Best books to start learning SEO for beginners in 2021


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One of the most hottest and profitable skills in the internet marketing field is SEO. This helps the owner to generate high-quality leads with reliable new customers. But, Starting with this skill needs some hard work and making it simple. In, this article, I am going to reveal my personal favorites books to start learning SEO for beginners.

Best Books to start learning SEO for Beginners

Best books to start learning SEO for beginners

SEO Fitness Workbook: Search Engine Optimization Success in Seven Steps (2021 SEO)

A Fully updated Book 2021, Explained in detail that How you can build up your own blog and succeed at search engine optimization without putting in your maximum effort. Rank on the top of search engines with relevant results on Google and BING.

Table of Contents (TOC)

  • Goals: Define your SEO Goals
  • Keywords: Indentifying Winnable and High-Value Keywords
  • Onpage SEO: Optimize your website to Speak Google Search via Page Tabs
  • Content Marketing: Learn to make the content that dominates your niche and each keyword
  • OffPage SEO: Build Links, Leverage Socail Media and Local SEO
  • Metrics: Master Google Analytics
  • Learn: Pointers to SEO and online resources

Additional Information

  • Print Length of Book: 352 Pages
  • Language: English

SEO 2021

This book is built for beginners in SEO, No matter what you know about internet marketing. SEO 2021 will cover up all the topics and will help walk you through search engine optimization techniques used to develop innumerable unique visitors to your websites.

This is one of the best books on SEO for beginners. In this book, you’ll find.

  1. A Detailed go through to SEO from beginners to advanced in simple language
  2. The inner working of google algorithm and How it shows and calcuate the search results
  3. How to find money keywords to get conversions and customers to your website
  4. Sneaky tricks to rank high for Local Search engine results
  5. 3 sources to get high-quality SEO expert advices worth thousands of dollar for free
  6. Amazing video tutroials and go through checklist for better results.

Additional Information.

  • Print Length: 261 Pages
  • Language: English

The Art of SEO

One of the best SEO books for beginners, Actually when I was starting my SEO and blogging journey then this was the 1st book one of my friends recommended to me. And, that recommendation literally changed my thought process for google.

But, An extremely beginner should avoid this book as It contains some terms that are really difficult to understand. Before going with this book you can check the books above and below, But, If you are having some basic knowledge about SEO and marketing then you are good to go.

The ART of SEO is written by few Top mind SEO experts this book can give you in-depth information about basics to advanced.

Table of Content (TOC)

  • Explore the underlying theory of Search Engines
  • Discover tools to track results and measure success
  • Examine the effect and learn How to use the Google Updates (Google panda and Penguin algorithms)
  • Consider opportunities of Local, Mobile, and Vertical SEO
  • Experts guide and resources on SEO

Additional Information.

  • Print Length: 984 Pages
  • Language: English

SEO for Dummies

This book contains amazing hacks and tactics to rank high on google, This book will help you building your search engine-friendly site and dominating your niche by getting the top position in Google SERP. This book is written by Peter Kent (E-Commerce and Digital marketing consultant)

What you’ll learn from this book SEO for dummies

  • How to build a Search-Engine Friendly site
  • Using Analysis tool and Learn How to track results and link popularity to boost rankings
  • Advertising your site though Socail Media, PPC, and Organically
  • Master SEO technqiues to drive amazing traffic to your site
  • SERP Strategy development
  • Optimize voice search strategies

Additional Information

  • Pages Length: 478 Pages
  • Language: English

Digital Marketing 2020

One of the best book for digital marketing, When I was totally new to digital marketing this book gave me everything that I need at that time. This will help you clear all the basics doubts about Digital marketing that you are facing nowadays before starting a business.

This book contains a variety of topics such as SEO, social media, online advertising, email marketing, Amazon, eCommerce, and so much more…

Table of Content (TOC)

  • A Basic Guide to Digital Marketing with detailed concepts
  • How to start your business with Digital Maketing and SEO
  • SEO, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and more…

Additional Information.

  • Print Length: 148 Pages
  • Language: English

The Plain English Guide to SEO

This SEO book will help you get updated with the latest trends of algorithms and stay up to date with the best SEO practices. Every single strategy in this book is 100% tested and personally used by their ninjas to help you get better rankings in the SERP.

What you’ll learn from this book.

  • Exactly know How Google chooses website for their 1st Page
  • How to attract people who are ready to buy and sell on your website
  • Have your all profitable keywords hits the top spots
  • How to build up a ranking website structure
  • Produce killer content that your visitors loves to read
  • Build good relation with the key publication players of your industry
  • Complete SEO strategies for BIG results

Additional Information.

  • Print Length: 282 Pages
  • Language: English

Some other books that I haven’t read yet but got good reviews about them.

S.NoNamePrint LengthAbout the BookReview Offer
7.A Holistic Guide to Online Marketing380 PagesSEO, User Experience, and ConversionCheck the Deal
8.SEO the Ultimate Guide for Website Owners182 PagesSEO, WebsiteCheck the Deal
9.Step by Step Guide to SEO120 PagesSEO GuideCheck the Deal
10.The SEO Book174 PagesSEO & SEMCheck the Deal


These are some of the best books to start learning SEO for beginners, But, If you are confident enough then you may join some groups and forums online to check and gain more knowledge such as Quora and Reddit. If you are having any confusion related to these books on SEO then you may contact us through the contact page.

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