Bad SEO Tactics you should never do in your blogging journey


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As We all know the First Impression is your Last Impression. Building a Website with WordPress or any platform is a work of minutes. But building a good impression and authority in the eye of a search engine can be a tough task for you. In this Article, We are going to talk about the Bad SEO Tactics that you should never do in your blogging journey.

Bad SEO Tactics you should never do.

So before getting in deep with this article let me clear something about Google for you. Google is a highly used Search Engine all over the world. Around 3.5 Billion Searches on Google Made every day.

So, This is for those people who are continuously using Bad SEO Tactics to rank their website. Some websites get ranked but some remain the same.

Those Who are thinking that they can beat the Google Algorithm updates in order to rank their sites fast using In-appropriate and Black Hat SEO. Leave those techniques now and start-up with New fresh ideas and content. Because Invaluable and Black Hat Techniques will not help you longer.

Bad SEO Tactics you should never do in your blogging journey.

Invaluable Content

The Searches made on Google every day are just made because the user gets benefit and value in return through written or any visual content. Building Invaluable Content is the worst mistake that you should never do in starting your blogging journey.

Here are few tips that can help you to write better and valuable content easily.

  • Work on the Trends: If you are a New to Blogging and want awareness of your article, you should definitely select Trending Topics. Because There are almost Tons of content produced in medium to high volume keywords.
  • Quora and Reddit: Let me introduce you to these platforms. Quora is a Question and Answer based platform for people in their interest whereas Reddit is a community of people with subreddits in any niche or topics. Here is How you can Build a Good Content Plan for your Month using Reddit and Quora
    1. Visit Quora or Reddit
    2. Join Relevant Spaces or Subreddits around your niche
    3. Check the Questions asked by people
    4. Research Around that Term or Topic
    5. Build a Fresh and Relevant Content
  • Set Google Alerts for Blog Ideas: Google Alerts is a way to monitor some fresh and recent published content. If you want to set a Google Alert for your niche then is a step-by-step process to do that.
    1. Head on Google Alerts
    2. Search Topic on what you want to create an alert
    3. Click on Show Options and Manage your Time, Language, Sources, Region Etc…
    4. Click on Create Alert
    5. Now, you’ll get alerts of articles and news daily around that topic 🙂

These are the most important SEO-Strategies that personally I was using as a Beginner. You’ll get tons of content to write about and after you build an authority then you can move on with high volume searches keyword.

Google measures everything. This is How Invaluable content can affect you site performance.

  • Invaluable Content can lead in increase of bounce rate of your site.
  • Bad Authority in Eye of Google
  • No Convertible Traffic

Don’t Run behind SEO

SEO is on a Great hype in this Blogging market. Don’t run behind SEO because A normal user don’t know How to read it.

Yeah, In many interviews and YouTube comments. I have seen that many people run behind run behind SEO. I know that it matters but only If you are having something valuable for your audience.

Targeting a keyword in your article naturally that’s all what SEO means.

Here is a Great SEO Strategy that can help you rank on search engine without knowing SEO.

  • Research a Topic on Which you want to write an article.
  • Head on to Keyword Hitter and Search that important word mentioned in your topic.
  • The Tool will generate unlimited queries around that word. Which is searched mostly on Google
  • Try to Answer as much as possible to that words.
  • Now you are ready with your amazing piece of content with perfect SEO

That’s What SEO means for me. Because using these strategies I have generated around 1000 Page Views Per Day on My Blogs under 4 Months without SEO.

Don’t Buy Links

One of the Worst SEO Tactics done by newbie. There are many people Who just entered blogging bought thousands of backlinks for a couple of bucks, Ranked their site got penalized, and then everything over.

I know Backlinks matters a lot in ranking. But, Do you really know What Backlinks actually means?

A backlink is a link pointing to your site from other sites ( to in order to provide relevant content to their audience. When the user comes to your site finding something and engages with your content. That’s What a Real Quality Backlink means.

Then this backlink is recorded by Google as Ranking factor and Helps in Increasing the Domain Authority, Building Good Backlinks Profile, and Discover New Users.

This is What you get after buying backlinks

  • Disrupting Terms of Google and Get Penalized
  • Bad Authority
  • No more reach to the Content
  • Makes your site dead in front of Search Engine

How you can Build Quality Backlinks for your Site in order to Rank High on Google?

There are numerous methods in the blogging to make backlinks,. But, Here are some of my Personal Quality Backlinks building methods that are easy and free to use.

  • Guest Posting
  • WEB 2.0 Links (Best for Beginners)
  • No-Follow Comment Backlinks
  • Organic Backlinks (The Best Backlink Ever but needs time and quality)
  • Backlinks from Business Profile (High Quality and Easy to Build)

If you want to know How you can build these backlinks for your own blog then you can check this article: How to Get High-Quality Backlinks (Explained in Detailed).

Not Focusing on Technical SEO and User Experience

If you are always focusing on On-page and Off-page SEO then you are moving on the wrong path. Make sure your website is well optimized from all corners.

Technical SEO and User Experience are some of the most important things that Google Notices in your site the optimization score and your bounce.

For your Information, Let me tell you that Google announced Page Speed as a Ranking Factor. There are many tools provided by companies to check your technical SEO but talking about a free tool I am using a Site Audit tool by Ahrefs and If you are having some experience in this SEO and Marketing field then you may probably know about Ahrefs.

The more you optimize your site for technical SEO and build a good User Experience the more it will be easy for you to beat the competitors and control your niche.

Not Talking Internal Linking seriously

Do you know a Single Keyword can change your Life? Google automatically crawls your site after some updates or you can do it manually from Google Search Console though (Request Indexing) Feature.

If you got ranked to a single competitive keyword and If you are having multiple internal links to your article from that article. Then there is a High Possibility of getting a good push by Google to your all articles linked. Focus more on Internal Linking It will help you to play a better and safe long game.

How can you build quality Internal Links for your site?

Building Quality Internal Links is the most important task. It’s not only about just linking some random keyword to your articles. Here is How you can build a good set of Internal Links on your site.

  • Make sure your anchor text is relevant to the article
  • Use more searchable words or keywords for internal linking
  • Make sure you interlink the articles from both sides, If possible

If you want to know more about Internal Linking strategies then you can check this article for more: 3 Internal Linking Basics you should know.


There are numerous amount of BAD SEO Tactics present over the internet which will guarantee you to increase your reach and pageviews. But, Remember The best tip for this article is to make something that gives more than the user expected on your site. VALUE = SUCCESS = MONEY = TRUST. These all factors are interlinked with each other. Think Deeply you’ll get the answer.

Have a Good Day. 🙂


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