of courses because the more you’ll enroll the more you’ll get paid.

Here are some the platforms 5 where you can list your courses and earn money.

Instagram Marketing

Is Instagram marketing good for business, Online business marketing

Instagram has great potential in terms of generating quality leads and intensive traffic. There are many social media platforms on the web. But, If you want to build your personal branding this you should go with Instagram. Instagram is giving low organic growth to the page created nowadays but If you are having some budget then you can survive the game.

How to increase followers and engagement on Instagram this 2021

There are many ways to increase engagement and followers on Instagram. But, After seeing the trend of hashtags on Instagram that every Instagram gurus are discussing and posting videos about How to build good sets of hashtags on Instagram to rank fast.

But, Literally, some of the gurus are only talking about the real and working way that helps to grow on this platform. Here is a basic overview of the strategy that I personally used to grow my various Instagram account from 0 to 10k followers in just 30 Days.

  • Quality content over quality content
  • Treat your audience as king
  • Posts Consistency
  • Try Instagram Live
  • Good use of Hashtags
  • Reels and IGTV as Rank Pushers
  • Take less give more to the audience
  • Use Direct Messages(DM) to be in contact with your audience
  • Story for good engagement
  • Create with small accounts for less paid or free shoutouts for shoutouts

Best YouTube channels to grow on Instagram

There are thousands of channels on YouTube which teaches you about Instagram marketing and the best growth strategies. But, Personally here are my Top Five YouTube channels helps to grow on Instagram.

Here is an Amazing Instagram Marketing that I personally enrolled to learn full Instagram strategy.


YouTube has 2.3 Billion users worldwide. Creating a YouTube Channel will give you a huge potential to cover a wide audience. It can be taken as a good alternative in the case of blogging because of video content and can be the best online business for ladies this 2021.

And If you are passionate about something then it can be a fabulous platform for you to grow as much as you can and earn millions. There are some niches on YouTube which are having still low competition but finding those niches can be difficult for you. But, I have an amazing idea that personally helped me to find amazing niches with low competition.

This Idea is known as niche splitting. This is one of the famous methods used by many YouTubers and Bloggers to expand their YouTube channel easily. Here is a detailed step-by-step process How to do this.

  • Grab a wide niche audience
  • Split into Sub-categories niches
  • Then pick a small niche around that sub-categorized niche

This is the easiest method to choose a niche for YouTube. Here is an example showing How it is actually done.

Niche Down process, How to choose low competition niche

Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels that helped me a lot to grow on YouTube as a beginner.


According to me, these all business ideas can be the best business ideas for ladies to get started with their passion in their daily life. After all, If you are having any confusion related to these topics and ideas mentioned in this blog. You can directly mail me at [email protected] I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

Some helpful source links.

Thanks 🙂

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