3 Incredible Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Easily – 2021

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Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by Sarwar

There are many ways to increase blog traffic.

But some of the most popular ways to increase blog traffic are SEO and Social Media. In this blog, I am going to reveal some of the best working tricks to increase blog traffic.

I have recently created up a working On-Page SEO Checklist to rank on the top pages of google you can check it out. If you want to rank your website or blog using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Here are some of the Best working platforms to increase traffic 2021.

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Quora

If you want to boost your blog traffic fast for free and get really quality users to your blog or website then quora are the best platform that you can use.

Here are some Few tips that can help to increase blog traffic fast using quora.

Can We write a Blog on Quora?

Writing good answers is a type of traffic deriving strategy that all should know before writing content on Quora. If you know this simple and effective strategy then you can easily boost your traffic.

Analyzing the Quora Feed, It is seen that the most traffic deriving answers are almost around 500-1500 Words. But, It also depends Why you are writing your answer.

  • Getting Upvotes – Below 250 Words
  • Educating Readers – 500-1000 Words
  • Business Strategies – Below 500 Words
  • Affiliate Marketing – 250-700 Words
  • Deriving traffic to the website – Below 400 Words
  • Tell a Story – Above 500 Words

These are basically the most answered questions on Quora and If you are in one of those fields please try to match up with the content strategy to gain more from it.

NOTE:- I am personally following this analytics. If you are facing some problem or having some doubts then feel free to leave the above paragraph.

How to get the first 1000 views from Quora on Blog?

Generating Blog traffic is very easy from Quora. But Remember that Content is the King and It is only the method that can help you to generate more traffic to Quora and Blog.

I have created one article that explains more deeply about Quora. If you want to read that article visit here 3 Simple Steps Generated Amazing Traffic to Blog using Quora

If you are not confident about your article writing skills then you can use this awesome free tool for checking the readability and grammatical mistakes – Heming Way App. As we all know that readability plays a very important role to get more traffic to your article.

The Same Strategy works on quora also because the more your answer will get read, It will push your rankings higher.

Quick 5-Steps to Rank your Answers on Quora and Generate Traffic

  • Grab some Content Ideas in your niche from Google or Forums.
  • Generate Unique Content (Avoid COPY & PASTE)
  • Keep an Eye on Readability and Grammatical Mistakes
  • Try to insert some basic and long-tail keywords in the article
  • You are Ready to GO – PUBLISH IT

How do I get Traffic on Quora?

If you also want to obtain 1000+ Page Views and Clicks to your blog and boost your blog traffic then here are some quick steps and strategies that you can follow to increase blog traffic fast.

Must Read 3 Simple Steps Generated Amazing Traffic to Blog using Quora

6 Quick Steps Technique to Increase Traffic on Quora

  • Choose a Good Quora Username (Legit and According to your Niche)
  • Describe yourself briefly in BIO with some additive links
  • Add Real and Natural Highlights and Credentials
  • Join some Good Quora Spaces in your niche to acknowledge the right topic going trending.
  • List some topics that you confidently know about below the Spaces TAB. To get more relatives question
  • Add Natural and Good Content try to provide more value and fewer links.

Is it easy to get traffic on Quora?

No, According to me It is not easy to get traffic from Quora on the website. But, here are some measures and steps that can help you to get some quality and a good amount of traffic on your site fast.

Focus on Trending topics in your niche

If you want to increase blog traffic or just want to instantly boost your blog traffic. Then this will be the best method that you can use. But, Here the confusion arrives that How you can find good and trending topics to write on Quora.

  • Google Trends: Google Trends will be the best method to find trending content ideas for Quora to write on because after analyzing from SimilarWeb. We got the maximum traffic for Quora is organic and as we all know that Google holds the maximum search engine traffic worldwide.
similar web analytics, How to generate traffic to blog, increase blog traffic
  • Use Google Search Suggestions: This is the best tool that I have used for free and basically, This tool is used for keyword research of my blog. But, You can use this tool for getting suggestion about the frequently searched questions on the internet.
  • Soovle: This is a tool which shows all the relative search around a topic which is getting on-trend nowadays and This is absolutely free to use. Soolve is used for long-tail keyword research but you can also use it for content ideas researches.

