4 ways to make money online with Ethical Hacking


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There are hundreds of ways to make money online with ethical hacking. But, After some in-depth research, I found some great workings and highly profitable techniques to maintain a good stable income in your profession.

But before starting with the online earning methods of ethical hacking, let’s talk about some basics.

3 Ways to make money online with ethical hacking

How much time do you need to learn Ethical hacking?

A complete master profession in ethical hacking needs (2-4 years) of learning and experimenting time. But, If you want to be the best in your profession, maybe it will take 5-6 years.

How to start with the basics of ethical hacking from today?

There are many courses available on the internet But based on the feedback and reviews. Here are some of the best courses for ethical hacking that you should enroll in to get good knowledge.

1. Practical Ethical Hacking – The Complete Course (Be a PRO)
2. Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners
3. Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch

4 Ways to make money online with Ethical Hacking

Here are my three personal suggestions that you should do in order to earn from ethical hacking.

Start a Premium Ethical Hacking course

There are thousands of people like you who want to learn ethical hacking and start earning from it taking it as a profession.

It is one of the best ways to make money online with ethical hacking. Here is the 6 step process to build an ethical hacking course with minimum to no investments.

  • Prepare a good roadmap to your full Ethical hacking course from basics.
  • Add something unqiue hacks and tricks of ethical hacking to your course.
  • Purcahse a good quality domain name and hosting to launch your course.
  • Analyze your competitors and set a good price for your course
  • Check the video below to Learn How to build a course website from WordPress
  • Learn Google Search and YouTube Ads, Start promoting your offer.

TIP: When promoting your offer in Google Search or Youtube ads try to hook people in the 5-second view to get more and more conversions. Try something unique in under 5 seconds.

Bug Bounty Hunting

Bug bounty hunting is a process where ethical hackers discover and report the bugs of a software or company site, In order to avoid extensive damage. These are the best ways for reputed companies to make their software security strong and avoid them getting hacked.

3 ways to get good bug bounty applications to earn good rewards

Apply for Part time Security Expert

I have some friends who are currently working for few companies as security experts and earning a decent amount of income. This is the best way that I’ll recommend you to earn from ethical hacking.

90% tips to get a good security expert part-time job in 2021.

  • Work for the agency or comapny for atleast 2-3 Weeks for FREE
  • Prove yourself with the quality work
  • Always list them with a good working security tips
  • Deal with a good price then your competitors provide

Ethical Hacking Freelance

One of the best ways to make money online with ethical having, As we talked about above applying as a security expert for a part-time job. But, Nowadays Freelancing is a huge trend and the owners of companies preferring hiring a freelancer rather than an employee.

Here are some ways that can help you start your Ethical Hacking freelance

  • Learn some profitable ethical hacking freelance services that are in high demand.
    WordPress Security, Cyber Security Consulting, Website Malware Removal, etc…
  • Register yourself as a personal brand on (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc…) and work for free for few projects to build trust and connection
  • Register yourself on Freelancing platforms such as (Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer, etc…)
  • Build a Revent price comparing your most selling competitors
  • Provide discounts, coupons, extra-benefits, etc… on your first few orders to build authority.

Best ethical hacking courses you should learn for free.

Here are some best sites that you can use to learn ethical hacking for free without any limitations.

At End

At last, I would like to end this article by saying that keep learning and hustling. Because, at last, your work will not support you but, knowledge will never leave you alone. Here are some articles that you should must checkout.