What makes a good Alt Text in WordPress – How Alt text help in SEO?


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Do you know? Alt text helps the Search Engine and disabled persons to get a good idea about your article. As every blogger AIM is to write for more and more audiences, Alt text can help you with this. Hey Everyone in this article we are going to learn in-depth about Alt text in WordPress and other platforms.

What makes a good alt text in WordPress. Does Alt Text Help in SEO?

How it helps the disabled person to get a good view about your article and How Alt text can help you grow faster and get more visibility through search engines.

Starting with the Introduction with your New Friend ALT Text.

What is Alt Text and How does it Work?

The Alt (Alt for “Alternative”) Text is an attribute of Image Element in HTML. This helps the programmer or article writer to add a good natural text for that image. The Attribute looks something like this.

Alt Text Example in HTML

This Line of code describes the location of the image with a Alt text for “Girl in a Jacket“. As you can also get a idea about this image just by reading its alt text. This is only the way it works for disabled persons and search engine.

There are many names for Alt text such as “Alt Description”, “Alt Tag”, and “Alt Attribute”. But, In work they are counted as same.

But, What If you are working with alt text in WordPress. Here is How you can add Alt text in WordPress just in few steps easily.

How to apply alt text in wordpress easily step-by-step procedure.
  1. Open your Article in Which you want to change or add.
  2. Click on the preferred image you want to add Alt text
  3. Check for Block Settings in Right Sidebar of your editor
  4. Scroll down to Image Settings
  5. Options appears for Alt text (Alternative Text)

How to use Alt text in SEO for Ranking High

Alt text really helps and effects you SEO performance. If you are using Rank Math or Yoast SEO Plugin then you shall be knowing the importance of Image Alt text in WordPress.

Does Alt Text really affect SEO rankings?

Sorry for the Poor Image Quality. This is one of our checklists while doing on-page SEO optimization for our blog post.

Adding Focus keywords or natural words to your alt text in images helps the search engine to provide more visibility through the Image Tab in Google Search. There is little to no competition through Image Search. The people in this blogging field for years are using it to derive more traffic to their website.

If you are having an eCommerce store then Alt Text plays a very important role in featuring and increasing the visibility of your listed products.

So, If you are not using alt text before reading this article, then start from today and If you are knowing about It and using Alt Text for your Images, you already have a good idea about its power.

Some FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

How adding Alt Text to Social Media content helps to get a reach boost?

The algorithm is totally same for the all the platforms. Social Media platforms use Alt Text for getting a good idea about the publisher’s profile and content. This also helps disabled persons to get a good idea about the content provided on social media in form of images.

If you are not taking advantage of this feature, then start from today because SEO works worldwide, whether It’s Blog or Social media platforms.

How much Long the Alt Text is good for SEO and User?

Providing a Good Experience matters a lot, If you are writing an Alt Text for your Image then It should summarize the Image properly and should be in between 80-120 Characters.

What makes a good Alt Text?

Creating a Good alt text in WordPress needs some basic strategy. Here are Quick Few Tips that can help you to write a good alt text in no time.

1. Try to add the focus keyword in your alt text but It should be natural to that Image
2. Relevancy matters the most don’t go with keyword stuffing
3. Use Numbers to make the search engines and the disabled person easily understand the Image in-depth

Wrapping up with Few Words.

I think so you got a basic idea about Alt text in WordPress and other blogging platforms. How it works and How it helps us in SEO. But Remember a Tip don’t try to over-optimize the Alt Text and make it more confusing make it straight and direct to the point.


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