Join Spaces and Build Personal Brand and Trust

This is one of my best tricks to increase blog traffic. Here you have to build trust and authority about your Quora Profile. It means that you have to provide tons of value from your Quora profile on some regular and attentive spaces without adding outbound links for regular 10-days.

After 10-days you can see engagement on your content and website this is Why because the spaces audience are knowing about your quality content and trust. This is the best way to grab quality traffic to your website.

Answer 5 Questions Daily

Answering 5 Questions daily on spaces or Quora search feed shows Quora and audience about your daily presence about content updates. Which makes your content pushed and go-viral. 4 Normal Answers Daily without Links and 1 Answer for promoting your website content and posts.

Join Facebook Groups around your Niche

Facebook is a very huge platform to share your content and thoughts. But building the platform for yourself or your company to increase blog traffic is a little bit difficult according to me.

But, Here I am going to share the Top Working Strategies to Build a Good Engaging Facebook Group.

Joining different types of active groups in your niche helps you to get the information. What the Audience is currently responding to and How you can build the same audience follow you.

Best Way to build audience in the group you have joined.

This is one of the major problems faced by digital and affiliate marketers. Building an Audience is not a simple task but Here are the Quick 3 Steps that can help you to boost your audience in just 7 days.


If you are working in any field or profession in your life then consistency and patience is the key to success. If you are wondering How to maintain consistency on the Facebook group? Then Spending 5-10 minutes of your daily schedule can help you to achieve this goal.

Provide Value

Most common points on my website. Because Providing value is the most important task to build a good reliable audience. And If you are providing some really worth value to the audience then you can build blind trust from them.

Money = Value
Help Other and Build Community

If you are regularly posting content on the Facebook groups and giving value to your audience. Then they’ll always wait for your new post and If you reach this point then It’s time to hit the ball for six. Commenting Valuable comments on other posts and helping them in messenger will help you to build and blind trust for your opinions.

PRO TIP:- If you are helping the people with the help of messenger then you can recommend your own Facebook Page or Group for more valuable content.

How do I create a Professional Post for My Facebook Feed or Page?

Here are the Best FREE Tools for Building Content for your Facebook

  • Canva: Best Tool for Building Best Graphics Content for your Facebook Page or Group (FREE)
  • Crello: Free Graphic and Animation Designing Software
  • Adobe Spark: Best Software to Build Animations and Graphical Content
  • PicMonkey: Photo Editor and Graphic Design Maker

How to Increase Blog Traffic – Pinterest

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and want to derive good converting traffic for your website then you can start building your audience on Pinterest. Pinterest has purified traffic from UK, US, Canada, Etc…

Pinterest users by country

How to increase blog traffic with Pinterest – STEP BY STEP Guide

Increasing Traffic using Pinterest in not Rocket Science just you have to follow some of the rules and methods to get your pins and board ranked on the top search results

#Step-1 Analyze your Competitor

This is one of the important step to get quality traffic from Pinterest. If you want find what is working now in the internet industry around your niche then it is very important to get a quick view about what you competitor are doing.

  • Search a Random Term on Which you want to build content
  • Open 10 Competitors Post/Pins Which are ranking on the Top of the Feed
  • Analyze something common in all the 10 Pin/Posts (Description, Title, Tags)
  • Open all the Accounts of your competitors and Check the Type of Pin Posted by them
  • Start Building the same types of content for your Pinterest page

I know that this process will take a bit of time but after you got an idea of What and How to Post? Then you can easily rank on the top of the feed of Pinterest.

#Step-2 Keyword Research

As We all know that Pinterest is a type of search engine. And, A Search Engine Requires Keyword Research to verify and know more about the content provided. The more you will dig for quality and relevant keywords the more it will help to push your pins to rank higher.

