Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense – Which one to prefer this 2021


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This is the most difficult question that comes to a blogger’s mind while monetizing their site. Hey Everyone in this Article We are going to discuss The Best way to monetize your site. Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense.

I am handling over 10 Websites in different niches. And, I am having a perfect idea of what works the best in this market. But Before getting in-depth with this article, Let’s talk about some of the basic terms that you should need to know before getting the exact answer for your question.

Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense

What is Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense? How do they work?

What is Google Adsense and How does it work?

Google Adsense is a way that helps publishers to monetize their content, tools, idea, etc… through ads. The ads are completely relevant to the content of your website and Google pays your around 55-66% per Click amount based on CPC.

If you are facing a problem while approving your Google Adsense account for your website. Here are some of the Best Alternatives that you can use for making revenue through ads.

  • Adversal
  • Taboola Native Advertising
  • Propeller Ads
  • Adcash
What is Affiliate Marketing in simple words

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning money by promoting others products in a well-organized way. This process includes three people The vendor – The Affiliate Marketer – The Customer. The Commission can either be in form of a Percentage or a fixed commission.

If you want to start affiliate marketing but you are not having any website or blog. Here is an in-depth article to start affiliate marketing through Instagram.

Here are some of the Best Affiliate networks that you should join this 2021 to get good commission and conversions.

  • ClickBank
  • DigiStore24
  • Offervault
  • Amazon Associates
  • Jvzoo

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense?

This Comparison will give you an idea about what and why to choose in the comparison of Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense.

Here are the Disadvantages and Advantages of Affiliate Marketing.

  • You can Earn a Good Revenue with a Small Audience
  • Higher Commissions around 70-90% per Conversion
  • Builds Good Trust among the audience
  • Lifetime Earning through recurring revenue
  • LinkHijackers can exchange the links on your site to get paid.
  • Not Easy to convert, Needs to build good trust through quality content.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Google Adsense on you Website or Blog.

  • Good Security and Trust both for Publishers and Advertisers
  • Variations of Ads Format
  • Easy to Monetize
  • You can easily monetize your knowledge without having any products.
  • Low Pay in compare to Affiliate Marketing
  • Not a Stable Income
  • Missing Lots of Sales and Leads

Is it Good to do Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense on the site?

Yes surely, you can implement Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing both on your website. But, This decision differs from niche to niche. Some niches on the internet receive good traffic internationally but having few affiliate products fitting the niche. The website in such conditions can use both Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense.

What is the Amount you can expect from a Blog having 1000 views through Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

According to my personal experience, You’ll see nearly no results or few sales on your first 1000 views. Because making good revenue needs a balance of trust and quality content. The more you’ll be transparent with your audience the more they will trust you. And, It is difficult to achieve that trust and transparency in the first 1000 views.

Talking about Google Adsense, If you got your first 1000 views. Then Google will pay your around $1-2/Per 1000 Views. It may fluctuate from country to country. But According to my personal experience, This is the perfect rate estimation per 1000 views on the blog.

Which one to prefer this 2021 – Affiliate Marketing vs Google Adsense

Before making this decision between Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense, check these points out on your website or blog.

  • Identify the Niche of your Website or Blog in Detail
  • Never insert ads on your website, If your audience engagement rate is high
  • If your work is a bit professional for the long term try to avoid ads.

As per my perception, If you want to build your career in blogging and want to play this as a long game. Then I highly recommend you choose Affiliate Marketing because I know it takes time but provides you great results in upcoming years and stable income with recurring revenue.


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