A Baby Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram – Part 1


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I have been doing affiliate marketing on Instagram, for 2 years back and I am earning a decent amount of money from it. But, During this 2 years’ time span, I have learned a lot from this platform about How to build content and monetize and In order to run and stabilize this business, and most important How to build good trust between you and your audience.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram, A baby guide to affiliate marketing through instagram

Before starting with this article, Here is a quick overview of Affiliate marketing for those who don’t have a penny of knowledge about this term. So, Affiliate marketing is a business that consists of three persons The Merchant/Vendor, The Affiliate Network, and Affiliate Marketer/You.

In this Process, The Vendor/Merchant provides a commission to the Affiliate marketer for promoting their product for sales listed on the affiliate network. This Commission can be a fixed amount or some percentage of the Affiliate Product

Quick Image to Describe the Whole Process,

What is Affiliate marketing in simple

Why Affiliate marketing on Instagram instead of many social media platform choices?

This is the most often occurring question in people mind before starting affiliate marketing with social media. The question is Why Affiliate marketing on Instagram rather that many social media platforms. To give answer to this question and prove my statement. I have a stats related to this.

Instagram users growth from 2011 to 2017

And in the condition of 2021 is more amazing in case of growth on Instagram. Yaa but due to their ad’s services Instagram has taken a little bit of organic reach down. But, Don’t worry there are some amazing secret methods that can help you to grow on this platform fast and easily. Now, I think so you have got your answer in case of choosing Instagram for affiliate marketing.

So, let’s dive in to this main content.

How to start Affiliate marketing on Instagram

Starting an Affiliate marketing business on Instagram needs good planning and strategy. Without a proper plan, you can’t survive this game. So, here are the Pre-Essential things to consider before starting affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Choosing Niche

This is the base of your business, if the base is strong there is a high possibility for you surviving the game of Instagram. Talking Frankly there is almost every niche covered on Instagram. But, If you want to expand your account from a tiny gap then here is a trick for you.

The trick is called Niche Splitting, This basically means the splitting of the Niche into 3-4 Different parts and You can use the 3-4 part of the niche as your main niche to work on Instagram. I think so you are facing a problem in understanding this concept. So, Here is an image that describes the whole process as easier.

What is Niche Splitting. How does it work?

And After you got a good audience in that niche then you can re-join the Sub-Categories niche and battle at the main niche.

I Hope so you got an idea about How to select niche for affiliate marketing for Instagram

Competitor Analysis

One of the most important parts of building a good brand is competitor analysis however local or international. There are many ways to analyze your competitor but If you are running out of budget then here is the free strategy used personally by me to analyze competitors for my niche.

  • Research some personal brand or theme pages around your niche
  • Analyze the growing pages (Below 1000-1500 Followers) from their Type of content and Hashtags
  • Don’t Copy the Content but build the same to gain few followers.
  • Use Hashtags Based on your followers (Hashtag Trick: Multiply your No. of Followers with 100 and Choose those hashtags for your profile) Ex. 400X100 = 40k (Choose Hashtags below the count)
Hashtag Strategy Free Aqubyte
  • Observe the Type of Reels and IGTV getting uploaded by them and Try to Post the same type of content.
  • Check their Affiliate Posts in order to get a view about How to promote a product through affiliate marketing on Instagram or your own product.

These are the basic methods that I personally use to analyze the competitor and grow my Instagram page. Here are some free tools to research good hashtags for extra growth and reach.

Content Consistency

If you’ll ask me that What is the best way of building trust easy and fast. Then I’ll reply to you with this Word “Consistency“. In my 2 Years of Time Span, This was my favorite kick to build trust among my audience.

Because When I was thinking through the audience’s point of view, how a person can trust a page. Then I got some points about consistency. Because A person who is daily posting really good content. Will always provide me value for the money.

And really that was the turning point of my Instagram page conversions when I took it seriously and Let me tell you Instagram also takes consistency as a ranking factor. This will really help you survive the game of affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Why consistency matters on Instagram

Dare to Experiment

This was my biggest mistake done on Instagram when I was a beginner. But, Later on when I got that copying others pages is not everything. Then really I start getting results and reach on my page.

Exploring more helps to grow fast. For example: When the REEL was just launched Instagram was giving a great organic reach to them and pushing the publishers up. The pages that took advantage of that time are having followers in millions today. So, Don’t let the opportunity go.

Start Experimenting with your Content types, Hashtags, and Other Features on Instagram after getting decent followers. Because at start post which is already in this game to get entered fast.

So, that’s all This was only the Pre-required knowledge that you should have before starting an affiliate marketing business on Instagram.