  • Make a Random Search around your SEED Keyword
Generating Keywords using Pinterest, Increase traffic to blog
  • Click on the Relevant Keyword Which suits your content/pin
  • Analyze the Content and Make a same Title and Description for your PIN
Analyzing Pinterest Content

After Analyzing The above 5 Headlines you can see something common such as “How to Start a Blog and Make Money” and “Blogging in 2020“. You can use these structured data to make your own pin headline.

  1. How to Start a Blog and Make money | Blogging in 2020
  2. How to Start Blogging in 2020 and make money
  3. How to make money making blog
  4. Blogging in 2020 – How to make money making blog

These are some of the examples to demonstrate How you can analyze content and build your own good working headlines for Pinterest Pin.

#Step-3 Daily Pinning and Regular Analysis

This is the most important way to increase blog traffic fast. because, As We, all know that consistency is the key to success and you can easily using amazing and creative Pinterest templates.

If you are new to this then firstly you should only publish 2-5 Pinterest this will be more than enough for you to get started with Pinterest. Posting more than 50 pins a day may put your account in suspicious activity and sometimes ban the account.

But Remember that Quality matters over Quantity. If you have 10 Effective Pin Ideas with you then don’t force yourself to create the next 5 pins.

How can I Increase My Follower on Pinterest?

Increasing Followers on Pinterest doesn’t matter a lot because Pinterest is all about its organic reach. But, If you have some volume of followers on your page then you are having consistent traffic to your post from the Pinterest pins.

But, How you can gain followers on Pinterest.

Engage with the Trend

Following the Trend is the best way to increase followers for your account. Analyze what’s going on Pinterest and try to make more engaging content for your target audience.

Join relevant Group Boards around your niche

I am following over 100’s of boards all over Pinterest around my niche and It benefits me to get a good tracking about The content trend and ideas. This is one of the best pinterest strategy for bloggers.

It is very simple to find the best relevant group boards around your niche just this simple search can help out with it.

Searching Boards on Pinterest

Post Fresh and Original Content

If you are only wondering that you’ll post pins to Pinterest to increase blog traffic, Then it is completely wrong because If you want to derive traffic from Pinterest then you should always follow these rules before getting started without doing mistakes.

  • Post Fresh and Original Content
  • Try to Publish beautiful pins to grab more female audience
  • 15 Valuable posts and 5 Monetization Posts
  • Try to make pins interesting

How to generate traffic to blog using Pinterest

Generating Impressions to Pinterest accounts is easy but generating blog traffic or pin clicks from it can take time but here I am going to list some important steps and rules that can help you generate good converting traffic through it.

  • Try to post pins relevant to your audience and niche
  • Use CTA(Call to Action) in your pins
  • Use the 15:5 Rule to Get more results. (15 Valuable and 5 Monetization Posts)
  • Do SEO for your pins to increase blog traffic for free and fast
  • Post Consistently
  • Schedule Posts at Time

Follow these 6 Hacks and you’ll notice the results in just 30 Days. If you don’t forget to TAG us on Instagram (@aqubyte)

Best Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers: Easy and Simple

If you are blogging through WordPress you can use a Pugin for a Table of content. This helps to enable your content for the easy distribution of headlines and after that, you can link it to Pinterest by creating a pin for it. For an Example…

Generate Ideas for Pinterest

This is one of the tables of content of one of my articles. Let’s see How we can use this table of content for building Pinterest Pins. Here We can see that most of the headlines are in the form of quizzical sentences. We can use that Headlines to create a pin for that quizzical sentence and link that to the section where it should link too.


In this article, We have discussed some major traffic deriving sources with can help you to easily increase blog traffic and Here are 3 main topics that you should remember to start with any social media platform, blog, forums.

  • Consistency for the work
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Providing Value

Here are some of the source links which can help your blog to boost easily on search engine and derive traffic.

Thanks for Patience 🙂

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