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Are you also feeling stuck with your SEO problems or maybe want to push your optimizations to an extra level. Then you have arrived at the right article, In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 amazing tools for SEO audit that gives live report immediately for FREE.

But before starting with the tools, Let’s discuss some basics that you should know.

Best free tools for SEO audit

What does the SEO audit tool consist of?

SEO audit tools consist of On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO reports that measure your site optimization performance. A few of the tests that are commonly observed in the website audit tools are.

  • On-Page SEO health
  • Indexability and performance report
  • Link & Redirects
  • Internal Pages and Technical Errors
  • Crawl Log and Site Health

Why SEO audit is important for your website or blog?

In simple words, an SEO audit is a type of battery of your website that should be checked regularly and changed if needed. SEO audit helps your site to get updated with the SEO errors that may be pulling you back to rank higher.

5 Amazing tools for SEO audit

Site audit tool by Ahrefs

Personally, This is my favorite tool to audit my website. It provides the most accurate data about your website with the changes that you should focus on to improve your SEO performance on the scale of (High, Mid, and Low) Consequences.

What does Ahrefs Free audit tool consist of?

Here are some of the tools and reports that you will get after joining with Ahrefs free audit tool.

  • Tools
    • Page and Link Explorer
    • Link opportunities finder
    • Structure Explorer
  • Reports
    • Internal pages
    • Indexability
    • Links and Redirect
    • On-Page
    • Socail Tags
    • Duplicate Content
    • Localization and Performance
  • Images
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • External Pages

If you searching for a good SEO audit tool then this tool from Ahrefs will an amazing choice for your website. But, before making any decision please read till last to get a good overview of all tools that might help you out.

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SEO Analyzer by Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a useful tool for keyword research and competitor analysis, But rather than that it also has an SEO analyzer tool that helps you to audit your on-page performance and improve it.

What does the Ubersuggest SEO analyzer consist of?

Ubersuggest mostly focuses on On-page settings rather than Off-page or technical SEO. Here is a list of what the Ubersuggest SEO analyzer consists of.

  • On-Page SEO Score
  • Organic Traffic and Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • SEO Issues [On-page, Off-page, and Technical]
  • Site Speed and Page Status

Ubersuggest can be a great option for you If you are searching for an SEO analyzer. Basically, This is not an exact SEO audit tool but yes you can use it as an SEO analyzer for your website.

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GSC (Google Search Console)

If you have mastered GSC (Google Search console) then you don’t need any software or application for managing your website SEO performance. It is one of the best tools to measure your site performance and fix highly sensitive SEO problems.

What does GSC (Google Search Console) consist of?

Google Search Console is a full package website analyzer, Here is a list of important features of GSC (Google Search Console) that you should obviously use while analyzing your site.

  • Performance
    • Type: Web, Image, Video, and News
    • Queries
    • Page
    • Countries
    • Devices
    • Search Appearence
    • Dates
  • URL Insepection
  • Index
    • Coverage
    • Sitemap
    • Removal
  • Experience
    • Page Experience
    • Core Web Vitals
    • Mobile Usability
  • Enhancements
    • Breadcrumbs
    • FAQ
    • Sitelink Searchbox
  • Links
  • Settings

GSC also includes Security and Manual Action, Legacy tools, and reports… But, I didn’t found the tools much helpful and are rarely used.

So instead of buying any tools or software try to master GSC (Google Search Console) to dominate your niche and be the king of your industry.

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SEO Site Checkup

If you want a direct full summary report of your site rather than using one-by-one you can easily use the SEO Site Checkup tool to get a free in-depth report of your site performance with the errors based on scale (High, Mid, and Low).

What does SEO Site Checkup consist of?

  • Issues to FIX related to the SEO score
  • Common SEO issues
  • Heading Tags Test
  • Robot.txt Test
  • Sitemap Test
  • SEO Friendly URL Test
  • Image Alt Test
  • Inline CSS Test
  • Deprecated HTML Tags Test
  • Google Analytics Test
  • Favicon Test
  • JS Error Test
  • Social Media Test
  • Speed Optimization Test
  • Server and Security
  • Mobile Usability
  • Advanced SEO

Maybe I have written some extra points but, These are all checkups done in one run thorough SEO Site Checkup.

It is one of the best free tools for SEO audit when it comes to getting an in-depth summary of your site. Because while using the Site audit tool by ahrefs or Ubersuggest you will have a different section for each and every aspect but here you can easily get a free full live report.

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It is also a full SEO checkup tool same as discussed above but the difference is that SEOptimer provides numerous amount of trials to scan a website or page whereas SEO Site Checkup tools provide only one attempt to check a website or webpage.

I haven’t used this tool a lot. But, Yes of course! It is good reviews on the forums and groups that’s why I kept this SEO audit tool at last.

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Bottom Line

I hope so you found some helpful website audit tools in this article, All the tools mentioned above are really awesome but totally depending on tools is completely non-sense every day try something new and unique with your blog to SKY rocket your growth. And most importantly focus more on GSC (Google Search Console)…

Thanks for your precious time, Have a good day.

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