Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest without a Blog – #5 Rules


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There are hundreds of methods to monetize your audience. But, Affiliate marketing is one of the best working models for generating good revenue with minimal effort.

In this article, We are going to learn How to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog in just 5 Steps.

Start Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest without Blog

Why use Pinterest for Affiliate marketing?

Pinterest is an amazing platform for starting affiliate marketing as a beginner. I am working on this platform for the past 2 years as this platform provides a good warm and hot audience from the top-tier countries. Which makes the product easily convertible and generates good revenue. 3 reasons you should use Pinterest for affiliate marketing

  • Growing on Pinterest in really easy than other platforms.
  • Qualified leads and sales.
  • Chance to get ranked on search engine

What niche products converts the most sales on Pinterest through affiliate marketing

Personally, I am having 6 pages on Pinterest for Affiliate marketing. I am going to reveal the niches that are giving me wonderful conversions. If you are interested in those niches, you can copy those niches out.

  • Keto Diet and Smoothies
  • Woodworking and HomeDecor
  • Sprituiality
  • Pets Traning

Few Affiliate networks that you can join to get products related to these niches with conversions up to 90%

  • Clickbank
  • DigiStore24
  • ShareaSale
  • OfferVault
  • Impact
  • WarriorPlus
  • JvZoo

5 Rules to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog

Rule #1 – Build a Pinterest business page and choose a product

The most important step to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest, Choosing a product and sticking to it is the only best process for the easy success in affiliate marketing. 5 Steps to select a good convertible product for your page.

  • Head over to multiple Instagram and Pinterest pages in your niches
  • Check their affiliate products linked in the BIO and pins
  • Select the mostly promoted product by your competitors
  • Search for the Product on Internet and get a deep knowledge about it
  • Find the Affiliate program for the product and start promoting

5 Steps to convert a personal Pinterest account into a Pinterest business page.

  • Login to your personal Pinterest account
  • Click on the Drop down button in the Top-right corner of your screen, Then click on settings
  • Select Account settings from the left navigation panel
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Under Account Changes section, Click on convert to business account

Rule #2 – Build a convertible landing page

It is the essential process for converting your audience into your customers. Direct selling is the worst practice that ruins your entire impression in front of the audience and sometimes it leads to your account get banned from the platform.

There are many ways to build a good landing page. But, here I’ll discuss my personal used Free and Paid method to build an easy and convertible landing page.

AWeber – Best landing page builder with Email automation

I am personally using this paid tool for the past 2 years, It is really a drag and drop process to build a good convertible landing page for your product with a Free 500 Email Marketing service. Watch the video below to get a detailed knowledge of the landing page building.

5 hacks that you should follow to build a good conversion landing page.

  • Use Power and Emotional words to connect with your audience.
  • Try to provide a free lead magnet in return of email to build good trust.
  • Keep it simple as possible.
  • Use Images and videos in your landing page.
  • Don’t use more than 100 words in the description and title of your landing page.

Linktree – Easy Landing page builder for beginners free

If you are having no or running out of budget then this free landing page builder can help you get started. This type of landing page may give you fewer conversions but If you are a beginner or student and want some money to re-invest in your business then this process can help you out.

I have personally used this for affiliate marketing through Pinterest for few months and got good conversions. Watch the video below to get an idea of linktree.

By Tatenda Henany

Rule #3 – Research around your niche

Every business needs good research as it helps you to build better content and get more and more conversions. It is very easy to do research on Pinterest for affiliate marketing here are a few hacks that you can use to start.

  • Search boards in your niche and note the best working pins title in the categoery.
  • Create a Pin on the trending topic using google trends
  • Before reaching the mark of 5.0k monthly views on pinterest, Always repost or take inspiration from platform such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use Quora and reddit to generate ideas for your Pinterest Pins.
  • Follow a good account in your niche from head to foot

Rule #4 – Optimize your Pinterest pins with proper SEO

Pinterest is a search engine that helps to search a variety of images and videos based on certain search terms or keywords. Good SEO can help your Pinterest pins go viral and give you better engagement on your account.

7 SEO strategies for viral pins on Pinterest

  • Target long-tail keywords in your description and title
  • Use a focus keyword in the title
  • Make sure Image has a good CTA and Attention grabing headline
  • Install TOC(Table of content) on your site and Build pins related to the terms
  • Save pins to relevant bords
  • Save at least 7 pins around your niche
  • Add Alt-text to your pinterest pins

3 factors that help you get a good viral pin with SEO-friendly content.

  • Make sure it direct target you niche
  • Make it valuable
  • Try to make your pin unqiue from others
How to make valuable and viral pin for pinterest

Rule #5 – Consistency, Patience, and Quality

The most important step that you should follow on your all business models. Affiliate marketing is the game of quality and consistency with good patience. If you are lacking in one of these then this game is next to impossible for you.

I will not win immediately, but definitely.


Some FAQ(Frequently asked questions)

How much time does it take to earn $1 using affiliate marketing through Pinterest?

Talking frankly, It doesn’t take enough time to make your 1st sale using affiliate marketing on Pinterest, If you are following the #5 rule correctly mentioned in the article.
Personally, I got my first Clickbank sale of $15.0 in just 7 days (Free Organic Traffic using Pinterest)

Best Affiliate marketing programs for Pinterest that give the best conversions?

The best affiliate marketing program that I have used for Pinterest for good conversion and commission are listed below…
1. Custom Keto Diet – Clickbank
2. The Smoothie Diet: 21 Day Rapid weight loss program – Clickbank
3. Soul Manifestation – Makes thousand a Day – Clickbank
4. The 12 Minute Affiliate System – Clickbank
5. Meticore – Digistore24
6. SEMrush – Impact
7. Grammarly – Has offers
8. Fashion and Home Decor Offers – Associates


Starting your 1st business is not rocket science, It is just the drag and drop work done consistently and smartly with patience. Starting affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog doesn’t need a single coin investment. Just follow the 5 Rules above to get your 1st sale to re-invest.

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