A Detailed to go to start affiliate marketing on Instagram

How to promote products through Instagram

Stories are the Game Changers

If you are still now unaware with the power of Instagram stories then read this topic carefully.

Instagram stories is a feature provided by Instagram to make users updated with short messages and videos. But, Sometimes There are some ways to get an instant boost on your Instagram reach through these Instagram stories.

Use Poll and Question Stickers

Polls and Question Stickers help me a lot to grow my Instagram followers and reach. You can also use them too, here is a detailed strategy How you can use them to grow your Instagram stories and reach.

Method 1

Make Users Compare their Choices.

  • Download some comparisons pictures around your Niche
  • Make a Collage of 2V2
  • Use Polls to Make the Users Select the Best
  • At least 4 Polls
Method 2

Ask Ratings about the Creators.

  • Get a video or image of a creator around your Niche
  • Repost it to your story and Create a Poll about Good or Bad
  • Mention the User or Creator of the Image or Video
  • Get a Free Shoutout and Poll for your Story
  • At least 2 Polls
Method 3

Ask, What your audience Need.

  • Create a Question Sticker.
  • Ask What they want to see on this profile.
  • Give them options below of the sticker.
  • Wait for the replies

Repeat these three strategies till 3 Days in your ways. I guarantee you that your engagement and story views will definitely increase. Comment below your reactions 🙂 after getting a good boost.

Use Hashtags in your Stories

Have you ever used Hashtags before in a perfect way for your stories? If No, Then here I will give you a detailed step-by-step overview about How to grow your Instagram followers and reach using this strategy.

Authenticity of Hashtags matters a lot
How to build authenticity on instagram

Keep it as Natural as Possible. Nowadays Instagram Algorithm has grown a lot. If you try to put excess hashtags on your stories or posts then don’t think that you’ll get some excess reach f it’s just a myth now. The Hashtags Which have Quality and Natural to the post works better than the 30 Hashtags.

Placing all 30 Hashtags is not a good strategy. Taking my recommendations in point, I suggest you place around 4-5 Relevant Hashtags. Which defines your Niche, The Brand, or the Purpose of your Image or Video.

Brand Hashtags and Mentions
What are branded hashtags and mentions

This strategy was firstly compiled by me on my personal Instagram account. Basically, When I got my New Asus Laptop delivered I was very excited.

So, I just clicked a random image of my laptop mentioning The Official page of Asus India with their hashtags and uploaded it to my Instagram story after few hours I have seen that I got 7+ Messages requests and 12 Followers on my Instagram, After checking in briefly I’ve seen that I got a Story repost given to me by Asus India.

That time I realized the power of Branded Hashtags and Mention.

It’s pretty simple to use just you have to mention a company or brand while using their product of If bought it for some purpose.

Note:- I have noticed that It’s very rare to get a story to repost through big companies such as Apple, Microsoft, or Samsung. But, If you got some product Which started grow recently that there is a high possibility to get a good response.

Location Hashtags

Location Hashtags helps the companies or creator to reach the audience around a specified location. Don’t get confused between Geographical Tags and Location Hashtags. Because Geographical Tags is totally a different feature provided by Instagram to mention their location.

But, Location Hashtags help people to explore the place and What’s new is happening in their locality, state, or country.

This is an amazing feature for the persons who just started or running a local business to grab more audience on their store. You can easily post a story or post using your locality hashtags to explore more new people who are interested in your product.

CTA(Call to Action) in Stories

If you are not providing a good CTA (Call to Action) to your audience then you are making them confused. Call to Action is a way to provide your audience a path to follow and basically, If you are using this strategy then definitely you’ll get good results in the future on your account.

If you want to get a better idea about Call to Action in Instagram then checkout this article linked.

Shareable Content

Yep, I was also facing the problem to create shareable content. After watching hundreds of videos I didn’t that How to create shareable content. If you are facing this problem too here is a detailed step-by-step overview to create shareable content fast and easily.

Here is a detailed list of the types of content that are most likely to get shared on social media platforms.

  • Infographics
  • Memes
  • Video Content
  • Long Form Content
  • How-to Content
  • Lists

In this 2 Years of Timespan. I found that these are the most shareable content and List and How-to Content with Video Content are working more better nowadays.

How to make shareable content for Instagram

How to build shareable content on instagram
A Powerful and Reasonable Headline

As we studied from our childhood that The First Impression is your Last Impression. If you want to create your headline more powerful and reasonable then here are some quick hacks that can help you to achieve it.

  • Keep it Simple and Direct to the Point
  • Try to add Number in the Headline
  • Power Words and Emotion words helps a lot
  • Give a Direct Question to them
  • Make it relatable
Use Relevant Keywords

The word or phrases used by people to search for a relevant result is called a keyword. Basically, When a person sees his interested keyword in the headline of your Instagram posts then it makes them more curious about the content. Which helps you increasing the CTR and make it shareable content.

Be Specific

Everyone who views your content wants some value from it to make it shareable and helpful for other people. Try to put the maximum value as possible on your content and Be specific with your topic means If you are talking about ABC then only discuss ABC don’t get merged up with XYZ.

These are the most common mistakes done by the new influencers on Instagram. If you are one of them try to avoid this practice and be specific about your topic.

Include Numbers

Using Numbers is a great practice to make shareable content. This makes the users helpless to watch the read the entire post. Basically, This is my point of view because after knowing this idea I got a huge boost on my Instagram Account. Here are some examples for Posts with included numbers.

  • 10 Best Photography tips for beginners
  • Top 3 SEO tools for bloggers
  • 5 Easy hacks to make your camera get more qualified clicks

How to sell with Affiliate marketing on Instagram

This is the most interesting topic that we all were waiting for. After you cleared the all steps properly mentioned above then you are ready to go with this process.

So If you are not registered with any affiliate programs around your niche then check this article to get registered with some affiliate programs.

Optimized Instagram BIO for Affiliate Marketing

This is the most important step to get your first sale through Instagram because this is the place where you can get a space to put your affiliate links.

Link in BIO Example

But Remember that directly interesting your affiliate link may cause you to get panelized by Instagram or No conversions. So, You can use Linktree to Build a Free Landing page for Instagram.

Build Carousels Posts

What is the meaning of carousels posts on Instagram

Carousels posts are multiple images or videos posts you can add multiple images or videos in this post categoery. Instagram allows maximum 10 media on carousels post. Here is an example for the carousel posts.

What are carousels posts
How to use Carousels posts to promote your Affiliate products.

It is very simple process just you need to have a valuable information and hacks related to that product. Here is a detailed process to build it.

  1. Search Information, Hacks, and Affiliate Product related to the carousel product you want to build. For Example, I am talking sneaker for my carousel post.
Example for selling through affiliate marketing on Instagram
  1. Build a Good Looking Frontpage with a compelling headline with the methods discussed above. (Most Important)
  2. Get 5 Valuable Hacks about Sneakers that make your audience happily buy your product and share your post. Build an Attractive Carousel Post on Canva with those 5 Hacks.
  3. Pitch some Good Sneakers from your affiliate program (Ex: Amazon) on the Sixth slide of your posts after wrapping up with your hacks.

How to promote affiliate product using Instagram stories

This is my personal strategy for promoting my affiliate product. Here is a detailed step-by-step overview How to achieve your first sale using Instagram Stories.

  • For the First Week engage more with your audience from Polls, Questions, or Quizzes. Try to put the maximum effort into providing some relevant to your audience and grab more story views.
  • After your First Week gets over Put a story related to your niche for helping people. (Ex: DM me to Get Free training, course, help, etc…). This makes the interested users DM you for getting their problem solved.
  • After helping them with the problem. Try to pitch a product related to your niche which can help this solve their problems because Features are not sold solutions are sold.

I know that you are thinking How much irrelevant idea it Is. But, Trust this strategy works great because as I am getting sales through it on my Instagram account. But remember the product that you are promoting must add some value to the person’s life.

Some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much time does it take to get the first sale from affiliate marketing on Instagram?

The Simple and Steady answer to this question is that It depends on your effort and The quality of your posts. Firstly ask yourself that Is your content good enough to encourage a person to buy your product.

If the answer is Yes, you’ll get sales in literally no time according to your efforts. But Talking about the time generally, It takes an Instagram page around 15-35 Days to give a sale.

I got my first sale on the 47th Day after the creation of my theme page and The commission was around $2.78. After that sale, I got consistent sales from my Instagram Page with Good Commissions. It all depends on your consistency and valuable information.

Best FREE Platforms to create landing page for your Instagram Page?

Here are some of the FREE Tools that you can use for Instagram Page to build landing page.
1. AWeber
2. Linktree
3. ConvertKit
4. MailChimp
5. GoogleSites
6. Wix

How to create a Cool Caption for your Instagram Posts that Engage with your Audience?

Creating better captions can be a little tough task. But, I have one amazing solution for you Which is called Copy.ai. This is an amazing tool for the creation of captions, generating Instagram post ideas, and 40+ more Tools. It comes with a 7-day Free Trial If you found something valuable from that tool you can buy it for more access.


Basically, We covered How you can start you own affiliate marketing business from scratch (Baby Guide). But, There is one thing which is the most important part of any business. The point was valuable content try to provide a reason to your customer to buy your product. I hope you got it well. Have a Good Day 🙂

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